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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Eric Garner and Michael Brown: Two Grand Juries, Same Decision, Same Insanity.

Last week there was no indictment for Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown Yesterday there was no indictment in the death of officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Eric Garner.

Two deaths of Black men. One in a Conservative Republican state, Another in a Liberal Democratic one. But Black men’s lives still matter in AmeriKKKA.

Yeah Right.

Sadly the response of most Black people in the face of this slap in the face has been the same since 1960. Following Pied Pipers like Al Sharpton here in New York. March and protest, shuck n’ jive. Still chanting No Justice, no peace. Still telling the White Man how they shall overcome.

Or following the lead of the Sons of single mothers like Michael Brown’s stepdad. Emotinally immature grown men in saggin pants inciting riots where they burn down their own neighborhoods.

The textbook definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result. And over the past few months I’m learning how truly insane Black people are.

Both the White conservative and the White liberal have slapped Black people in the face and called him a Nigger. And the co-dependent Negro’s plan is to keep doing more of the same and expecting change from the abuser.

Then after the marches, protests and rallies, to go shopping at the same non-Black stores they protested to spend 97 percent of their money with the same racists who discriminate against him on a daily basis. Because no matter how much the White man slaps him in the face, Black folks gots to have they Crismus.

Oh yeah, and Scandal will be on Tonight. And unfortunately, most Black women will be setting their DVR’s before heading out to the rally or the protest tonight.

Showing the world how BACKWARDS Black people are. The $25.4 million dollars Black people spent making the Big Black Brutefest No Good Deed the #1 movie in AmeriKKKa has been rewarded with two real life Grand Jury decisions.

Sadly, Black folks still can’t connect the dots between the Grand Jury decisions of Michael Brown and Eric Garner and the movie No Good Deed or how one directly impacted the other.

In the post-racial age of the first Black president we now see the value of the life of a Black man is the same as it was in the 1950s when Emmit Till was lynched: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Even with a Black President in the White House, killing a Black man is STILL just like killing a roach.

Black folk have been clearly shown a dog’s life has more value than a Black man’s. But sadly, Black people’s response is still the same since 1950 when Emmit Till was pulled from the Tallahatchie River. How long are Negroes gonna keep playing the March n’ protest, shuck n’ jive and Blame n’ shame game with White racists? When Will Black people finally realize doing the exact same things will NOT lead to a different result? When will Black people finally TAKE a different course of action?

Y’know what response would have had an IMPACT on America in the Aftermath of Michael Brown Grand Jury decision? Participating in GROUP ECONOMICS. If all the Black folks who were upset on Tuesday went to Black-owned businesses and spent their money on Black Friday with brothers and sisters like myself, it would have given Mr. Charlie a Kick in the nuts and giving their own dead economy a kickstart.

But instead co-dependent Negroes on Thanksgiving went to stand outside of stores like Macy*s, Wal-Mart, and Target marching and protesting carrying signs they made with markers and paper bought at Staples and Foreign owned stores. Hoping, wishing, and praying for the abuser to allow them to be a part of the “rainbow”.

Showing how co-dependent they are on White Supremacy.

Black folks get given two middle fingers by White Supremacy in two weeks. And Black folks just sit there taking it in the ass. Again, becase Black folks gots to have they Crismus.

Damn. Just Damn.

I think the only kick in the nuts that will make AmeriKKKans wake up to how full of shit they are when it comes to race is when a terrorist organization like ISIL, a rogue state like North Korea or an economic superpower like China or Saudi Arabia call America’s leaders on their hypocrisy on the foreign stage. It would be interesting to see when the U.S. starts talking about bringing democracy to people in a place like Iraq or Syria one of the diplomats or world leaders in some of these foreign countries should call the U.S on its bullshit by asking them about how well democracy works for Black men like Eric Garner or Michael Brown.

Personally, I’d love to see the reaction on the faces of American Caucasians if they ever got challenged like that on a Global stage.

But sadly, Black lives don’t matter anywhere in the world. So no foreign state will ever call the U.S. on its hypocrisy on the world stage. Talking freedom and democracy to the world, but practicing oppression on the minorities who live on its shores.

In the summer when Eric Garner and Michael Brown were killed I said it was time for a new course of action from Black people. And I still stand by that statement. It’s clear to me Dr. King’s Dream is DEAD. If Black people are to have a future in America, we need a new Vision for the future. White Supremacy is declaring WAR on Black people, and Black people are still doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result. I’m sorry, but you’re not gonna get change doing the exact same things and following the same failed leaders


  1. 1) A lot of those rioters weren't even "Black".

    2) I agree with what you said that if we want things to change, we have to take strategic action. Channel that emotional outrage into something positive.

    3) Not only do we need to quit listening to these hand-picked, Boule "leaders", but we need to quit listening to these so-called social commentators (David Carroll, Akwesi100, Tommy Sotomayor, David Manning, etc.) who do nothing except make excuses on behalf of the dominant society. All they serve to do is to be a mouthpiece for White Supremacy. Like this guy:

    He (like the other guys I mentioned) wants to say that they shouldn't respond 'violently' yet innocently leaves out the fact that they called the National Guard and fired teargas on PEACEFUL protestors.

    4) As for the movie thing, well this guy explains it well:

  2. Great post. All of this is a direct result of African people's education by our oppressor. We think we're a part of their group and like a battered housewife clinging to the remnants of what is obviously a failed marriage we hold onto a toxic relationship while continuing to beg the U.S. to stop beating us down. If we realized how great we are as a people and how superior we are to Europeans we would act self-sufficiently instead of begging someone else to do the work for us. An independent people would not need to make a show to get attention on an issue from their oppressor, they would simply act in the best interests of their people. When we realized that the policing system had failed our communities we should have started to police ourselves. When we realized the education system failed our youth we should have implemented our own, but because of the ever present slave mentality running rampant in our communities as a direct result of the culture brought with us through the African Holocaust and the continual brainwashing of white supremacy we have remained co-dependent on this system of inhumanity. The only way to insure a successful movement is to raise the consciousness of our people to the point where we see our own value and we see that these people devalue us. Then we will be on the path to true freedom.

  3. John K.K. Jones, well said!