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Friday, January 4, 2013

Everyone Can Broadcast Themselves But Black Men on YouTube

Dan Freeman. (AvenueRants)

General Backlash.


Sergeant Willie Pete.



GManonLive (GMan4evaonIT)

Mayor of Blacktown



Supersedragon (now Superblackdragonrage)

Tommy Sotomayor

And countless others.

Who are these men? Black Men who have had their accounts flagged on YouTube. Black Men who have had their channels deleted on YouTube.

These were Black Men who made videos talking about Black issues from a Black male point of view. Their content was intelligent, though provoking, and even entertaining. I often enjoyed listening to these brothers’ videos as they allowed me to hear from someone who had experiences similar to my own.

As a Black man living in the predominantly Latino South Bronx), I rarely see or hear from any Black men these days. I rarely hear our stories or issues discussed in any public forum. YouTube was the only place where I could go for content featuring African-Americans.

With Television in the second decade of a virtual Blackout, YouTube was the only place I could go to see Black faces. To hear about issues regarding Black people in the Black community. To learn about people who looked like me by people who looked like me.

It upset me to learn of Dan Freeman’s account being deleted on YouTube. This was the third time YouTube deleted Mr. Freeman’s account.

This time YouTube says it deleted his account for hate Speech.

I call bullshit on that.

There was nothing hateful about Mr. Freeman’s last video. But there was malice of forethought from a cabal of individuals behind flagging of his videos and the deleting his channel.

Studying this issue on YouTube over the past two years, there’s been a clear pattern of discrimination against Black men on YouTube. The videos of Black men are more likely to get flagged on YouTube than the videos of Black women or other races. They’re more likely to get deleted on YouTube than the videos of Black women or other races. They’re more likely to their channels deleted than Black women or people of other races.

When a Black man like Tommy Sotomayor can get his videos thumbsed downed and flagged within seconds of posting, there’s pattern of discrimination behind it. When a Black minister like TMOT has a video deleted there’s a pattern behind it. And when an intelligent Black man like The Iceman gets his videos taken down for trying to help Black men become better Black men it’s clear to me that there’s a pattern behind it where discrimination is practiced.

These men only get their videos flagged when they speak on issues relating to Black people and the Black community.

And especially when they speak about social issues and social interactions with other Black people. Especially their issues regarding to their social interactions with Black women.

Everyone can broadcast themselves on YouTube. Except Black men.

This censorship has to stop. Black men on YouTube have a right to speak their minds about issues in their community. It is their first amendment right as American Citizens under the Constitution of the United States.

If racists can get on YouTube and promote their hate, why can’t Black men talk about the issues in their community? If White Feminists can promote their misandry and hatred of men on YouTube why aren’t Black men allowed to speak their minds about the issues in their community? And if Black women are allowed to discuss their issues with Black men on YouTube, then why aren’t Black men allowed to rebut those arguments in an intelligent articulate way like Dan Freeman, TommySotomayor, Thugtician and countless other Black men used to?

Why is it when Black men want to come to the forum all of a sudden it’s time for Google to enforce the law? Why is it when black men want to make videos about certain topics it’s a violation of terms of service? Why is it all of a sudden hate speech when Black men come up to the podium to speak?

But a Black woman like MsProphet123 can post up a hate-filled diatribe about Black men and it stays up for over three months without a single flag. Without having her channel taken down.

Gonzo SSM can post a racist cartoon about Black men and it stays up for over a month. He can even follow it up with yet another racist cartoon about Hispanics month later.

But his clearly racist videos presenting Black men in a negative light don’t get deleted. His channel doesn’t get taken down.

But the channels of Black men who speak intelligently about the issues of the Black community aren’t allowed to be on YouTube.

If this isn’t discrimination, I don’t know what is.

Brothers, it’s time we took legal action against YouTube and its owners Google. It’s time we all filed a class action discrimination lawsuit against YouTube and Google. Their double-standards regarding the removal of content Black men produce cannot be allowed to go on. They cannot continue to be allowed to censor the views of Black men. It’s a violation of our constitutional rights of free speech. If a Black woman can make a video singing about fried chicken, then why can’t a Black man make a video explaining to others why this is offensive to black people?


  1. Administration and moderation on YouTube is composed of white supremacists, feminazis, white knight fruitcakes, and libtards. Political correctness has become rampant on YT.

  2. That's pretty much why YouTube Sucks right now. All these fringe groups have come over there with their whining and moaning about being victimized that they're chasing off any good content. Everyone is offended on YouTube because they can't stand hearing the TRUTH.

    Notice how ANYONE preaching personal responsibility and doing for oneself gets flagged and their channels deleted? Political correctness makes people into pathetic victims who are too afraid to stand up on their own two feet.

  3. Black men don't own nor control any sector of YouTube. White men know that white women cannot trump them as a collective because white women don't build nor maintain the physical aspect of their community. So they allow it. White men know that black women are not a threat because as long as white men can promote black womens behavior towards black men also, give them gainful employment over the black man, it will be advantageous to WM in the long run.

  4. Black men need to create there own platform in which they can have the freedom to dicuss topics and issues within the black comminuty. That way BLACK MEN are in control of there own content. Go onto there all over there still producing very informational videos.

    1. Why are you trying to help black men like Tommy Sotomayor and other BM of his ilk when all they do is put you down as a BW? Also, they won't build a thing. You want Men that build, date Asian, white, Arab, Hispanic men.