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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Been busy with finishing up All About Nikki Season 2 So I haven't had time to write a blog. Here's the first Chapter of my new eBook E'steem: The Beast From the Bowels that'll be coming next month on Smashwords! Until then, Check out the previous book in the E'steem Series Faerie Tale! 

Chapter 1

I throw D’lilah’s unconscious body over my shoulder as a flash of light takes me from a rooftop of the Morris Phillips Tower on Park Avenue to the red Berber carpeted hallway outside the offices Lucerne Holdings. Either I’m getting better at fighting or D’lilah here isn’t as passionate about killing me as she used to be. I didn’t even break a sweat in today’s tussle with her.
I push past the tall glass doors and Nora, Lucerne’s receptionist greets me with a smile. “I’ll let Mr. Lucerne know you’re here.” She says.
“Thanks.” I reply.
The clock on Nora’s desk reads 12:05 as I walk past the reception desk into the maze of cubicles in the office. I hear the chatter of Lucerne’s employees as I stroll through the workspace and make a right and head for Lucifer’s corner office. When I approach the two tall mahogany doors with Damien Lucerne’s name on a brass plaque, I kick them open and storm into Lucifer’s office suite. The tall caramel colored man dressed in an Italian tailored red suit, black shirt, and red tie greets my smile with a grimace as I approach his desk.
“I think she belongs to you.” I say as I dump the unconscious D’lilah in the oxblood leather nail head chairs in front of his desk.
“And I guess you believe you’re a conscientious employee by returning what’s mine.” Lucifer snarls.
“I would have let her stay at my office to recuperate. But it’s not take your daughter to work day.”
“Since you’re so professional perhaps I should have you come by do a seminar. It might motivate my employees to do a better job next time.”
He’d do anything to get me back on his team. Probably even give me a corner office and a seven-figure salary. But since I’m happy with the angels, I’ll give him some professional advice just to heap some hot coals on his head. “Before you send D’lilah here out for another beating, maybe you need to give her some job training.” I gloat. “I beat my record for knocking her out by a minute and a half this time.”
“Maybe I’ll see about providing you with opponent who can give you more of a challenge.”
“You do that. Just let D’lilah here know when she wakes up to lay off the cupcakes. She’s been getting a bit too heavy to carry lately.”
I smile catching the flabbergasted look on Lucifer’s as I disappear in a flash of light. Now that I’ve rebuked the devil and his imp, I think I’ll go get my latte.

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