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Monday, January 5, 2015

Black Men’s Lives Matter…To Everyone But Black Men

At every protest for Eric Garner and Michael Brown I see Black folks carrying signs saying Black Lives Matter. But the only people speaking on the issue of Black lives Mattering are Black women like Eric Garner’s Mother, Eric Garner’s Wife, Eric Garner’s daughter, Michael Brown’s Grandmother, and Michael Brown’s mother.

Can anyone tell me what’s WRONG with this picture?

If Black men’s lives mattered then why aren’t young Black MEN at the forefront of their own movement?

Black Lives Matter needs to be a Young Black Men’s movement. And young Black MEN need to be leading the way.

Not Black women. Not Compromised Pimp Pastors. Not old Civil Rights Dinosaurs like Al Sharpton and the NACCP. Not disingenuous politicians like Barack Obama and Bill De Blasio. If young Black men are the ones being killed out here by White cops and other Black men, then young Black men need to be the ones showing their lives matter by taking the lead of their own movement and speaking for themselves.

The only person who knows the issues of a young Black man is a young Black man. And because he doesn’t speak for himself he will NEVER get his needs addressed when attention is brought to a forum or a protest.

When Black women and nonblack people are the primary people speaking on Black men’s issues it shows that Black men are coming from a position of WEAKNESS. And when you come from a position of WEAKNESS no one takes you seriously.

This is why for all the marching and protesting over Eric Garner and Michael Brown’s deaths NOTHING is getting done. Everyone is speaking for young Black men but young Black men themselves.

No one can speak for a Young Black man but a Young Black man himself. If a young Black man wants to show that his life matters then he has to take ACTION to SHOW that his life Matters.

How can anyone in the WORLD believe that a Young Black man’s life matters if Young Black men are killing each other in Black-on-Black crimes?

For the last 40 years Black men in general have not valued their own lives. Every weekend I read about homicides, stabbings and shootings in neighborhoods across the country like the South Bronx one I live in over Air Jordan tennis shoes, leather jackets, Beats headphones, Little Debbie snack cakes, pieces of chicken, what rapper/ballplayer/celebrity is better, women, or whatever nonsense Black men use as an excuse to justify murdering another Black man. And in the face of all these black-on black homicides over the last 40 years we’re supposed to believe that Black men’s lives matter to Black men.


Again, how can we believe that a Black man’s life matters it the Black man HIMSELF does not SHOW that a Black man’s life matters? How can he convince White and nonblack people to believe a Black life matters if he himself doesn’t value the life of another Black man?

Here’s the problem: A Black man does not value his own life. And because his life does not matter to him he can kill another Black man like killing a fly.

As long as young Black men like Eric Garner and Michael Brown are spending their time participating in bum ass lowlife behavior like standing outside of foreign owned stores from 8am-closing selling illegal loose cigarettes, smoking weed, and begging for change, how can the world SEE that a Black man’s life matters? How can we believe a Black man’s life matters if he’s sitting on his mother or his girlfriend’s sofa playing XBOX or PS4 all day long, or sitting up on his parents’ computer or a cell phone on watching YouTube videos, going to social media like Facebook and Instagram and making thirsty pussy begging comments to women halfway around the world that don’t give a FUCK about him?

If a Black man’s life mattered to HIM he would understand that his OWN LIFE is PRECIOUS. He would understand his TIME is precious. And he’d be out here making every MOMENT of his life count. Instead of standing outside of that foreign owned store from 8am-closing, he’d ask for a job there. And if they wouldn’t offer him one he’d take himself and his money elsewhere.

TIME is MONEY. And if someone isn’t helping you MAKE MONEY they’re out to TAKE it. The time he takes to BEG for change outside of a foreigner’s business is the time he could take to WORK for DOLLARS at HIS OWN.

If a Black man’s life mattered to Black men, they’d be starting businesses in their neighborhoods to compete with that foreign owned stores to serve his own people. He’d be in school getting an education. He’d be out using the Internet as a tool to MAKE MONEY for himself instead of getting into idiotic beefs with other Black men across the globe on YouTube or making thirsty comments to women on social media who could give less than a SHIT about him after getting his like.  

Black men need to understand: Black women’s lives matter in AmeriKKKa. And because her life matters to HER, people in AmeriKKKa she cannot speak for a Black man.

When we look at the court system American Black women can get justice from it. Renisha McBride’s murderer is in prison. A college professor who was roughed up by police was able to get those officers FIRED after they assaulted her.

At the end of the day it’s Black men who TELL THE WORLD that lives that don’t matter by their ACTIONS. Because Black men REFUSE to take the lead in their own cause, George Zimmerman is free after murdering Trayvon Martin. Darren Wilson is free after killing Michael Brown. Daniel Pantaleo is still free to collect his NYPD salary after choking Eric Garner to death. 

And because Black men’s lives don’t matter to them because most Black men don’t MAKE THEM COUNT. Most Black men today are some of the softest, sorriest men in the world. It’s sad state of affairs when Gay Men are stronger leaders than Black men. Gay men over the last 25 years have shown that their lives matter because at least they speak for themselves on Gay issues. They pool their money. They form an economic, social and political platform to get their agenda in the face of politicians to show that they matter.

Thanks to their ability to take the lead on their own cause, Gay men can get themselves married in almost every state in the Union but a for all the marching and protesting other people do for them, Black men can’t even get an indictment against a White cop who shoots them. Hell, they’re so God Damn cowardly can’t even get a White cop to arrest another Black man who shoots them.

Black men have been too busy being putting themselves LAST to understand that you have to put yourself FIRST if you want to be HEARD. Black men have been too busy hiding behind the skirts of Black women to understand if you do not LEAD you are FOLLOWING. And when you FOLLOW you get what’s given to you.  Maybe when Black men start TAKING CHARGE of their lives and making them matter then maybe the rest of the world will start seeing that a Black man’s life matters.

Black man YOU are the only one who can make your life MATTER. If YOU do not SPEAK FOR YOURSELF then you will not be able to TELL the rest of the world what YOU WANT. 


  1. Were you out in the protests carrying signs or marching?

  2. No, I wasn't.

    I understand that marching and protesting are a WASTE of TIME. Black Group Economics is more effective at showing Black lives matter than standing in the street carrying a sign.

  3. What good is marching when you won't go to the polls and vote for the right person? What good is marching when you act another way? We can throw fits when white cops shoot us but when will we address black on black? You know the black on black crime that causes cops to be in the black community in the first place?
    Funny how no one asks why is that most of these guys killed were committing crimes and refusing to be arrested? While the white guy who shoots up schools and in most cases surrender to cops?
    Shawn hasn't said anything that a lot of black men have said. No one wants to hear us talk because we won't sugar coat it to make weak black women feel good. We put the blame where it is suppose to be-we can't get mad when we ENABLE the negative behavior. We are the only race that supports bad behavior and shun good behavior.

  4. These speaks volumes about:

    1)The impotency of marching.

    2)The severity of feminist ideology in regards to cultural emasculation.

    3)The necessity of a code of conduct.

    4)The realization that you are at war.

    5)The realization that the legal system as it stands is never really going to be in your favor.

    6) The need to address and overcome various distractions and addictions that take up our time.

    7) The over exaggeration of the difficulty of striving for economic empowerment.