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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Isis: Power of the Princess Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

I shake my head as Nemesis disappears in a flash of light. I had hoped six months of house arrest would make her think about how egregious her offenses were and how they embarrassed this realm. I thought she’d come into court repentant and eager to return to her duties as the Goddess of Retribution. But from the hostile and belligerent way she behaved during these proceedings it’s clear to me Nemesis is not only a danger to both men and gods, but possibly to herself as well.
A worried Hera looks over at me. “Zeus, she’s out of control. We have to get her back here before she does harm to mortals or herself.”
“You’re right my dear.” I reply. “But would a diplomatic situation even be viable now? From the erratic way Nemesis has been behaving we might have to use force.”
“Shall I send for Hercules sire?” Hermes inquires. “He’s consulting on the set of that new movie-”
I’d like to, but Hercules wouldn’t have the time to track her. Plus with the rough way he handles things it could lead to serious property damage wherever they brawled. The last thing Olympus needs is another inter-realm incident, especially one where mortals are involved. I just couldn’t deal with the headache of another lawsuit.
“No, we needn’t to disrupt his work Hermes.” I reply. “I think I know someone who has the time and the skills to bring Nemesis to justice.”
Hermes flashes a smile at me “I think I know who you’re talking about….
My wife knows who I’m speaking about as well. She gives me a quizzed look before making her inquiry. “But would the goddess even be interested in assisting us in our affairs after her ordeal with Nemesis?” Hera asks.
“From what I’ve seen Isis is always eager to aid both man and god.” Hermes continues. “And she definitely has the diplomatic skills to help contain this situation.”
“Not to mention a softer touch than Hercules. Hermes, send for the goddess.” Hera requests.
While Hermes is capable of handling diplomatic affairs for us, this situation too dire to send an emissary to ask Isis for assistance. I ease off my throne and make my way down the steps. “No, You stay here Hermes. I’ll make the case to Isis myself.”

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