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Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to Beat the Mangina At His Own Game

The most dangerous kind of SIMP is the Mangina. However, there is a way to overcome these predators.

The Mangina’s main goal in his social interactions is to get power over other men. And the way he gets his power over another man is to get him to buy into his psychological games. If a Mangina can get a man to start playing at his table, he’s lost.

Why? Because he holds all the cards. He knows all the rules. He has you chasing him for his approval.
And just when a man thinks he’s winning, the Mangina re-writes the rules. Worse, when a man starts looking like he’s going to win, he starts using his array of tactics like shaming language and deception to tell you that you’re not playing by the rules.

When he’s already stacked the deck against you.

That’s right the Mangina wants you to play his game and play by his rules.

The goal of the Mangina’s psychological games are to make a man feel insecure and inadequate about himself. To trick him into give his power away. To break down his confidence and self-esteem so he can establish himself as superior over them. To make himself a pseudo Alpha Male.

A Magina is a weak male and he needs to break other men down so he can feel superior over them. And as long as a man plays by the Mangina’s rules, he always loses.

Because you’re playing on his terms.

The Mangina will try to bait a man into playing his game. Usually he does this by telling a man about some personal or social deficiency he has. Some will ask a seemingly innocent question like if a man has a girlfriend. Others will ask a man who is a new hire what their plans are for the future at a job. The goal is to bait a guy into answering his questions so he can have information to use against him.

If a man believes his lies, he’ll start offering his advice and “help” to assist the guy in getting ahead. Only when a man takes a Mangina’s advice he winds up further behind.

No matter what a man does it’ll always be wrong in the eyes of the Mangina. Manginas love to criticize other men about their behaviors. This is how they maintain control over someone. As long as a man feels inadequate and insecure he can keep him coming back to him for more of his wonderful “help”.
Not knowing he’s being manipulated like a puppet on a string and stranded in a vicious cycle of co-dependency with a man weaker than he is.

How can a man overcome this? Don’t play the Mangina’s game from the start. If a man walks away from the table where the Mangina is playing his game, he wins.

Walking away from that table will require a man to have strong self-confidence and a strong resolve. The Mangina will return again and again to try to bait you into playing his game. Telling you where you’re going wrong. That you need his “help”

Stand your ground. By walking away from the table, a man maintains his power and his position. And by playing your own game by your own rules you get to dictate the terms and conditions you engage life on.

When you stand your ground, the Mangina will try to use shaming language to guilt you into taking his wonderful advice.

Don’t break down. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You’re not doing anything wrong if you choose NOT to listen to him.

Remember if a man needs help in any situation, there are other objective sources to get it from. People like counselors, professional associations, and other experts with much more experience and better advice. And if those sources can’t help, he can always go to God for advice.

A man never needs the help of a Mangina.

As a man become more familiar with his tricks, games, and tactics, he’ll soon learn that the Mangina is full of shit. Most of what comes out of his mouth is lies, and most of his actions are meant to sabotage another man in his personal, professional and social life so he can get ahead. Don’t let these guys take you out of the game of life with their psychological headgames. Beat the Mangina at his own game by living life on your own terms.

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