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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


All over there are these bitter dejected women running around telling their stories about the player who played them. Torrid tales about men who abandoned them with kids, left them with bills, or who broke up with them by slipping out in the middle of the night with a note on the nightstand.

The sad thing is they don’t know they were tricked by a SIMP.

Here’s the truth: Players don’t take advantage of women.

Players are usually up front about everything they do. A player usually tells a woman  his intentions from minute one. And he’ll disclose the fact that he’s available to other ladies. Whether she gets involved with him is up to her.

And when a player gets involved with a woman, he has the cash to cover himself and take care of his business. If he steps to a woman he knows his position and he knows what direction he wants to go with her from minute one.

If the woman agrees to a relationship with a true player she usually knows where she stands. She knows what he's offering to her and she knows what she's getting into from minute one with him.

A Simp on the other hand is dishonest. When he courts a woman he spends lots of dollars to impress a woman. And along with the dollars he spends the money he’s making big promises to her to get her into bed.

Unfortunately, the Simp’s mouth often writes checks his ass can’t cash.

And when a Simp gets caught up in a bad situation with a woman like getting her pregnant, or she starts asking him to keep all those promises he made to get her into his bed that’s when he heads for the door.

What most women don’t understand is that the Simp isn’t running for the door not because he got the woman pregnant, or he can’t fulfill his promises, but because he’s afraid the truth will be found out about who he is.

And the truth is that a Simp is a LIAR. While he may be the dude flashing cash, wearing designer clothes and promising the high life to get with the women he dreams of, in reality he’s the dude who can barely make the rent on his mama’s basement, asking friends for $20 to ride the bus to work and stealing diabetic ham sandwiches out of the workplace fridge to have money to pay for  his dates.

The sad part is most women can’t tell the difference between a true Player and a Simp.

And that’s how players get a bad name.

Women fall for the Simp game believing his promises of big money and good times and wind up disappointed when they find out their high rolling player is nothing more than a perpetrator.

And instead of owning up to the fact that they fell for the game, they feel ashamed. Embarrassed about the bruise to their egos, they get bitter and angry and blame players.

Not understanding they played themselves by being so greedy.

The truth is that most females who are angry about the bad man are actually angry at themselves. Angry that they let themselves be taken in by the SIMP and his weak game. Angry that their greed blinded them into being taken into bed with a broke loser instead of Prince Charming™

And some are angry that they got left with a baby by this loser and no way to take care of it.

What really enrages these women is the fact that they weren't as smart as they thought they were. Most thought they could get some gifts out of this guy, get some money out of him and broom him to the curb. Others thought they were going to be taken care of for the rest of their lives when Child support kicked in.

These foolish women all left with egg on their face when they found out they were outsmarted by the fool.

Some of them never forgive themselves for falling for the game. That’s why they’re so bitter. So angry. So hateful of all men.

When in actuality it was the kinds of men she was choosing to get involved with and why she got involved with them. Her intentions were just as greasy as the Simps. She was out to get the cash, he was out to get the ass.

Both get what they deserved.

Ladies, don’t blame the players. Their game is usually tight. If you get played, chances are you got tricked by a Simp.

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