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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jada Pinkett Smith Needs to Shut The Fuck Up

A week ago Jada Pinkett-Smith proposed that White Women should be on the cover of Essence Magazine.It shows how out of touch she is with the Black community. Moreover it shows how out of touch she is with Black women and the issues of Black women.

Jada Pinkett Smith obviously is too busy shopping for motorcycles and playing in her Rock band to pay attention to her Black history and the place of Black women in it.

Seriously, In White Supremacist America, Why would a White woman want to be on the Cover of Essence Magazine? Why would a White Woman, the pinnacle of American beauty who is at the TOP of the social food chain want to be on the cover of a magazine that sells to women at the BOTTOM of American society?

For a White Woman, being featured on the cover of Essence is a STEP DOWN from being on the cover of Vogue or Cosmopolitan or the thousands of other magazines out there that cater to White women’s beauty

Silly Jada Pinkett Smith needs to understand that a bottom feeding coked out whore like Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan can regularly grace the cover of a magazine on any given month in the year and still be considered at the pinnacle of beauty in White Supremacist America. But outside of a handful of the usual light-skinned Token Negroes like Halle Berry, Tyra Banks and Queen Latifah ,our most beautiful Sistas
rarely are seen on the cover of a mainstream magazine.

If it wasn’t for Black-owned magazines like Heart & Soul, Sista 2 Sista, we wouldn’t know that Beautiful Black women existed.

Hell, I wouldn’t have known Jada Pinkett was even alive after 1992 when A Different World went off the air if it weren’t for Black-owned magazines like Essence telling me about her goings on.

Jada Pinkett needs to get real. White American Magazine publishers have no interest in featuring articles that deal with the issues Black women face? When was the last time Cosmo did an issue talking about dreadlock and natural hair care? When was the last time Marie Claire featuring an article about fibroids or sickle cell Anemia? When was the last time Vogue did a spread on African-American designers or African-American fashion trends? When was the last time Family Circle did a Soul Food Issue?


If Jada Pinkett Smith did her research before making such a stupid statement, she’d learn Essence Magazine was founded by Gordon Parks to give Black women a forum to discuss issues pertaining to Black women. Moreover, it was a place where Black women could showcase their beauty in the pages of a magazine and present their standard of beauty to the world in a media universe dominated by images of White female faces.

But over the past two decades Essence Magazine lost its way. After Susan Taylor left in 2000, it came under incompetent Black Matriarchal leadership that eventually sold Essence to White Supremacist corporate oligarchs. Currently under Time Warner’s ownership Essence Magazine has become a magazine in crisis.

And from the comments of Black Women like Jada Pinkett Smith It looks like there won’t be any help from the women of Black Hollywood in righting the course of Essence.

Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith have enough money between them to buy Essence Magazine from Time Warner and hire a competent editor to shape it back into a quality magazine that discusses Black Women’s issues and presents Black women in a positive light.

Hell, if she Halle Berry, Queen Latifah Kerry Washington and every other Black actress out there took a minute to write ONE article a month for Essence it'd go a LONG way in helping Essence survive in these tough economic times.

But instead of making those kinds of efforts to preserve a cultural institution for Black women, she talks about putting White women on the cover of Black Magazines. White women who have no interest in being on the cover of a Black magazine.

Nor would they have any interest in reading about the issues of Black women. Again, the Black woman is at the bottom of the social food chain. So why would a White Woman want to be on the cover of her magazine? It doesn't benefit her in the least.

Clearly, this Sista has issues. Two decades of Isolation in Hollywood have her believing that she’s an individual, not a part of the Black community that helped her and her husband become the stars that they are today. If it wasn’t for Black-owned Essence Magazine and other Black owned publications promoting her and her career no one would know she even existed. White women who laugh at her behind her back.

Poor deluded Jada Pinkett Smith. She doesn’t understand that the scariest part about selling out is you don’t even know you’ve done it. With her statements and her actions regarding Essence magazine she’s shown who she’s loyal to and it’s not the Black community.


  1. Thanks for this blog. I am going to forward it to others. I know it is old. However, every since Jada made those comments, I have lost a great deal of respect for her.

  2. You're absolutely right! A white woman could care less about being on an Essence cover. No matter how coked out, trashed out they are, they will always think they deserve better than a mere black woman's magazine. Jet, Ebony, Essence, to name a few are where many successful blacks got noticed. A white woman is a narcissist by nature. She'll always thinks she's better. Black women, need to uplift each other, celebrate black beauty, get rid of this complex. When you hardly ever see a black face on mainstream magazines, that there shows what it thinks of black beauty. Black magazine covers paved the way.