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Friday, October 12, 2012

Shawn’s advice to President Barack Obama

In the aftermath of President Barack Obama’s disastrous performance with Mitt Romney in the debate Shawn offers this advice to the President of the United States:


Seriously, Mr. President You come across as WEAK and SOFT to the American people. In the past four years you haven’t expressed the traits of a leader of the free world. You’ve shown the traits of a BITCH.

And that’s how the world sees you. As a spinless, soft cowardly male who doesn’t take a stand for anything. You try to accommodate those who aren’t accommodating of you.

With those kinds of people there is no pleasing them. STAND UP TO THEM. Better yet CRUSH THEIR ASSES INTO FUCKING DUST.

You have the power. But you’re too afraid to USE IT.

And that’s why a weak Mangina like Shit Romney got the better of you. Why the hell didn’t you mention that 47% comment of his? If I were running for president I would have hammered the shit out of him on that point and brought up how Bain Capital just recently sent American Jobs to China.

Mr. Romney would have been scurrying out of that debate hall when I got through with him.

But because you’re afraid of hurting feelings and offending people, you just sat their silent spouting facts and figures. That may make you appear intellectual, but smart people don’t win elections.

Al Gore can tell you that. So can John Kerry.

Spouting facts and figures and giving details on proposed plans articulately isn’t going to spark the passion among voters that gets them out to the polls. No, for that you need to have fire. Heart. The testicular fortitude to come from your soul to look Mitt Romney in his eye and call him on his bullshit.

Here’s something Shawn learned way back during his tour of duty in Park West High School Mr. President: People aren’t going to like you. And sometimes there’s nothing you can do to make them happy.

In those cases, FUCK EM’. Take your respect.

Don’t try to please them. Don’t try to make them happy. Because trying to please and accommodate others is giving your power away.

Mr. President, you need to start taking a more aggressive approach to your leadership style. All throughout your Presidential term, you’ve let people walk all over you. Everyone from two bit Congresspeople to a female governor who put her finger in your face. People just see you as a joke.

And we don’t need a court jester in the White House. We need a Real Man to be the President of the United States. With the country in the fifth year of an economic crisis we need some LEADERSHIP.

Someone to navigate this ship through rough waters. Someone who will get 535 bickering children in line. Someone who will let corporate America know if it keeps outsourcing jobs like Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital does to China they can kiss those American tax breaks they get goodbye. Someone who will create the policies that will allow for real job creation that sustains a middle class, not bullshit service sector jobs in retail that are engineered to turn over in just a few months. Someone who has their eye on the prize enough to try to avert this coming student loan crisis and save the next generation from being a permanent underclass.

As the Chief Executive of the government, you set the tone. You set the direction. At the end of the day you’re responsible for the state of this Union. You sign off on the policies that govern this country.

Mr. President, it’s time for you to MAN UP. Either Come hard or be prepared to go home. If what you presented two weeks ago your best then you need to do better. Step up your game. America is counting on you.

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