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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

More Isis/E’steem Cover Concept Art

Working on Two more concept cover pieces for this years books. These come from Isis: Escape From Transylvania and E’steem: Goddess of?

For Isis: Escape From Transylvania I decided to go for a very spooky theme. It’s night and John and Isis are running for their lives in a Transylvanian forest. Castle Dracula is in the background in the distance, the moon is high and bats are flying. John has a determined look on his face and Isis has an uneasy one on hers as he leads her through the forest.

For E’steem: Goddess of? I took a picture I imagined from the climax of the story. In this image a bikini clad E’steem is facing off against Demonic Dominatrix Avarisk, The Tormentor on the Island of Solitude. She’s powered up in the foreground while we see the back of Avarisk with holding her whip ready to dish out some punishment. With this picture, I’m trying to set up some mystery as related to E’steem’s new powers and this new blonde bad girl.

Still have to sketch up a cover concept for Isis: All that Glitters. In that one I have an idea for a blonde bikini clad Golden Shine smiling as she hoists a surprised Isis up in the air in the foreground of a bank floor with a broken safe door lying in the background along with a knocked out guard.

I’m working hard to get all these titles out for this year, and I can do that with your help. So if you could donate whatever you can to my Patreon it’d be greatly appreciated.

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