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Friday, January 26, 2018

Why Are SJW Comic Creators & Hollywood Pushing Black Lesbian Heroines So Hard?

There’s been big push by SJW comic creators to make African-American heroines lesbians these days. The new Valkyrie featured in Marvel’s new Exiles comic book based on the character Tessa Thompson played in Thor: Ragnorok is a lesbian.

One of Black Lightning’s daughters on the CW’s Black Lightning is a super-strong lesbian.

Several indie comics creators like Saladin Ahmed have made the African-American heroines like Abbott in their comics lesbians. And Before that we had Ta-Naheshi Coates and Roxxane Gay featuring Black Lesbian Dora Milaje guards as the lead characters in the failed Marvel title Black Panther: World of Wakanda.

Demographically, Black Lesbians make up less than 000000.1% of the American population. And even less than a hundred billionth of all comic book readers. But SJW comic book creators seem to love making Black heroines in their stories lesbians.

Seriously, how many lesbians go to the comic shop? And how many Black lesbians go to the comic shop to buy comics for so many publishers to be pushing Black lesbian heroines so hard? Why are so many people in the comic book industry spending so much money to appeal to a hundred billionth of all comic book readers when most of the core audience of millions of heterosexual males are keeping their wallets closed to the point where over 50 comic shops closed last year?

When I do the math on this push for Black Lesbian heroines in comics 2+2 is equaling 5.

Look, I’m all for diversity. But something stinks here. When almost every new Black heroine is a lesbian someone in the Big Five media is trying to send a message. That they’re trying to promote homosexuality as a social norm in the Black community. And in some cases they’re trying to masculinize the Black woman like they did in the movie Proud Mary that flopped at the box office last week.

In most of these comics, SJW comic creators are sending a passive aggressive message to the world about Black women. Yeah, they’ll include Black women in their comics. But they have found a new way to minimize their attractiveness and devalue their beauty in comparison to White heroines in the eyes of men. I find it funny how the White heroine can be presented as having sex appeal to everyone all over the world. But the Black heroine is presented that doesn’t make her attractive to the core audience of heterosexual Black men.

Damn. Just Damn. With straight Black men being a growing demographic in the comic book industry you think struggling comic publishers would target them with a sexy heroine. But SJW comic creators are too caught up in their racism to think about business like I do.

When it comes to SJW comic creators most people need to understand they’re a little more covert with their racism. Yeah, they’ll give Black readers an attractive sexy Black woman in a comic book. But they make it where she can’t be considered sexually attractive to biggest audience of readers who would consider spending money on those comics: Heterosexual men.

The core audience for most comic books is Heterosexual men. And Heterosexual men like myself are attracted to heterosexual heroines. And when it comes to comics sex sells BIG. When straight guys see a sexy woman in a tight costume or sexy street clothes they want her to be someone they see themselves as having the possibility of getting with. Someone attractive. Sexy. Desirable. Someone who makes their dick hard. Someone they fantasize about dating or being their girlfriend. That’s what gets straight male readers excited. That’s what sells hundreds of thousands of issues. That’s why heterosexual women like Storm and Vixen are household names and Black Lightning’s lesbian daughter had Black men changing the channel when she appeared on the CW’s Black Lightning this Tuesday.

But SJWs don’t want to sell comics. They want to make a passive-aggressive statement about diversity where they pretend to include Black women. And then when the comics don’t sell, say that Black people don’t buy comic books. Then use that as a reason not to publish comics featuring Black characters in the future.

Damn. Just Damn.

SJWs want to talk about diversity but they don’t want Black women to be sex symbols on the level of White women. So they make them lesbians so that male readers won’t see them as someone as sexually attractive in comparison to their White female counterparts. Unfortunately, when Heterosexual men hear a comic book character is a lesbian that’s bad for a comic book publisher’s business. With the industry struggling to get new readers, right now and sales at an all time low, making a Black heroine a lesbian in a comic is the KISS OF DEATH for a comic publisher.

It’s not that Black characters don’t sell. It’s that SJWs try to sell comics to audiences of readers that don’t exist. When a comic targets an audience of one billionth of the American population that comic is DEAD ON ARRIVAL at the comic shop. If a comic publisher can’t get straight male readers to see the heroine as their girlfriend and female readers to see that heroine as their best friend that publisher isn’t going to sell any comic books.

I know from experience that heroines are a tough sell. And Black heroines are an even tougher one to new readers. As a Black creator of Black heroines like Isis, E’steem and Matilda Crowley I know how tough it is to sell a straight heroine of color to new readers. If a heroine doesn’t have sex appeal to both straight men and women she’s not going to gain much traction at the comic shop. So why are so many SJW comic creators shooting themselves in the foot at the starting line of the comic book marketplace?


  1. Black goths aren't really that common either. Not pandering to lesbians is one thing, but pandering to goths is statistically and practically similar to pandering to furries. There aren't that many of them around realistically speaking.

  2. I do not see how being gay is diverse gays are just sinners whose inclination to sin just leans towards that aspect.

  3. Shawn, stop asking questions to which you already know the answer.

    The whites (jews) who own major media want to encourage homosexuality as a means of slow genocide via population reduction. They also want to discourage normal hetereosexual family formation for purposes of political and social control. Blacks are ALWAYS their #1 target.

    I saw the first 5 minutes of the Black Lightening series and then turned the TV off.... it was complete propaganda drivel. What gets me is how black women cant seem to figure out that all this stuff is really ANTI Black Women. Mara Brock Akil should be ashamed of herself, same with Shonda Rhimes, and that Gray lady.