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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Obama or Romney? Can I Please Pick Someone Else?

This year we’re supposed to pick a new president Another four years with incumbent Barack Obama or four years with Mitt Romney.

Can I please have another candidate?

Every four years we go through this bullshit. And all the American people get for their vote is a jury duty notice.

Neither Barack Obama or Mitt Romney have shown me they’re worth voting for.

Barack Obama may be the first Black President, but that’s all he is: Black. As a president he’s nothing more than a coward. With the country in crisis he hasn’t had the balls to stand up for anything or take a true position of leadership.

I lost respect for him way back in summer of 2009 When he let Congress have a vacation while unemployed people like myself watched as an unemployment benefits extension expire.

Sure they passed the extension two weeks later, but the damage was done for me. With that one action Barack Obama showed me he didn’t have the leadership skills to be President of the United States.

It’s the small actions that have a big impact on a presidency. And Barack Obama couldn’t handle something as simple as intervening on an unemployment benefits extension for the American people. No, he passively watched as senators bickered. He put the needs of the American people LAST.

Instead of change we got more of the same ineffective leadership that we’ve been getting from Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Regan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.

A true leader like FDR would have ordered these congressmen and senators back to Washington and NO ONE would have left until that extension was passed. Their vacation would have been CANCELLED until they took care of the business of the American people.

So what he killed Bin Laden. Nothing’s getting done here. All the American people get from Barack Obama is excuses, excuses, excuses.

How can you lead the country in the right direction when you’re too scared to take charge of Washington? How can you lead the country in the right direction when you’re too scared to take Congress head on and let them know who is in charge?

Where’s your nutsack Mr. President?

To me, Barack Obama is a selfish bastard only focused on his legacy, not the needs of the people. He showed that by focusing on pushing through a super-expensive healthcare reform package most people like myself couldn’t afford rather than focusing on the needs of the twenty million unemployed.

The Democrats had total control over the Executive and Legislative Branches of government from 2008-2010 and could have set a direction for the country through policy that would have helped the country through its worst recession since the Great Depression.

But instead weak and ineffective leaders in Congress and the Senate like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid sat there and bickered, bitched and whined and made excuses.

Obama, Pelosi and Reid looked like the Three Stooges. Instead of showing strong leadership during a time of crisis, they bumbled and stumbled while America further lost its way.

What has Barack Obama done for Shawn? The same thing Regan, both Bushes and Bill Clinton did.


Twenty years of these fools and Shawn is still stuck in the same spot he was in since 2001.

Seriously, Mr. Obama where’s your plan to do something about the soon-to-be collapsing student Loan system? Where’s your plan to fix America’s crumbling infrastructure? What’s your plan to deal with our obsolete electrical grid that can’t handle a summer heatwave? Where’s your plan to regulate all these damn Wall Street speculators so they don’t cripple the U.S. economy further with their crazy schemes? Can we get another Glass-Stegall act to keep the banks and investment banking separate? Can we stop people from short-selling and trying to flip houses? Can we stop speculators from driving up the cost of real estate and property taxes to absurd levels no one can pay? Can we stop them from speculating on futures and driving up the price of food and other goods? Can we stop the GREED?

And where’s your plan to take America to the next level? Where’s your plan for bringing innovation to America? In spite of all the technology and widgets, America is still lagging behind the rest of the world. Yeah, we have tablet computers and We have 500 digital television channels.

But the government gave control of the digital spectrum to a corporate oligarchy who overcharges us for the very internet We The People paid for back in 1969. Where’s that plan to give the Internet Back to America so every U.S. citizen can use the internet for free like TV? So they can have access to the cyber marketplace and the e-commerce economic system and compete with the rest of the world? So we can have another Jeff Bezos or a dozen of them?


Then there are those who propose Mitt Romney as an Alternative.

Please don’t waste my time.

A vote for Romney is just a vote for another emasculated Mangina who proposes to do the same amount of nothing Barack Obama is currently doing.

Mitt Romney is a sackless coward who stands for nothing.

He’s so for the American people he’s sending their jobs to China.

He’s so for fixing the economic problems of the country that he has contempt for 47% of American citizens like myself.

They ought to call him Shit Romney because all that comes out of his mouth is crap.

A Romney Presidency would consist of the same amount of nothing an Obama Presidency would consist of.

Again, all the American people get for their vote is a jury duty notice. A day lost from work and a day’s pay lost. That $40 a day allowance won’t even pay for gas to and from the courthouse with the way prices are going up these days.

Shawn wishes he had another choice. A better choice. Someone with the backbone and testicles to LEAD this country and finally take it in the right direction.

But all we’re stuck with is a pair of moist, sugary Manginas without the BALLS to stand up for America and the American people.

The U.S. Economy is stuck in Park. And the economic crisis will only get worse if this Student Loan system collapses. If kids coming out of college can’t get jobs, and are stranded in debt it’s going to have a CHAIN REACTION on the U.S. economy that will send it deeper into depression.

Those college graduates who can’t pay off their debts because they can’t find jobs will wind up stuck in them until they die because they can’t declare bankruptcy. And the high schoolers behind them will start walking away from the college system because the value of an education won’t be worth it in proportion to the debt it costs to get that degree.

Worse, the banks (now in charge of student loans) will collapse yet again when millions of students start defaulting on their student loans the same way their parents defaulted on their mortgages. It’ll be hard for banks to collect debt from people who can’t pay them back because they can’t get jobs. When over five million people default on loans it shuts down an economic system.

This will affect every aspect of the U.S. Economy and the economies of countries abroad.

But neither presidential candidate will address it. Or any of the other issues in this time of crisis for the country.

We the people need to face the facts The Service-based consumer-oriented economy of Bill Clinton and Al Gore is a failure. All it does is create unskilled jobs in retail engineered to turn over in six months or less and establish businesses that barely last a decade. That kind of work can’t build a savings or raise a family. The kind of work that can’t maintain an economic system long-term. Pocket money that has the American people living hand-to-mouth instead of buying homes and starting families like their fathers and grandfathers did.

All those jobs do is bring imported goods in to be sold to consumers while the wealth goes back to another country while the American people struggle to make a dollar out of fifteen cents.

We have to get this country back into manufacturing to compete with China. We have to rebuild our infrastructure to compete in the global marketplace. A 50-year-old electrical grid from the 1950’s isn’t going to sustain a country’s economic system. Neither is a 1950’s highway system, 1960s airports and shipping terminals.

All of these are jobs the government could create. But neither Barack Obama want to take the risk on America.

They’d rather deflect our attention on a war against terror we’re losing. Or the war on drugs we lost.

All while they ship American jobs overseas and build another country’s infrastructure while making themselves rich.

Business plans that are penny wise and pound foolish.

I wish there was a third candidate. I wish there was someone with the balls to call Obama and Romney on their bullshit. Someone who would be strong enough to make Congress get their shit together and stop acting like a bunch of spoiled brats. Someone who wouldn’t take bullshit from anyone including all the American people who went out and got mortgages they couldn’t afford, credit card debt they couldn’t pay off, and took out student loans for college degrees in majors that weren’t worth the paper they were printed on. Someone who would make the American people start taking responsibility for their lives and start working on building a future for themselves like their grandparents did based on thrift and building wealth instead of being a bunch of mindless consumers amassing junk that has no value.

But that person doesn’t exist.

But as it stands I’m not voting for either of these losers. I fell for the okie-doke with Bill Clinton back in 1992.

All I got for my trouble back then was my name stuck on the New York State jury master wheel.

I’m not falling for it again. I’m tired of jury duty notices.

Now if there was only some way to get of that damn New York State master jury wheel and that damn U.S. District Court Master Jury wheel…

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