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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Sneakers Chapter 1

The first chapter of my internationally best-selling short The Sneakers
It’s Friday afternoon and school is out. Me and my boy Trakaim are chillin’ in front of the Fordham Road bus stop waiting for the bus to go home. While we wait, we look inside the store window of the Dr. Jays to check out the sneakers on display. There’s this one pair that we both had our eye on for about a week now, the new Jordans. Jordans are the most expensive sneakers out there, and anybody who gets them gets a lot of respect in school and on the street. Girls will do anything to be with a dude who got a pair of Jordans on. That’s why I got to get me a pair.
“Yo Trakaim, I gots to get a pair of the new Jordans.” I say.
“They are phat Luis.” Trakaim replies. They’re also expensive.”
“Two hundred dollars ain’t nothin but chump change man. You got to come correct with your gear son. That’s the only way you gonna get the girls.”
“Maybe two hundred is chump change to you. But this brother ain’t got it like that. Looking is as far as I’m ever gonna get to a new pair of Jordans.”
“Don’t be like that man. Yo, I know I’ma have me a pair.”
“Man, you ain’t gonna have nothin’. You as broke as I am dude.”
“Yo, I’m tellin you I’ma have em’.”
“This I gotta see.”
“Yo, I bet you ten dollars I’ma have me a pair of the new Jordans in a month.”
“Yo, I want some of that action son. Easiest money I ever made.”
“You mean the easiest money I ever made.” I snarl. “Yo, whoever don’t have the new Jordans in a month is a sucker.”
“Bet.” Trakaim says giving me pound to seal the deal.
The bus pulls up at the stop and we get on. As we take our seats, we take another look in the Dr. Jays window at the Jordans. Them joints gone be mine.

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