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Thursday, December 11, 2014


In the aftermath of the Eric Garner and Michael Brown Grand Jury decisions I have a question to ask:


Ever since we got our freedom from you in the so-called Emancipation Proclomaiton all you do is give Us grief. Seriously, what do you White folks want?

When we started trying to make our way across Your country after your Civil War You establish the standard of Separate but equal in Your Courts.

But when we try to make things equal for ourselves You insist we take substandard.

We start showing we can be the equal to you in terms of education, businesss, and social status. We start competing with you.  You create propoganda depicting us as Coons. Brutes. Mammies, Jezebels Tragic Mulattoes, and other caricatures meant to demean and degrade Us.

But when We stand up for ourselves and speak out against and your hate-filled racist rhetoric You lynch and murder us.

You say you don’t want niggers working for you.

So we try to build Our own businesses so we can work for ourselves. But you send Klansmen to terrorize Our business owners and burn them down.

You say you don’t want niggers in your towns and cities.

So we try to build Our own towns so we don’t have to live around you. But you come and burn our towns down.

You say You don’t want niggers around your children in school.

So we try to build Our own schools and colleges. But when we try to use Our education to better ourselves, You tell us we’re not smart enough unless we go to Your schools.

You say You don’t want niggers around You.

So we try to leave You and your racism behind and you come and try to take us off trains so we can’t leave.

You say You want us to fight in your military in Your second World War.

But when come back from fighting YOUR enemies and protecting YOUR Constitution, and we ask for Our Civil Rights we were PROMISED as a so-called citizen under YOUR Constitution by YOUR 13th and 14th Amendments, your police brutalize us, your courts railroad us, and you imprison us oftentimes for crimes we didn’t commit.

And when Our free citizens we protest the unjust treatment under Your unfair legal system, Your police spray us with fire hoses, and attack Us with dogs. 

In the face of being shown to the World in Television and the Press as the Hypocrites You are You say You want us to integrate into Your society.

But you send your undesirables like White Feminists and CIA subversives to destroy our families and undermine our family values. You flood our communities with drugs. You kill our Black men in your Vietnam War. Then you con our women into buying into your Welfare State and its vicious cycle of co-dependency.

And when Our women take the welfare You insisted on giving them You say You niggers are taking all Your taxes.

Then when Our fathers and sons try to start businesses so We won’t have to take Your Taxes and pay Our own way, You undermine those plans by denying Us loans from Your banks.

And when We try to get jobs, Your managers refuse to hire our Black men for jobs that will allow them to take care of their families.

You make promises of equal opportunity through your affirmative action.
But you make every effort to deny a Black man a job. And when he finally does get a job, at one of Your companies, You make every effort to fire him for the smallest infraction. Then in an effort to emasuclate Black men, You hire Our Black women and make them the leaders of Our families.

All Black people have wanted since they were forced to come to this country is a chance to get our opportunity at the American dream promised in 1865. But everywhere we go there You White people are right there standing in the God damn way.

So seriously White people what do You want?

Do You want Us to remain in a permanent underclass? Do you want a permanent group of serfs who are just supposed to remain at the bottom to sate Your ego? A permanent group of people You have around in your counry just there for You to say You’re doing better than? A permanent group of people You can point a finger to and say You’re better than?

Or is it that You want us to be the god over Us? Do You want Us to worship you like some sort of deity like your White Jesus? 

You allow everyone else an opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Women, Homosexuals, Jews, Italians, Greeks, Slavs, Hispanics, Asians, and even Africans. But when a Black man who was born and raised in this country comes for his slice of the American Apple pie you don’t want him to take his piece. Hell, you don’t want him to come to the table.


Is your ego so fragile that you can’t stand the idea of a Black man being the equal to you? Does the idea of a truly equal society scare you?  Are you scared of a truly level playing field? Are you so scared of competing with a Black man? Are you afraid of standing eye-to-eye with a Black man? Are you afraid he’ll actually surpass you? Is that why you keep sabotaging him at every turn?

Are you afraid that once things are truly equal in your land of opportunity you’ll be held accountable for your actions by people of color? That you’ll be called on your bullshit? That people will finally see what a LIAR you are? Or are you afraid someone Black will finally expose all the hypocrisy behind your so-called perfect democracy on a world stage?

Or are you so caught up in your delusion of being some sort of perfect supreme master race that you try to undermine every Black person who challenges it and kill everyone who refutes those ideals?

Seriously White folks this is getting tired. You’re gonna have to make up your minds. What do you want from Black people?

Many of us know what we want from You: All we just want do is live. Live in a country our ancestors didn’t want to come to in the first place. We want our own businesses. We want our own families. We want our own communities. We want our American dream. The slice of America’s apple pie we were promised over 150 years ago by Abraham Lincoln.

And we want it without all the strings, conditions, and ever-changing terms you keep trying to attach to it. We don’t want Your government programs. We don’t want Your handouts. We don’t want Your pity. We don’t want Your efforts to keep maintaining a paternalistic co-dependent relationship where everything remains separate and unequal.

We want the same fair shake every Woman, Homosexual, European, Jew, Arab, Hispainc, Asian, Indian and African who comes to this country gets. You give them equal opportunity. You give them equal protection under the law. You don’t get in their way.

But every chance You get You get in ours. Why?

White people you’re the ones who are confused. When it comes to Black people you say one thing and you do another. Your hypocrisy is the hidrance to our people making progress in your country for nearly two centuries. We only want the rights you give everyone else and an opportunity to stand on our own two feet like everyone else. We want to have life, liberty and the pursuit of our own happiness on our terms, not yours. We do not need you to be the god over us. If given a chance we can lead ourselves and build our neighborhoods into strong Black communities.

We Black people know what We want. But White people what do you want?


  1. I get real annoyed with their denial of white privilege. As in regards to crime, these peckerwoods always turn it into a race issue whenever a black person commits a crime. But when a white person commits a crime, they're mentally ill or lame excuse.

    And they always bitch about black-on-white crime, but never pays attention to white-on-white crime.

    Seriously, some white people need to shut the fuck up.

  2. If you really think about it Shawn, your descriptions of a mangina when juxtaposed to these White Supremacists are one in the same. Just saying.

  3. What do we want?

    We want to walk on the street without fearing for our lives when we see a group of black teenagers nearby.

    We want to not be shoved aside when it comes to jobs, just because some peoples' skin colour have them at an advantage above actual qualification.

    We want our neighbourhoods to not erupt into a riot each time an 'innocent' black person is shot by the police.

    We want to stop the idea that being ambitious and educated equates to 'acting white'.

    We want our kids who are in majority-black schools to not be threatened and bullied every second.

    We want to remain in our communities, and not be forced to move each time blacks come in.

    1. JohnGulbunny,

      We want you to quit spewing bullshit lies about your interactions with Melanated people.

      We want you to quit stealing our organs.

      We want you to quit forcing everyone else to obey your rhetorical ethics.

      We want you to focus on your issues and problems and quit worrying about ours.

      We want you to quit playing the victim whenever you initiate a conflict (which is most of the time).

      We want you to wake up and realize the ironic suffering that White Privilege has on you too.

      We want you to stop using euphemisms to hide your jealousy of us.

      We want you to stop pretending as if you cannot be inhumane.

      We want you to quit thinking that you are "doing us a favor" by "helping" us. We don't need your "help" to survive.

      We want you to quit using coons and boot-lickers in order to feign some sort of moral high ground.

      We want you to quit using your sick, twisted psuedo-culture as a hegemony for everyday life.

      We want you to quit shoving your American illusion, I mean, dream, down our throats.

  4. Mr. Gulbunny, it appears that your afraid of some competition or is it that you and many other white Amerikkkans want all the power and notoriety to yourselves and can't stand the fact that their are other nationalities that deserve to be treated will dignity and respect and stop being treated like second class citizens just because we don't fit into your mold of what you consider acceptable, and by the way, why not fear for your lives when a group of white teenagers are nearby, whites commit just as much crime, watch the I.D.discovery channel and you'll see crimes committed by more white people!

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