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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Shawn James Black Group Economics Challenge

My name Is Shawn James. And I’m issuing a Challenge to the Black Community: Spend money at Black owned businesses like mine.

Every year $3.3 trillion dollars in cash and credit flow throough the Black community. And 97 percent of that money winds up in the hands of Whites and nonblacks making them richer. Allowing them to send their kids to private schools and private Universities and live a middle class lifestyle.

All While Black people remain the poorest in the industrialized world.

The Black Group Economics Challenge works like this: Spend money with a Black-owned business like mine. Then tell your friends about that Black-owned business in your community. Then get your friends to spend money with that Black-owned business and other Black-owned businesses in the community.

What’s the goal of this challenge? To get Black people to start supporting their own businesses. To get them see the direct impact Black dollars have on Black people when they’re spent with other Black people. And to start getting Black people to start putting Black first when it comes to spending their money.  

If thousands of everyday people and hundreds of celebrites can go out and pour buckets of ice water on each other to raise money for ALS, how many Black people can spend as little as 99 cents to support a business or two in our own community? We’ve got time to march and protest, but we take no time to invest in ourselves and put money in our own pockets.

Then we scratch our heads as we struggle to make progress.

If the Black community is going to move forward Black people have to start paying themselves first and putting themselves first. Economic power is the only way to get social change in America. Show the world the power of your money in 2015. 

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