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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yes Means Yes Rape Laws…What Happened to My Body, My Choice?

Governor Andrew Cuomo is making plans to pass a Yes Means Yes Law here in New York just like the one on the books in the State of California. Under this kind of law a man can be charged with rape even if a woman consents to having sex with her.

Er…Whatever happened personal responsibility in this country?

Many of the White Feminists and Liberal Manginas like Andrew Cuomo who support these kinds of laws love to talk about it’s a woman’s body and it’s her choice. However this kind of legislation shows the hypocrisy of all those who support them.

So under the terms of this law a woman who chooses to hook up with a guy at a rave or a bar, have sex with him of her own volition one night and the next morning go to the police and file rape charges against him.


In feminist Susan Brownmiller’s classic Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape it’s clearly stated that rape is a violent act where a woman is forced to have sex with a man against their will. If a woman of sound mind consents to having sex with a man willfully, then how is it rape?

This Yes means Yes law makes absolutely no sense. All it does is enable dysfunctional women to continue participating in irresponsible behavior with no sense of accountability for their actions, their own bodies, and the poor choices they make with them. Women who want to participate in sexually promiscuous behavior but don’t want to deal with the social consequences from it or the shame from the social stigmas as a result of it.

What many of the Feminists, Manginas, and liberals don’t understand is that most American women today have had over 80 sexual partners by the time they reach the age of 30. And all of those sexual partners they got involved with were consensual. So if a woman decides willfully to sleep with over 80 men over 12-18 years how can YES mean NO that many times?

The dangers of these kinds of dysfunctional laws are that they can be used to falsely imprison innocent men for crimes they did not commit. During Jim Crow many a White woman used an accusation of rape to cover up an adulterous affair she was having with another White man. And as a result of her lies many Black men were imprisoned, lynched, and towns like Rosewood and Black Wall Street were burned down to the ground.

And today these kinds of laws can be used to destroy the life of a man of any race in an equally devastating fashion. When a man is charged with a sex crime his career is over. His reputation is ruined. No one wants to hire an alleged sex offender in most professional settings even after the allegations are proven to be unsubstantiated weeks and even months later. Most men won’t socialize with him and most women won’t even date him. He is practically made into a pariah for the rest of his life.

The way I see it a man should not risk his freedom and his career over a choice both that man and that woman made with their own bodies. If both parties chose to willfully have sex with each other then both parties need to deal with the consequences of their decisions and their actions. That’s part of being a responsible adult.

There’s a serious slippery slope being made with these YES means YES laws. What’s to stop a married woman participating in an affair with a man to call it rape when she gets caught by her husband? Or a woman cheating on her boyfriend from charging that man with rape when she gets caught by her boyfriend? Or a woman who gets involved with a casual hook-up with multiple sex partners at a club or a bar from having a moment of regret and calling it rape? Or a college student who decides to hook up with a guy or two or three at a frat party and then realizes she made a poor choice with her body the morning after from calling it rape?

I’ve read about American women willfully consenting to having sex with two and three and even four men at a time. I’ve listened to women on talk shows, YouTube videos, Facebook statuses and on the bus boast about having sex with two and three men at the same time. In each case they clearly consented to this type of sexual conduct. It was their body and they made the choice to participate in this debaucherous sexual behavior with it.

American Women today love to boast about how it’s their body and their choice. If that’s the standard they wish to establish then women have be made to take responsibility for the choices they made with their own bodies under that standard. When a woman makes poor choices with her body then she has to take ownership for it. And part of taking ownership for a poor choice means a woman has to deal with all the hurt feelings, regret and shame from that choice she makes. A woman’s hurt feelings, insecurities, regrets, and feelings of guilt and personal shame about her bad choices does not mean a man has committed a crime. 

It also means a woman has to deal with whatever social stigmas and social shame that are a consequence of her sexual choices and her sexual behavior. If men and women are calling her a slut, a ho, or just laughing at her as a result of her sexual behavior, then she has to look inward and realize it’s her actions that are causing her to mocked, ridiculed and humiliated by her peers.  Again, a woman’s hurt feelings insecurities and regrets about her bad choices do not mean a man has committed a crime.

In order to get equal protection under the law women have to take equal responsibility for their actions just like men do. If a woman says YES to having sex with numerous random men then she has to deal with all the consequences of having sex with all those partners. And all the hurt feelings, regret and guilt she has are part of dealing with an irresponsible or reckless choice she made.

All these Yes means Yes laws do is diminish the credibility of real rape victims. Rape is an act of violence that’s about power and control. It’s perpetrated by cowards who want to hurt and humiliate women, not have sex with them. A Yes means Yes law hurts those women by making victims out of women who haven’t been victimized. 

The whole concept of Yes means Yes clearly comes from the dysfunctional perspective about sex most Manginas have. In the Mangina’s mind men who rape women just want sex. And men are forced to rape women because women won’t have sex with them. It’s a Straw Man argument based in complete ignorance about how men and women are attracted to each other. What most Manginas don’t understand that if a man wants sex he does not have to rape a woman. A healthy man can get his sexual needs met by pornography, cybersex, prostitutes, dildos, or even his own hand.

Liberals like Andrew Cuomo and those governing the State of California try to look like they’re supporting women’s rights by promoting these feminist Yes Means Yes laws. But they’re actually just slapping women in the face in a backhanded passive-aggressive way. Behind the concept of Yes means Yes is an insult to women rooted in sexism and misogyny. What a Yes means Yes law really says about women is that a woman is incapable of making decisions about her body and her own sexual behavior and that the government has to legislate policy on her behalf because she’s not responsible enough to make those choices for herself. Basically, these “nice guys” in government are calling women stupid without using the word itself.

When one reads between the lines of a Yes means Yes law it’s truly an insult and an affront to anyone who truly believes in equal rights for men and women. If a woman says it’s her body and it’s her choice, when she says yes to sex she has to take responsibility for whatever consequences come form her actions during and after that intercourse with a man.

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