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Monday, October 15, 2012

Why 70 percent of Black women are single Part 2- The Social engineering of

Why are 70 percent of Black women single? Is it because there’s a shortage of “good” Black men?  Or is it because Black women have been taught to believe that their men aren’t “good” enough?

Here are the facts:

70 percent of Black women born after 1970 come from single parent households headed by a female.

70 percent of Black women born after 1970 have had little or no social interaction with their fathers.

70 percent of Black women born after 1970 have minimal positive male reinforcement from other males in the community.

With the majority of Black girls born after 1970 being raised in single-parent homes, they were never socialized to interact with Black men. Worse, these girls constantly heard negative statements about Black men from their mothers. Statements such as:

“You just like yo no good daddy!”
“That triflin’ nigger.”
“That no good nigger. He ain’t never got a job, always in jail, or stoned out his mind.”
“Fuck that nigger!”
“Niggers ain’t shit!”
“You gonna grow up to be just like yo daddy!”
“Men are dogs.”
“All they want is the pussy.”

These types of misandristic statements reinforced the idea in the minds of young Black girls that Black males weren’t valuable as people. That they weren’t deserving of love or capable of being loved. That Black men weren’t deserving of their trust.

Without a positive male in the household there to counter this negative misinformation and represent an image of what a real Black man represented, many Black girls began to believe what their mothers said about Black men to be true. So they never understood why Black men were important to them or why Black men were valuable as people. Nor did they understand that men were deserving of love or capable of expressing love towards them.

Little girls who grow up without their fathers don’t know how to have healthy social relationships with boys. They then grow up to be women who don’t know how to have healthy relationships with men.

In their eyes of most women from single parent female headed homes, Black men aren’t people, but objects or tools used to get money out of or utilized for their sexual gratification.

And because most Black women were never taught anything positive about Black men they don’t know the difference between a “good” Black man or a “bad” Black man. In their brainwashed eyes, all Black men are evil.

Which is why 70 percent of Black women are single today.

In the eyes of these miseducated Black women, Black men just aren’t good enough. Not good enough to meet the imaginary standard placed in their minds by their mothers, most of which never had the positive influence of a real Black man to measure it by.

Nor are Black men good enough because Black women measure men by imaginary standards created by White Supremacists and White Feminists from Madison Avenue and Hollywood. As Black women look to the White Supremacist American media to present them with an idealized image of a “good” Black man the standard doesn’t match the realities of manhood in the African American community.

No real Black man can ever meet White Supremacy’s fantasy image of the rich, muscular, handsome, well-educated, professional Black man who is presented to most Black women as the ideal mate.

Especially when the same racists prevent Black men from achieving equal opportunity in the American economic system.

A majority Black women who come from single parent homes only know what their mothers, aunts and grandmothers, have told them about men and what the White Supremacist media has presented to them as an image of Black manhood. These false and negative ideals have since mushroomed into a self-fulfilling prophecy which eventually sabotages the relationships between Black men and Black women.

As little Black girls grow up listening to these horror stories about Black men, they go into their social interactions with Black men most go looking for the worst instead of the best regarding relationships with Black men. Others not poisoned by their mother’s experiences go looking for romanticized fantasies from television, books and other media.

These pre-programmed mindsets are the main reason why many Black women follow in the footsteps of their mothers and grandmothers getting involved with drug dealers, ex-cons, thugs and other lowlifes.

Why the majority of Black women wind up fulfilling the self-fulfilling prophecy of getting involved with “no good, triflin’ Black men” instead of having healthy relationships with good, loving, caring Black men.

Most Black women have been brainwashed to believe these types of men are “boring” or “weak” when in actuality these are the Alpha males and true leaders in the Black community.

Thanks to the social engineering of White Supremacy and White Feminism, most Black women have bought into an idealized image of Black manhood and have been tricked into believing that the true Black man is irresponsible, incapable of being the leader of his family and the protector of his home.

When one takes a look at Black male female relationships objectively and apply some logic to the situation, they soon see the flaws in this social engineering and conditioning.

How can a Black woman find a “good” Black man when she’s been raised from birth to believe that Black men are “no good”? How a Black woman she know what the characteristics of a “good” Black man are when she’s never seen them modeled in front of her as a child? How can a Black woman know how to have a healthy relationship with a Black man when she’s never seen her mother or grandmother participate in one?

How can a Black woman see a man as someone who is deserving of love or being capable of loving her when most of the stories she hears about from her mother and grandmother about men abusing them or abandoning them? How does she learn to value Black men when her mother, aunt, and grandmother often refuse to support or appreciate the hard work the men in their lives do for them? How does she learn how to love Black men when television, radio, literature and other forms of media constantly tell her twenty-four-hours a day, seven days a week that Black men are “Triflin’ no good niggers who ain’t shit”?

How can a woman from a single parent home follow the leadership of a man when she’s been programmed from birth to be the leader in the relationship?

Because of this faulty social engineering, most Black women’s relationships fail. That’s why over 70 percent of you are still single.

Sistas, get your mind right. You can’t find a good Black man when you’ve been fed bad information about Black Men from the day you were born.

Sistas, understand that you’ve been conned. Hoodwinked and Bamboozled by White Supremacists, White Feminists (lesbians) who want to maintain an enmity between the Black man and the Black woman. Who sell you a fantasy of an unattainable Black man so you won’t work with the real men in your community towards improving the quality of life in your homes and your neighborhoods. People who understand the easiest way to conquer a people is to divide them.

70 percent of single Black women running a Matriarchy of single parent homes help keep White Supremacy in power. That keeps 100 percent of the community oppressed. This won’t change until a majority of Black women break away from the White Supremacist brainwashing and come together with real Black men to get their community back on course.


  1. Made up facts no citations, no statistics. You are as bad as the white men who created the bell curve. most black women did grow up in a 2-parent household and therefore KNOW what a good man is supposed to look like. A good father, breadwinner and role model. Black women son't assume but know that black men born in the 1970s to present are baby daddues, drug addicts, unemployed uneducayed, street harassers, no spirituality no religion and ammoral. FACT: 1 in 4 black men are in prison parole or probation. FACt: The majority of students in college esp. since the 1990s are are black women. Black women are single because many have common sense and want a good life which translate into not having a no good diseased ugly buckdancing hood rat tongue hanging dust matted hair disrespectful anti american anti education ant self-development nasty criminal record and bad credit living "off moms" in her basement no good nigger. Blacks of the civil rights movement looking down at you and are saying "what a waste."

  2. Nice try at minimizing, but the deflection won't work.

    Here's a source:

    and another:

    Most of the black fathers were taken out of the homes in the 1970s due to White feminism and Uncle Sam's governed programs like Welfare.

    Not to mentiono the Vietnam war disproportionately drafting all the fathers and good men out of the community and sending them off to fight the yellow man for the White man.

    In order to get the welfare, most Black women kicked the Black man out of the house because his employment was NEVER stable due to White Supremacy.

    Most of those boys born after 1970 also come from those female headed households And that's why we have so many simps and Manginas running around playing thug gangsta and bum in the black community.

    Am I bashing Black women? NO. I'm making a point to why sistas are single. and the reason why they're single is because White Supremacists have ENGINEERED it through social programming so they can divide the black family. They brainwashed the woman (the weaker vessel) and used her as an agent to divide her family.

    But most "educated" Black women can't see that because they refuse to read this article objectively. They're the ones brainwashed by White Men White feminists and White supremacy to the point where they can't see the truth and won't see the truth.