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Thursday, January 3, 2013



What are BWID? BWID stands for:

Big Women In Denial are those women who refuse to accept that they are no longer the slim sexy hottie they were in their younger days.

Big Women In Denial aren’t just fat. They aren’t skinny. They aren’t old. They aren’t young. They’re basically any woman who refuses to admit she’s gained weight. That their bodies have changed.

Big Women In Denial are the kinds of women who know they are a size six and buy a size two. They’re the kinds to hold their breath and stuff themselves into a dress that clearly doesn’t fit, then hide the ill-fitting garment with a blazer or a sweater.

Not seeing how ridiculous they look.

They’re the kinds of women who are top-heavy and buy a fitted blouse a size smaller and try to stuff their big breasts inside that tiny shirt. They’re hoping and wishing and praying that the button that struggles to hold the pieces of cloth together against their buxom breasts doesn’t pop open leaving them with an indecent exposure.

Big Women In Denial are the kinds of women with size eight feet who try to stuff them into a size six shoe. The kinds of women who think they look good with onions and bunions in heels and toes brushing against the ground in sandals.

Big Women In Denial are the kinds of women who love knits. Unfortunately, they don’t know how to wear them.

A Big Woman In Denial loves knits because they stretch. They reinforce the delusion that they’re still small. And because the material clings to their bodies it reinforces the idea that they still have curves.

Oh they have curves all right. Just around the lumps and bumps.

When am Big Woman in Denial is the kind of woman buys knits she doesn’t get the larger sizes. No she’s the kind to buy her knits in an Extra Small. Worse, she thinks she’s an Extra Small from here on in.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t see the material straining against her body. She doesn’t see the stress marks forming around the torso of knit dresses. She doesn’t see the stress marks on the thighs of the leggings And in some of the more sheerer knit materials she doesn’t see the outline of her panties or her underwear appearing in the backside of the garment.

I have personally witnessed a larger woman wearing a sheer knit dress that was sizes too small for her. The material was so thin that I could see the color of the white thong she was wearing! And when she turned around in the backless knit dress I got a nice show of her breasts!

And in another case of BWID a skinny woman wearing leggings too small for her unintentionally gave me a show of her multicolored rainbow panties. The black leggings she wore were so stretched to the limit that the sheer material was giving a show to all those who had the misfortune of walking behind her!

What’s even more frustrating than the way BWID wear clothes is how they buy clothes. Instead of buying larger sizes or asking for larger sizes, BWID are the kinds of women to complain to manufacturers to change the sizing to smaller numbers.

And those retailers desperate for dollars change the sizing to please these women too afraid of a number tag in a dress.

Now this sizing up of Women’s clothes is great for the BWID who wants to live in a fantasy where she’s a size zero, but it’s frustrating for women slender enough to be an actual size zero.

Thanks to BWID, those smaller skinnier women struggle to find clothes that fit. I have several family members and female friends who wound up having to stop buying clothes at places like Ann Taylor because of the sizing up for BWID.

Thanks to BWID, we now have weird sizes like Double Zero and even Triple Zero. Hell, thanks to these BWID we actually even have a size zero. In 1993 a size zero was actually a two. In 1989 that zero was actually a three.

But because women who gained some weight wanted to stuff themselves in smaller sized clothes they had clearly outgrown, retailers and Madison Avenue Fashion designers changed the sizing.

Ladies, understand that your body changes. The size you were in high school will not be the size you are today. Especially if you have children.

And understand that certain designers are cut smaller than others. So there is no shame in sizing up a garment. Don’t worry about the numbers in the tag, Think about the way it fits. A size 14 garment that fits you is going to look more flattering than a size 2 that doesn’t.

Besides, the only person who is going to see that tag is you. The salesman doesn’t care; As long as they make the sale they could care less what size you buy.

On shoes: If you have to stuff your toes into a shoe, it's TOO SMALL for you foot. If your toes are spilling out of a sandal onto the ground, It's TOO SMALL for your foot.

And if you have a wide foot, then those thin strappy sandals and those high heels with the toe pointed out just aren't for you. I'm just sayin.

I know ladies like to say they have small dainty feet, but if you wear a size eight you wear a size eight. Better to walk around in a shoe your size and be comfortable than to have onions, bunions and hammertoes.

And here’s another piece of advice on knits for you ladies: Please put your hand inside the garment before you buy it. If you can see your hand through the garment, it’s TOO SHEER to wear without something covering it. Seeing your handprint through a sweater or dress or leggings is a clear sign that other people will see what color panties you’re wearing, or worse if you wear no bra like the lady I saw walking down the street, see her breasts and nipples!

Ladies, don’t be a BWID. When your body changes, accept yourself for the size you are. Buy clothes that make you comfortable. Remember, it’s the clothes that make the woman. Make the clothes fit you, don’t try to fit into them!

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