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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

THE MAN CRISIS Sample Chapter

I've been Busy writing THE MAN CRISIS over the last week. Finding a stride on that book and I haven' t had to blog. I hope to have a review of Netflix's Luke Cage Season 2 up soon (Up to Episode 6) and I have a review planned for Josh Howard's T-Bird & Throttle #1 planned. Until Then here's a sample chapter of my upcoming Nonfiction book THE MAN CRISIS.

Chapter 4
The Decline of Male Authority

When God created the Earth he gave man dominion over it. And part of that dominion is the establishment of Male Authority.
What is Male Authority? Male authority is the acknowledgement of men and women that God has given men control over the earth. And as His stewards, men have been given the power to give orders, make decisions or enforce the obedience of other men, women, and children on the planet.
As the being with a direct connection to God, men have been given responsibility for what goes on Earth. And as His stewards that they are directly accountable to God for their actions.
In God’s natural order women taught male authority to their sons. As boys saw their mothers submitting and deferring to their fathers, they learned at an early age that a man was someone who had the same authority that God had. And because God had given men authority over the Earth had he was someone who needed to be respected above all others in a community.
Unfortunately, over the last 50 years male authority has been undermined by feminists. As feminists were given economic and political power in America by men, they began establishing single mother households and households with weak emasculated fathers. That changed the culture from one that acknowledged and respected male authority to one to that acknowledged and respected female authority.
As single mother households began to increase over the last 50 years through out-of-wedlock births and the rise in no-fault divorces, boys began to learn at an early age that female authority was superior to male authority. Because boys saw women as the ones who were responsible for taking care of them and saw women as the ones in charge of places of social environments like schools they learned to submit and defer to female authority figures instead of male authority figures.
And as those women began to speak negatively about men they taught their sons they didn’t have to respect male authority or male authority figures. When boys saw women like their mothers dismissing or disregarding the orders of a man like their father, walking away from male clerks and cashiers in stores or threatening someone like a police officer in a traffic stop, it taught boys that they didn’t have to follow the lead of a man or acknowledge the power of his position.
Most men are in crisis today because three generations of men haven’t been taught to respect male authority or male authority figures by women. While they run into mostly female authority figures like their mothers and teachers when they are younger, they often run into male authority figures like bosses and police officers when they get older. And because they have never been taught to respect male authority at a young age by their mothers, they wind up falling completely apart when confronted by a man who has any position of power.
Boys who don’t learn how to acknowledge and respect male authority at an early age grow up to become men who struggle in life. While these men have no problem submitting and deferring to female authority figures, oftentimes they have no respect or regard for male authority figures. Whenever these men run into a male authority figure they see them as an equal instead of a superior. And because they see that male authority figure as an equal, they oftentimes try to challenge that man instead of respecting the power of his position.
Thanks to the way many men have been raised over the last 50 years many men have a hard time following the orders of male supervisors on the job. Because these men do not know how to respect the power of a man’s higher position, they try to challenge that man’s power like they would a subordinate. And when they try to challenge that man or defy his orders, they usually wind up getting fired from a job.
Worse, they try to challenge the authority of those given power by the government like police officers. Oftentimes these men escalate confrontations with police into conflicts. And those conflicts can lead to a man getting himself arrested or killed by a police officer for something as simple as a traffic stop.
Men who understand male authority understand they may not like what a man says. They may not even like him as a person. But they follow his orders because they respect the power of his position. And they respect the power of his position, because they would want to receive the same respect if they were in the same position.
Male authority is paramount to maintaining a civilization or a culture. Without male authority, there is no order. Male authority creates the order that allows a structured hierarchy for men to follow the lead of other men. When boys don’t learn how to respect male authority at an early age they don’t learn one of the most important life skills that will enable them to survive in the world.  

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