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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Holiday Surprise- ISIS 10th Anniversary Art Commissions

Next year is the tenth Anniversary of the publication of Isis, and to celebrate it being in print for ten years I commissioned a pair of drawings by Eisner-award winning artist Terry Beatty. Terry’s work includes Return toPerdition and the classic independent comic mystery series Ms. Tree (I highly recommend you pick up the back issues of that series, because it’s one of the best comics to feature a female character in the last 25 years). He has also inked DC's animated comics such as The Batman Adventures, The Batman Strikes! and Batman Brave and the Bold.

I was surfing the net doing research on Ms. Tree this September and saw some of Terry’s work. I knew his bright, lively old-school comic style would be a perfect fit for my characters.

As a long-time comic fan I was extremely happy with the finished art. Terry did a spectacular job on these pieces and really captured the spirit of both Isis and E’steem in his work from the concept sketches I sent to him.

I love the way he depicted the cuteness and playfulness of Isis. His rendition of her Island of Solitude outfit is my favorite. The little nuances of her jewelry and kilt clasp make this piece pop.

I also love the sultry sophisticated way he rendered E’steem. She reminds me of the femme fatales of 40’s and 50’s Noir films. I can even see Salli Richardson-Whitfield’s likeness in E’steem’s face.

It’s always been a life-long dream for me to see my characters rendered by a comic book artist. Before I wrote it as a YA novel, Isis was originally planned to be a comic book graphic novel featuring the Osiris' daughter as an African-American female superheorine. It was supposed to be designed in the style of Marvel comics The Mighty Thor and DC comics’ New Gods, a big brightly colored adventure continuing the adventures of the Egyptian gods in the future.

I only wish I had more money right now. I’d love to see Terry’s rendering of John Haynes and Cassandra Lee. I’ve got some ideas for a Cassandra holding a birthday cake up  I’d love to see done! (Maybe I'll see if it can be done for my next birthday!)  

Both Isis and Isis: Trial of the Goddess are available at amazon and Barnes & Noble and other online booksellers 

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  1. Shawn, these drawings are glorious, but you're going to get some drubbing about them. Trust me. Like you, I'd just love to see Cassandra and John Haynes depicted. But I do think you yourself did a good job in depicting the inner personages.

    I have to say Shawn -- all of this rocks, as you kids put it now:)

    Terry is a wonderful artist, ad you could be without half trying. Wake uup and live! and I'm a fine one to talk.