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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Dusty eBay Hookup Haters

*The title of this blog is a reference to Professor Black Truth’s brillant YouTube video on the subject of people who come to the Black-owned businesses looking for free stuff but have their money ready to spend with a White, Korean, Arab or other foreign business.

I’ve been doing business on eBay the past two months. And while most of my transactions have been smooth, I’ve been running into some people who before or after bidding asking me to cut the price on the shipping. Others asking me to cut the price.

All of these people don’t have any idea how Dusty they look.

I don’t know what’s worse the Dusty people on eBay looking to haggle on shipping and the price or the self-entitled Kindle owners who believe they are entitled to buy eBooks without as much as reading the genre or a synopsis.

Here’s the deal when it comes to shopping at SJS DIRECT on eBay: The price is the price. On the item and the shipping. If you can’t afford it, then don’t bid on it.

People who shop on eBay need to understand shipping is not cheap these days. Postal rates went up January of this year. Stamps cost 49 Cents. And The United States Postal Service charges anywhere from $6.00-10.00 for a package Priority Mail. And certain large envelopes and packages are going to ship Priority Mail because of their size and weight. That’s the Post Office’s policy, not mine.

On all items I ship Priority Mail. For my security and the customers’. Priority Mail gives me a tracking number and insurance. It’s delivered to the customer in 2-3 days.

I got a message from woman on eBay that irked me. It’s a prime example of the Dusty eBay Hookup Hater.

Would you be willing to go any cheaper on the Barbie as I am trying to find some nice barbies for the kids at work but I have to buy them all as my boss won't pay she says they are bad for kids that they create body image issues. I could pay you 10 usd as your shipping is high. Let me know the kids would really love it

First off, she’s from Canada And she wants me to sell her a NEW IN BOX doll for $10. She’s from CANADA. And wants me to sell her a NEW IN BOX DOLL FROM 1998 for $10 in the US. WTF?

Second she says my shipping is high. How is $13 high? A USPS Priority Mail Flat rate Medium box like I use to ship New in Box product has a rate of $12.35. US. The Canadian rate for shipping said flat rate box is $42.65.

Now I have Canadian friends on the Fwoosh and on Facebook who collect toys and comics. And most Canadian collectors know how expensive shipping is for toys. A $13 shipping rate for a Priority Mail flat-rate box for them is CHEAP especially when combined with eBay’s Global shipping program.

Again, $13 for a Priority Mail Flat Rate Box is NOT high. USPS rates went UP January 1st. And most people who shop on eBay need to realize this. The days of $6.00 shipping are OVER.

I make no money on shipping. That 65 cents? Is part of the money I use to get on the bus to take these packages to the Post Office. Bus fare in New York is $2.50 for one-way.

Buyers need to understand that sellers have to pay eBay fees which are 10 percent of the final value and the shipping and PayPal fees which are 10 percent of the payment. So 20 percent of the money made on a sale is gone before I spend it.

If readers further dissect this message they’ll see it’s filled with deflections and shaming language. The kids would really love it. My boss won’t pay for them. I have to buy them all.

Basically, this chick was looking for someone to feel sorry for her and trick on her.

Sorry, but SJS DIRECT is a business. And in business, the price is the price. Jewel Girl Christie cost my sister $19.99 back in 1998 at Toys R Us.  And that’s the starting price. This doll is over 16 years old, and I’m looking to recoup the initial costs of the doll.

My message to Ms. Dusty from Canada was: I’m sorry, but I can’t change the price.

On all the items I put up for auction the Price is the Price. If you can’t afford it, then don’t bid on it. If you don’t want to pay the shipping, then don’t bid on it. Don’t ask me to cut you a deal on shipping. The price is the price.

If you went to any of these mail order companies like Brooks Brothers or any of these other online retailers like Toys R’ Us and Amazon and asked for them to cut you a deal on shipping on one single item, they’d tell you the price is the price. That there’s a minimum shipping and handling charge on one item. It’s a company policy and it doesn’t change. If it costs the big businesses money to ship you something then it costs me money to ship you something. You either pay the cost or head over to the Canadian version of Family Dollar where new boxed base Barbie, Disney Princess and Monster High dolls go for $20 Canadian.

When I used to shop on eBay for action figures back when I had money, I’d take a long look at the shipping and the location of the buyer. And if I didn’t like the terms of an eBayer’s shipping or their feedback I didn’t bid. I didn’t ask questions. I just moved on to the next auction.

I didn’t try to haggle. I didn’t try to negotiate. I understood the price was the price. And if I wanted what the seller had I had to buy it on their terms.

I know the dangers of shipping someone something on the buyer’s terms. They’ll ask for the cheaper shipping and then when I ship it in a padded envelope or other cheaper way, this same person will go back to Paypal and eBay complaining that the item got damaged in transit and they want a refund.

If I charge Priority Mail for a boxed item, the customer gets a flat rate box from the Post office. A flat rate box is rigid enough to protect the toy and the integrity of packaging so it doesn’t get damaged in transit. As a collector for the last 25 years, I know how important the integrity of the packaging of a New in Box item is. If it gets damaged on the way to the location, people have an excuse to complain to eBay and PayPal for a refund.

And if I charge Priority mail for a loose item, the customer gets a padded envelope. Padded envelopes cost $1.29-1.75 and protect the item while its in transit. If there’s a price of $8.75 for shipping, the cost of the envelope is factored in.

People need to understand There is no longer a regular parcel rate for certain package sizes. And in those cases where it is available, tracking is $1.00. So there’s no savings. It’s cheaper to use Priority Mail for me and for you.

Now I’m willing to offer certain items at a discounted price. If an item isn’t moving, it’s damaged (for parts or repair) or I just want to get rid of it, I’ll cut the price and offer free shipping. But in any case the price is the price. On the item and the shipping. If you don’t want to do business on my terms, there are hundreds of other suckers you Dusty eBay Hookup haters can shop with. You can hustle them, but you won’t hustle me.

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