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Friday, January 5, 2018

SJS DIRECT 2018 Catalog

I’ve been laying out the schedule for what books I’d like to be a part of the SJS DIRECT 2018 Catalog. And this year the catalog is gonna be SJS DIRECT Universe related. The New books included are:

Isis: Escape From Transylvania The action packed sequel to Isis: Bride of Dracula and Isis: Night of The Vampires. In this story the goddess next door and John Haynes are kidnapped by Dracula’s daughter and forced to participate in a reality game show where they have to try to escape from Dracula’s hometown as they fight for their lives against a horde of vampires out to win a million dollar cash prize, 

E’steem: Goddess of? The first post E’steem Ascension story where The Aspiring Angel heads back to the Island of Solitude where she learns how to use her new powers as she takes on Avarisk The Tormentor, a Demonic Dominatrix,

John Haynes: A Conversation With Death, a teaser story that starts the John Haynes series. In this story John meets up with the Angel of Death and takes on some demons as they discuss plans for his life,

Isis: House of Isis where the goddess next door takes on a Hustling Hotep Priestess in Harlem in a story that makes a commentary on Pro-Blacks, Black economics and the Black community,

And The Essential E’steem the first SJS DIRECT collected trade. The Essential E’steem is going to feature the first eight stories of the E’steem story arc in a single paperback! This’ll book feature many of the early E’steem series like Demons Anonymous that were only available in eBook format for the first time in paperback!

And maybe if things work out, I can FINALLY release the long delayed Isis: Imitation of Life.

Along with those titles I’m currently working on developing several new SJS DIRECT Universe titles including:

Isis: All that Glitters, a story where Isis takes on a bikini clad bank robber, (Second Draft currently uploaded to CreateSpace)

E’steem: The Sands of Time, a time travel fantasy romance featuring a teenage E’steem and John Haynes set in Ancient Egypt. (Right in the middle of the First Draft of this one,)

John Haynes: Taking care of Business, (Outlined and plotted.)

And Isis: Revenge of the Cybergoddess. Had part of this written before my computer crashed. Now I gotta start it all over again. This story had been building up in the epilogues of Isis: Samurai Goddess and E’steem: Ascension. I want to put this one further up on the schedule, but I gotta find time to write it. 

Yeah, several of the books in the 2018 catalog are holdovers that were delayed from the 2017 catalog and even the 2016 catalog. Many are uploaded to CreateSpace and Kindle and have been waiting for publication for over a year. Some like A Conversation With Death are in their second drafts. they all need are the covers to be launched. And the only thing that keeps these books delayed are the funds to pay artists for to design the covers. So if you want to help me expedite the release of these books you can donate to my Paypal or my Patreon today!

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