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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kim Kardashian is NOT a Role Model-Tyler Perry on Blast Part 3

 In his statement regarding the casting of Kim Kardashian for the role of Ava in “The Marriage Counselor” Tyler Perry stated that Kim Kardashian is a role model. I'm thinking he must be on the same crack Montana Fishburne is on.

I’m sorry but Kim Kardashian is NOT a role model.

Plain and simple Kim Kardashian is a whore. A glamorized prostitute selling her body in exchange for fame and popularity because she has no talent except for showing her tits and ass to people.

And Tyler Perry is old enough to know better than to promote Kim Kardaishian as a role model for young women. I’m deeply disgusted in him for exploiting their ignorance of children just to make a buck on a movie. Teenage Black girls who see Kim Kardashian appearing in The Marriage Counselor have no idea that she has White Privilege and how the reflexive properties of institutional racism work against them for acting like her. Nor do they understand how the Jezebel stereotype tarnishes them and their reputations among men all over the world.

I wonder if Tyler Perry knew about the impact of Kim Kardashian as a role model. I wonder if he read about Montana Fishburne. And I wonder if he read about the fourteen year old black girl who was trying to be like Kim Kardashian before he cast her in the role of the Marriage Counselor. The child who videotaped herself behind her high school sucking dick and had it posted it on World Star Hip Hop in the hopes of getting friends on Twitter and Facebook. Or the girl who sucked dick in a Memphis college and videotaped it and posted it up on World Star Hip Hop in the hopes of getting fame like Kim. Is this the role model he wants promoted in the Black community?

Seriously, do we want more girls having their thinking warped like Montana Fishburne?

Just because someone is popular doesn’t mean they’re popular for a good reason. And just because someone is popular for all the wrong reasons doesn’t mean you take advantage of that popularity to profit from it.

Kim Kardashian is popular with men because she’s an easy lay. A sex object. They like her because they can pump her full of dick and then dump her after they’re through. She’s a cum dumpster.

Girls and Women follow Kim Kardashian because they don’t know any better. All most see is the surface Kim Kardashian with her designer clothes, her riches, on the cover of magazines and tabloids, with her own reality show, Sears clothing line and think her popularity is what success is about. These misguided females indoctrinated by the propaganda of Madison Avenue and Hollywood grow up believing the lie that a woman needs to be sexually promiscuous in order to attract attention to themselves.

What these poor females following Kim Kardashian don’t know is that she’s popular but day she’s only popular for pandering to the lowest common denominator. Outside of her silicone injected ass she has nothing else of value to offer anyone.

Kim Kardashian is not a role model for girls. She has no values any girls or women should aspire to emulate. Seriously, what’s inspiring about someone being famous for having sex on videotape, having multiple sexual partners and multiple marriages before the age of 30? What’s to emulate about a woman who poses for Playboy, and is nude on a dozen covers of magazines? Why should other girls and women aspire to be like a woman who runs around in skimpy designer clothes and sells her body to the highest bidder?

Break down Kim Kardashian’s short list of professional accomplishments and it’s clear that she’s just another whore who slept her way to the top. There are a hundred chicks like this in Hollywood. Kim just has more money and a better publicist than the rest to make herself stand out from the rest of the tramps.

If I made films like Tyler Perry, I wouldn’t cast her for any of my projects. Her headshot would go in my garbage. I’m looking for someone who’d have more talent than showing their tits and ass in my work.

Seriously, where will Kim Kardashian be in five years? Ten years? Twenty? What happens when her breasts starts to sag, and she’s got worn out vagina that’s been broken down by dozens of men going in and out of it like a commuter train at rush-hour? Where will she be when she’s older with cellulite, stretch marks and the makeup can’t cover her wrinkles? Will she be a role model to men like Tyler Perry then?

Or will she be just another worn out old bag men laugh at because they remember how easy it was to get over on her. The kind of chick on my block that guys say they can get with a smile and a slice of pizza, or a carton of fried rice and some chicken wings.

I remember what Judge Judith Sheindlin said a long time ago about a girl who stepped into her courtroom dressed up sexy and showing her ass to the world: “Beauty fades. Dumb is forever.”

And I believe Black women can be smarter than Kim Kardashian. I believe ALL women can be smarter than Kim Kardashian.

There were several Black actresses Tyler Perry could have given that role of Ava to and would have gotten solid press from it. Kyla Pratt. Tia Mowry. Tamera Mowry. Raven Symone. Golden Brooks. Jill Marie Jones. Persia White. Megan Goode. Paula Patton. And if he wanted to go older Robin Givens. If he wanted sex appeal, and the same type of press Kim Kardashian gets, he could have called up Halle Berry. All these actresses have great skills and a solid following of fans that would have given him a strong weekend box-office opening.

And if he wanted a White actress there were a dozen white actresses he could have given the role to as well. Amanda Bynes, Kaley Couco, Laura Prepon, Erica Durance, Summer Glau, Nicole Eggert, Heidi Lenhart, Melissa Joan Hart, Josie Davis, Minka Kelly, and Kelly Packard come to mind off the top of my head. Again, any of these ladies would draw well and have solid followings of fans.

Women should aspire to be more than cum dumpsters like Kim Kardashian. And we don’t need anyone like Tyler Perry who is old enough and knows better promoting whorish behavior among our Black sisters by rewarding a tramp like Kim Kardashian for her promiscuous behavior. By pimping Kim Kardashian as a role-model to women he has compromised himself as a role model in the Black community.


  1. I totally agree with you statements and enjoyed the read, seriously much more than any ha ha I've gotten from any of Mr. Perry's movies. When it comes to raising our children we must be serious, it's not a laughing matter any more nor is it a pleasure cruise,or a mere plane/plain trip!

  2. Disagree. Kim Kardashian is not a whore. Besides her sex tape--which was filmed with her long-term boyfriend--what has she done to earn the moniker of "whore"? Now I agree that she and her family have built an empire on their looks and personalities, but would they be famous and wealthy if we did not pay them any mind? Look at Paris Hilton--she was the IT Celebutante during the first half of the 2000s, and now she couldn't earn $1 to show up at a club on opening night. So that shows that Kim Kardashian is famous because the public wants to see her. And regardless of whether she was promiscuous or celibate or sexing her long-term boyfriend or husband, you have no right to slut-shame her for owning her body.

    Plus, the fact that you could spill so much ink ranting and raving about this woman (and by association the film in which Tyler Perry cast her) rather proves my point, doesn't it? And it has done precisely what Perry intended it to do--publicity+ pre-release interest=box office gold (his movie will have critics tripping over their feet to see how Kim does). Plus, for someone so obsessed with black cinema, I would think you'd spend more time praising the first lead role for the talented and beautiful Jurnee Smollett.

  3. Sorry Gigi, Kim is a whore. The public wants to see her because she is always showing her collagen injected ass to everyone. The woman has been naked in more magazines than porn stars.

    I don't defend whores and I don't defend whorish behavior. She deliberately uploaded that sex tape so she could become famous. If it wasn't for the sex tape no one would CARE about Kim Kardashian. Let's see where she'd be if she had to get an agent and auditon like every other actress. She wouldn't be HALF as popular. NO, the sex tape was a fast track to fame for this attention whore.

    I wrote about her so people wouldn't see this movie. Tyler Perry exploits the Black community and takes their dollars and gives them nothing in return but JUNK. I wish Black folks would WAKE UP and look for BETTER.

    While I love Black Cinema Jurnee Smollett can do better than starring in a substandard POS movie by a filmmaker LESS Competent than Ed Wood when it comes to craft. Tyler Perry is a JOKE and he doesn't deserve half the support he gets.

  4. BTW, deflection techniques don't work on me and they will not be tolerated here. That may be Tyler Perry's game of shifting blame on someone else. but Shawn James sees right through that nonsense. Perry wants to present Kim Kardashian as a role model to Black women. I'm not standing for him promoting a Jezebel stereotype in my community.

    There are too many little girls on World Star Hip Hop following her dick sucking in a quest for fame. Perry knows better than that and it's reprehensible that he put this tramp in his movie in a quest to make money. If I saw him face-to-face I would tell him this. Dude needs to be checked and checked HARD.