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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tyler Perry on Blast Part 2- “Hollywood will not Change me”

Tyler Perry Says Hollywood won’t change him.

Shawn bets a hundred dollars it already has if he's making this statement.

If he thinks Kim Kardashian is a role model for Black women, the corruption process has already started.
Bigger people than Tyler Perry have been corrupted by Hollywood’s influence. Michael Jackson, George Lucas, Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey OJ Simpson and Lee Daniels and many more have all have been corrupted by the dark forces in the town known as Hollywood. All of them lost their souls in the same way Tyler Perry is in the process of losing his.

Here’s what happened to them and what’s happening to Tyler Perry as we speak. His inner-circle of friends and family who supported him through the years are slowly being replaced by a group of parasites and vultures who seek to leech off his riches. These yes men and ass-kissing toadies are isolating him from the people who love and care about him and telling him everything he’s doing is right and the people who don’t agree with him are wrong. Then they tell him to cut anyone out of his circle who doesn’t agree his opinion is right. As he cuts off friends and family and even God, he winds up completely dependent on this group of advisers to tell him to make decisions.

Once he’s isolated by these yes men and ass-kissers they tell him he needs to take risks so he can grow as an artist. So he can reach a broader audience. Then they tell him he needs to start watering down his Christian Message to reach those “non-secular” audiences.

Eventually, this group of handlers will twist him into someone who will lose his way spiritually, mentally and artistically. Under their influence he’ll lose his connection with the very audience of African-Americans who supported him and elevated him to the powerful position he enjoys today. He’ll become a shell of a man consumed by the very parasites who will leech off him until he dies or runs out of money, whichever comes first.

It’s what happened to Michael Jackson, George Lucas, Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey, OJ Simpson, Lee Daniels and countless others. They lost touch with their mission and themselves in an attempt to be more appealing to the world instead of doing their work for God’s favor.

Those who understood the corrupting influences of Hollywood retreated far, far away from it. Pam Grier, Denzel Washington and, George Clooney all reside outside of Hollywood and only go there to work. The late Paul Newman felt so strongly about Hollywood having a negative influence on his family he moved his wife and daughters to Connecticut so they could grow up to live normal lives.

As screenwriter Syd Field stated, Hollywood is a town run by fear and greed. Only the most ruthless will survive here; ones who will kill their own mothers to make a buck.It’s a place where a person will eventually compromise the values and beliefs at the essence of themselves in the quest to get ahead and the quest to stay relevant to the masses. It’s not a place where people with values can have or maintain a career.

No one can take the fire of Hollywood in their bosom and not be burned by it. Not even Tyler Perry.

Death kills the flesh. But the compromises one must make to survive in Hollywood kill the soul.

The way I see it, Hollywood has already changed Tyler Perry. He has made a spiritual compromise with the Devil in casting Kim Kardashian. Instead of having faith that he can sustain his audience through making efforts to improve the quality of his work, he’s now pandering to the masses in an attempt to appeal to a “broader” audience. How can Christian stand by an unrepentant sinner like Kim Kardashian who has starred in sex tapes, committed adultery numerous times and has had multiple marriages and say she’s a role model unless he’s been compromised?

Kim Kardashian is the little leaven that corrupts the whole lump of Tyler Perry’s the Marriage Counselor. Her presence takes away from the most important part of his mission as a filmmaker: His Christian message.
Moreover, casting Kim Kardashian, compromises Tyler Perry’s mission as a Black filmmaker. Perry originally wanted to give opportunities to Black actresses who could not get jobs inside the racist Hollywood system. By joining the Hollywood machine he participates in the institutionally racist system that takes jobs and job opportunities away from Black actresses and keeps African-Americans from working.

Tyler Perry doesn’t understand the subtle politics transpiring around him. He doesn’t understand the insidious forces that seek to undermine him and are undermining him right now. These Hollywood insiders he’s involved himself with are looking for ways to dismantle his studio from the inside and make it part of their corporate oligarchy because they don’t want him competing with them.

The long-term plans of the big six media conglomerates such as SONY, Newscorp, Disney, Vivendi Universal, Time Warner and Viacom are offer him enough money for the Tyler Perry Studios to silence his voice as a filmmaker and playwright so the Black viewpoint and Black stories aren’t presented in a public forum. Or if he’s allowed to continue operating compromise his work to the point where it reflects the coonish and caricatured images currently presented on BET.

As I stated in my novel The Temptation of John Haynes, radio silence is a way to keep brothers and sisters oppressed. Because we don’t own that many media institutions, newspapers, magazines, or radio stations anymore thanks to the telecommunications act of 1996, that allows big corporations to exploit and manipulate the Black community with misinformation and the perpetuation of ignorance.

Studying the entertainment business since I was seven years old, I’ve seen numerous celebrities fall down the same bad road Tyler Perry is headed on now. I’ve also seen this self-destructive pattern happen numerous times over my life in jobs I’ve had. And in every case, the scariest part of selling out is that you don’t even know you’ve done it.

When Tyler Perry says Hollywood will not change him, he has no idea how much he has changed already. He needs to take a long look in the mirror and see the monster he’s turning into.

In Part 3 I will discuss why Kim Kardashian is NOT a role model. 


  1. Last time I checked, outside of Tyler Perry, not nan one of the people you mentioned in this post have ever come out and publicly declared their commitment to Christ. So there goes your entire argument.

  2. Sorry Gigi, Tyler Perry declared he was a Christian. And he sells his little plays to Christian audiences. But like most Pimp Preachers dude doesn't practice what he preaches.

    Your argument is null and void. Now everyone knows it's all about Tyler Perry getting PAID and not about his message. WAKE UP.

  3. I read part 1 and 2. I agree. Saddly hollywood has changed him. I dont know much about Kardashian she seemed to me to appear out of no where. But if he still is a Christian he wouldnt cast her. From what I have seen and what you have written about her I know the money talks louder than God for him.

    I did enjoy his movies for awhile but the stories are getting old. Hes hanging with people who proclaim to be Christian but are new age and illuminati (Kardashian is one maybe thats how she got the role), so I see the path he has taken.

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, the man seems to get so much praise on the internet its dificult to find something I can agree with about him.

  4. I support most of what you said, but the fact is he's been a christian openly for a decade or so. Just because Kim Kardashian is in his movie doesn't make him a bad person. Growing up in a church you would have seen Christians flocking toward criminals and lost souls before someone saved already. We believe its our duty to minister. The fact that Kim K. is wicked he would be drawn to her to save her. The problem could be he doesnt understand how evil people are in Hollywood and sees himself helping but not truly seeing whats happening in the spiritual realm. He kinda reminds me of Daniel and the Lion's Den. He better not take his eyes off the lord once or he'll be devoured by the Devil. Lucifer runs this fleshly world. these people he's trying to save are already beyond salvation. Keep your soul in check. Tyler, because once you lose your soul i heard you can't get it back.

  5. No one is that naive. I believe Tyler knows all about Hollywood. Him putting a known harlot in his movie clearly says that he's crossed over.

    Hollywood is a place that can corrupt anyone and the influence of the immoral wealthy can be very subtle.

    It's clear to me that Hollywood has changed Tyler Perry, his once religious message is now secular,and he's adopted worldly themes in his work.

    There's no such thing as "openly"Christian, either you are or you aren't.