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Monday, January 29, 2018

President Donald Trump, Black Unemployment & Shawn James

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  1. Shawn, you also have to look at WHAT jobs areas have experienced growth and then perhaps try those areas. The hiring areas today are

    1. medical and associated fields
    2. technology
    3. hard trades: HVAC, welding, metal working, plumbing, electrical, etc.....

    4. Furthermore, you have to look WHERE the job growth is occurring.
    It is happening more in the South (Florida, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina). The North east tax structure is too high and so businesses have been moving south for a while now.

    general "business" or finance is not the strong suit for you to be hired ..... especially as a black man. maybe if you were an actual accountant.- then maybe.

    Other than that, you have to grind out your business.