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Monday, June 30, 2014

Isis: Wrath of the Cybergoddess coming to eBook and Paperback this week! Read Chapter 1 Today!

Awesome cover by Bill Walko!

Isis: Wrath of the Cybergoddess

Now available on Kindle, Smashwords Nook, and in Paperback!

Danger! Three months after her encounter with Isis, Dr. Raheema Sanders transforms herself into the Cybergoddess, a creature with powers far greater than Isis’. Determined to replace the order of gods with an order of science, she plans to kill the goddess and remake the world in her own image. Can Isis, stop this Digital Diva before she implements her mad plan?

Chapter 1

There is no God. And there definitely isn’t a goddess.
There’s clearly a scientific explanation for everything that Isis woman did in my lab a few months ago. The so-called teleporting, the displays of incredible strength, invulnerability, and even the flying. If she’s flesh and blood like I am there has to be a biological way to not only restore my lost youth, but replicate those amazing abilities.
Ever since I got out of the hospital, I’ve been working day and night to break the biological barrier between humans and these alleged gods. After three months of research I think I’ve finally made my scientific breakthrough. If the computer models I designed for this nanocell are correct, it should re-write my DNA reconstructing my 85-year-old body back into something resembling myself in my twenties.
I’m taking one last look at the codes on the nanocell in the digital electron microscope when the intercom beeps. What do I pay those fools at the security desk for! I told them I was not to be disturbed when I was in the lab! I huff a sigh, storm over to the intercom on the wall near the lab doors and hit talk.
“Oh, what is it?” I bark.
“Miss Sanders, I hate to interrupt you, but your niece Ramona is here to see you.” the guard says.
I thought I told her to take care of my business affairs in New York. “Tell her I’m busy-”
“She says it’s urgent.”
It’s always urgent with her. “Oh, send her in.” I snarl pressing the button to unlock the titanium security doors.
As the titanium doors begin sliding back, I storm back over to the table where my work is and take one last look at the nanocell. After I confirm that the biocodes for the DNA re-sequencing program are correct, I take the slide off the microscope and place the cell into a Petri dish filled with my blood. Before I can fill a syringe with the nanocell, I hear the clop of Ramona’s Italian high heels pounding into the tiled floors. When the tall bronze colored woman dressed in a tailored black Italian business suit storms through the white swinging doors I greet the reflection of her scowl in my monitor with a pasted on smile.
“Good Afternoon Ramona. What can I do for you?”
“Auntie, what are you trying to do bankrupt this company?” Ramona barks.
Figures. She’s worried about her inheritance. “It’s not your money yet.” I dismiss. “I can spend it however I wish.”
“You just spent over twelve million dollars on a supercomputer. What do we need with a supercomputer?”
“I can’t program a nanobot with a laptop.”
“Nanobot? How does that relate to our business-”
“It relates to my business.”
“Auntie, I can’t keep explaining these crazy expenditures of yours to the board or to our investors. They’re asking questions-”
“So tell them it’s all for research-”
“Research on what? These crazy mad scientist experiments of yours?”
How dare she question my work. “It’s not a mad scientist experiment Ramona. It’s a mission to take humanity on the next step up the evolutionary ladder.”
“Evolutionary ladder?” Ramona huffs. “Are you listening to yourself? We sell cosmetics-”
“We sell whatever I want to sell.”
“Well, we’re not going to be able to pay for anything if you keep burning through our money like this. I’m barely going to have enough money for this week’s payroll let alone offer a settlement to that woman you kidnapped a few months ago-”
“I told you she’s not a woman!” I bark. “She’s not human-”
“She’s human enough to sue us!” Ramona snarls back.
“You saw the security video, you saw what she did-”
“I saw a woman you kidnapped and assaulted defending herself from your plans to murder her. You’re lucky she hasn’t pressed charges-”
She’s probably afraid I’ll reveal her secret. That’s why she hasn’t followed up with law enforcement or legal action. “And I guess you’re trying to protect us from her lawsuit.”
“Someone has to look out for your best interests-”
“I ought to fire you.”
“Look Auntie, I’ve humored you and these little experiments of yours ever since you got out of the hospital. But now you’re hurting other people-”
I catch the desperate look in her eyes in the reflection of my computer monitor. She thinks I’m old. She thinks I’m senile. She wants to put me in a home. I’ve got to convince her that what I’m doing is for the greater good. “Ramona, my work isn’t done-”
“Auntie, I don’t want to have to get a court order-”
My hands clench into fists on hearing her threat. I’d love to throttle the life out of her. “You go get your court order. I’ll have my lawyers ready for you when you get back.”


  1. Hey Shawn,

    Could you give me a chronological list of the Isis books? Thanks.

  2. Kevin Here's a list of the Isis series:

    Isis: Trial of the Goddess
    Isis: Amari's Revenge
    Isis: The Ultimate Fight
    Isis: The Beauty Myth
    Isis: Death of a Theta (Kindle exclusive)
    Isis: My Sister, My Frenemy
    Isis: All about the Goddess
    Isis: Wrath of the Cybergoddess

    Tie ins to it include:
    The Politics of Hell(eBook exclusive)
    The Temptation of John Haynes