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Monday, December 8, 2014

Is it time for the Black Community to FIRE Al Sharpton?

 When a Football team has a losing record the owner fires the head coach.

When a Basketball team has a losing record the owner fires the head coach.

When a Hockey team has a losing record the owner fires the head coach.

When a Baseball team has a losing record the owner fires the Manager.

In some cases when things are not going right for a sports team not only fires the manager, the owner goes further up the chain and fire the General Manager. In extreme cases they clean house and get rid of high priced players who are dead weight.

The way I see it Black people need to fire Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton has a losing record when it comes to Civil Rights. What is he 2 for 53? Since 1988 I can count loss after loss under his leadership. 25 straight years of FAILURE.  Look at the number of high profile cases that have ended either unresolved or with acquittals:

Tawana Brawley

Michael Stewart

Michael Griffith

Yusuf Hawkins (won)

Abner Louima (won)

Patrick Dorismond

Amadou Diallo

Sean Bell

Trayvon Martin

Oscar Grant

And now Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

If Sharpton was a head coach for any sports organization he’d have been FIRED a long time ago. If he were a CEO at a major corporation he’d have been FIRED a long time ago. Hell, if he were a manager at a retail establishment he’d have been FIRED a long time ago.

Why? Because in all those positions of leadership the leader is held accountable for their actions. They’re held accountable for their performance.

But Because Black people have no sense of ownership in their communities across their country they don’t hold incompetent Black leaders like Al Sharpton and his National Action Network cronies accountable for anything. Since Black folks just eke out an existence in neighborhoods they don’t own or control, they just continue to support him loss after loss after loss instead of calling him to the table and holding him accountable.

Sharpton’s approaches to Civil Rights are rooted in archaic approaches to social justice that are no longer effective today. White Supremacy has adapted to these approaches and is changing its course to counter every strategy he has presented time after time for the last 15 years. Yet he continues to do the exact same things and expect a different result.

The rest of the world calls this insanity, but Al Sharpton and the dysfunctional Black leaders who follow him call this Civil Rights. 

Give this man a pink slip and send him on his way.

Looking at Sharpton’s approach to Civil Rights all he uses the same old defensive strategies with no plan for an offense. All Sharpton knows how to do March n’ protest, shuck n’ jive and Blame n’ shame. Beg for crumbs from White folks. Reacting after things happen instead of responding to prevent them from happening.

In the aftermath of the Grand Jury decisions from Michael Brown and Eric Garner, Al Sharpton is organizing yet another March on Washington. Er…didn’t we just march on Washington last year to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington? How is another march going to change anything for Eric Garner and Michael Brown? Especially on a SATURDAY when all the government offices are CLOSED?

Someone needs to tell Al Sharpton This is 2014. We need strategies to fight White Supremacy and Racism that will work in the 21st Century, not the 20th Century.

When it comes to Al Sharpton he’s just going around in circles doing the same thing and expecting a different result. In all the protests for Eric Garner and Michael Brown there was no offensive strategy to go along with it. The way I see it Black folks need MORE than Justice. We need a comprehensive plan to counter the White Supremacy behind the deaths of these Black men and the culture that is working to destroy Black people mentally, emotionally and socially.

In all of Al Sharpton’s protests for Eric Garner and Michael Brown, Where was the plan for Black Group Economics? A plan to get Black people buying Black and supporting Black-owned businesses on Black Friday would have had a stronger impact than a bunch of Black folks Marching and protesting chanting “No Justice No peace” in nonblack shopping districts or tearing up their own communities like Ferguson. It would have brought some of the $3.3 trillon Black people have in spending power back to Black-owned businesses.  Maybe if Black leaders made this an annual thing it’d allow Black business owners to get the capital needed to hire other Black people like Eric Garner so they wouldn’t be on the street to be a target of police.

And where was the plan to organize neighborhood watch in Black neighborhoods like the Guardian Angels? If we patrolled our own communities it would cut down on the patrols by police that got Akai Gurley killed. If we patrolled our neighborhoods we could deal with the dusty dysfunctional Negroes wreaking havoc in our neighborhoods like drug dealers and gang members. And maybe we could cut down our own crime rate and save a life or two.

Furthermore, where is the plan to establish moral standards for Black people? The Black community lets all sorts of debauchery pass. And thanks to this debauchery it’s a cesspool. Everything goes from Scandal, World Star Hip Hop, Ghetto Gaggers, Gangsta Rappers and movies like Monster’s Ball, Precious, and No Good Deed. Children as young as five years old are exposed to this media. And we haven’t heard a PEEP from Al Sharpton to speak against it. Maybe if we established standards for Black people we could cut an inroads in the birth of all these bastard babies mothers and finally stop the vicious cycle of poverty that’s on its third generation. 

A good Black leader would have a plan for all this. But Not Al Sharpton. No, he only comes out to speak for Black people when a Black man is killed by a White Cop or a nonblack person. The same hustle he’s been running since 1988.

This is why Black people need to FIRE him as their spokesman. Sharpton has a 2-for-53 record when it comes to Civil Rights. In any other part of the world he wouldn’t be allowed to continue speaking for the community. He wouldn’t be considered a leader because no one follows a LOSER. But because Black people don’t own anything in their communities and have nothing invested in them, they’re the only people in the world who continue to reward failure and allow failures to advocate for their cause.

Is it time for the Black community to fire Al Sharpton? Yeah I think it is. Black people in this 21st Century it’s time for a new approach to Civil Rights, and we need new leaders to apply new strategies to move the Black race forward.


  1. On a less related note, I find it weird why some people (especially if they think of themselves as feminists) say that it's progressive to have practically and essential blackface white characters in shows like The Flash. Having Jenni Ognats on the Flash is one thing, turning Iris West into Barry Allen's adoptive black sister is another. And not a lot of blacks protest about it.

  2. Well, Ad do protest against Iris West. It's just not right to have a character like Iris who is essential to the Flash Mythos changed just to suit a producer's view. Iris is essential to Wally West and the Flash legend. Also steamed about the death of Simon Stagg on the show. That kills any chance of us getting Metamorpho in the TV DC Universe.

    1. Thank you! Now we are cooking with grease! Sometimes (no offense), I thought that you were going to be one of those Tommy Sotomayor/David Carroll/Akwesi100 types who simply deflect away from White Supremacy and talk down in an arrogant manner, yet sit idle and do nothing to solve the problem. But I see that you are serious and I respect that.

    2. Shawn folks are mad at what was done to Iris and even Wally West in the comic (he's black with a criminal record). And many have asked why is this happening when you have black characters like Static? Who sit in limbo because someone doesn't like him.

      In fact if you look at DC Comics the majority of the established black characters are MIA except for John Stewart, Steel and Cyborg. I am shocked that you haven't vented about the Cyborg movie DC will do in 2020.

      We will have a black movie from DC featuring a guy who is 2/3 a man with a limited history in the new 52. While Marvel tosses out Black Panther-who will be in 3 films and 5 solo series to attract readers. Even Falcon has done more in one month that every single DC minority in 3 years.

  3. Tawana Brawley is a liar. Stevie Wonder could've seen that.

  4. Yes Al needs to go. I see him and I already see a loss. Because it just seems like he is there for attention and that is it. We can't fix the black community by yelling victim all day.
    We have to look at ourselves. Yes Mike Brown was a tragedy but why is no asking the question of why is it 90% of the time these deaths happen when the black guy has committed a crime?
    Excluding Trayvon & other black males killed while doing nothing-I am seeing too much outrage when a black criminal is killed by a cop.

  5. Al Sharpron needs to go. Him and "Messy" Jesse Jackson. Always showing up when a tragedy happens but they never get anything done smfh