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Monday, June 16, 2014

All About Nikki- The Lost Episodes and a Sneak Preview of All About Nikk'is Sensational Season 2 Cover

It's June and as promised I'm offering up a FREE All-New All About Nikki eBook! This new eBook contains Lost episodes (episodes that didn't make it into the books) and is designed to give readers an insight into my creative process. I'm hoping it helps aspiring, screenwriters understand how TV shows are produced and why writers and producers sometimes don't use certain scripts. 

She still thinks it’s her world.
But she’s learning.
Sixteen year old Nikki Desmond is the product of too many, too much and too little. Too many boarding schools, too much money, and too little discipline. After being expelled from a fourth prestigious New York boarding school, her mother sends her to Los Angles to live with her father.

In these lost episodes from the Fabulous first and Sensational second seasons of All About Nikki readers will get a look at the stories that didn’t make it into the All About Nikki books, and an insight into Shawn James’ creative process. 


All About Nikki Season 2 will be coming in July! Thecover was inspired by the late 1980s Studio Hair Care line from Loreal!

All About Nikki: The Lost Episodes is on Smsashwords NOW! All about Nikki Season 2 will be available this July!  And this season will be 15 Episodes!

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