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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let’s Move in Together- RED FLAG AHEAD!

Some women are desperate to get a man they’re not only willing to offer their bodies to him, but their homes as well.

Brothers, don’t fall for the bait. That offer of a place to stay is an attempt to put you on lockdown.

When a woman asks a man to move in with her after a week or two weeks, it’s a clear red flag. And a clear sign there’s something wrong with her.

Any woman who wants a man to move in after a week or two hasn’t fallen in love with him that quickly. She’s not moving a man in to get to know him better.

If anything, she’s got something to hide.

And she’s trying to move that man into her home so he won’t see all the skeletons and emotional baggage she keeps in her mental closet. They’re offering up their homes in an attempt to deflect a man’s attention from their numerous character and personality issues. They’re scared that if he finds out the truth about her, he won’t want to be involved with her.

And in most cases he has every reason to not get involved with her.

The offer to move a guy in so soon after meeting him is just another variation of the Pussy Trap™. But along with the offer of free pussy, these desperate women sweeten the deal with the incentive of three meals, a bed to sleep in and all the other amenities to make a man comfortable in an attempt to lock him down.

Many of the males they offer to move in with them are often desperate themselves. Usually they’re thirsty Simps, naïve Mama’s boys or immature Baby boys stranded in a state of arrested development. Weak men looking for another Mommy to take care of them. Men so eager to have a bed to lie in, three meals and a seemingly unlimited supply of pussy they can’t see that the woman of their dreams is scheming to turn the tables on them.

What most of the guys who moves in with a woman in like this don’t understand is that they are literally giving control over their lives to that woman. She controls the lease on that apartment. Or she controls the deed to that house. The electric bill is in her name, the cable bill and just about everything else.

She may ask a man to pay for something but at the end of the day he owns absolutely nothing. Worse, he controls absolutely nothing. Everything regarding his relationship with that woman is on her terms.

Men who get involved with women and move in with them wind up trapped in an impossible situation with no way out. When a desperate woman gains the upper hand on a man she often uses it to place him in an emasculated role where he submits to her.

And if he doesn’t submit to a relationship on her terms he can wind up homeless. That’s how the Move-in Pussy Trap™ works.

Smart Men understand a warm bed, three meals and pussy aren’t worth sacrificing priceless intangibles like a man’s personal power, dignity, and self-respect. They understand that early on in a relationship having one’s own personal space allows them the room to think clearly about a situation. And that taking the time to get to know someone is important to building a strong relationship. They’re not in a hurry to move in with a woman after a week or two. If a woman asks a Real Man to move in with her he’s in a hurry to move away from her.

Brothers, you have to ask yourself some questions when a woman asks you to move in with her a week or two: Why is this woman so eager to move a complete stranger into her home? Why is she so open with her personal space so early into a relationship? Why doesn’t this woman want to take the time to get to know me better? Why does everything have to move so quickly? What’s she trying to hide?

No Real Woman wants to move a man into her home just two weeks or a week after meeting him. No, a Real Woman is going to take her time and learn all she can about his personality and character. A Real woman is still meeting a man at the coffee shop in the first two weeks.

A Real woman is extremely selective about who enters her personal space. For her, A Real Man has to earn her trust to get invited to her place. And he has to be someone special to be allowed to enter the intimate space of her bedroom. For her to accept a man’s invitation to move in with him, she needs to see him make a commitment to her.

Brothers, your time is valuable. And the short time you spend with a woman who wants to rush things along is time that will be lost in the future dealing with her drama. Whenever a woman is so eager to move you in with her so soon after meeting her, move on. There is no such thing as a whirlwind romance. All that’s going to lead to is a vicious cycle of problems that’s next to impossible to get out of.

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