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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

No Hope, No Change For SJWMarvel Comics

On June 2, 2018 Marvel Comics went out of business.

 On CBS SaturdayMorning Marvel Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski and Vice President of content and Character Development Sana Amanat announced their plan to double down on their failed diversity campaign by turning Marvel Comics into a lifestyle and entertainment brand instead of a comic book publisher.


Damn. Just Damn.

With this new direction Marvel has just joined Dell, Fox, and Charlton Comics on the comic book publishing scrap heap.

When women like Sana Amanat use the term “Lifestyle Brand” comic fans better watch out. Because Lifestyle Brand means they want comics to be for women. Which is why we’ve been getting these emasculated and cucked superheroes for the past two years and this push towards Mary Sue Superwomen like RiRi Williams, Captain Marvel and America Chavez who can do almost anything.

Amanat wants people to look at Marvel’s red logo and just think Entertainment. Unfortunately, most comic fans haven’t been entertained by Marvel comics for two years now. When readers take a look in between the pages of a Marvel comic today they don’t get the action and adventure generations up with. No, they get terrible stories filled with exposition, identity politics and shoehorned diversity and stereotypes that would put Gimme A Break, Diff’rent Strokes and Webster to shame back in the 1980s.

In that report Amanat and Cebulski doubled down on pushing Marvel’s failed diversity campaign that many comic fans call SJW Marvel. A campaign that has seen sales plummet over the last two years and put the Marvel publishing division in freefall.

The definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result. But this is just business as usual at Marvel Comics. When something fails at there they just do keep doing it and finding new ways to fudge the numbers.

Captain Marvel Not getting over with readers? Just keep relaunching her series to avoid admitting the direction for the character is a FAILURE. Kamala Kahn Ms. Marvel barely selling 10k copies? Just tell the world that she sold 500,000 copies in between her numerous cancelled series.

What’s sad is that Marvel continues to double down even in the face of the industry being in crisis. Even after numerous comic shop owners told Marvel they need them to change their direction from the identity politics at the 20l7 New York Comic Con and 50 comic shops closing in the same year they continue to push the same diversity agenda that has driven people away from their products.

And it continues to push a diversity initiative even though there isn’t much diversity in Marvel’s offices in editorial or in their bullpen. For all this so-called diversity push between the pages at Marvel, there are STILL NO Black comic editors and NO Black comic pros working at Marvel.

I wonder how many more comic shops are going to be forced to close as a result of Cebulski and Amanat’s insistence on trying to promote comics as a “lifestyle brand” to a phantom audience that doesn’t exist.

In addition to saying that they were changing Marvel into an entertainment brand Marvel was going to fix the “boy” problem.

When I heard this I just saw the undertaker put the nail in the coffin for Marvel Comics publishing division. The core audience for Marvel comics are boys and men.

What Amanat and Cebulski don’t understand is that there is no Boy problem. Boys have been the primary audience of comics for a reason.

Comics are a VISUAL medium and boys are VISUAL. Boys are attracted to the comic book medium because it allows them to read in the way they best process information: With their eyes and their hands.

Girls on the other hand are more analytical. And that’s why they’ve liked reading YA fiction like Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew since the 1940s. And why they go out and buy books like Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Twilight instead of comic books.

If there’s a problem, it’s Cebulski and Amanat not understanding the core customer base for comic books. Boys have been the primary audience for comics since the inception of the industry. As they transitoned from pulp fiction like Doc Savage and The Shadow in the early 1930s, they were the ones who built the industry with their dimes and turned it into a billion dollar business 75 years later.  

If it wasn’t for boys Comic books wouldn’t be an industry. There would be no Comic conventions, no Saturday morning Cartoons, no video games, no action figures and no movies. Boys made the “lifestyle” behind the hobby, but Cebulski and Amanat want to take that hobby away from the boys and men who built it.

For a comic publisher like marvel to say there’s a boy problem is like McDonald’s saying it has a children problem. It’s the KISS OF DEATH.

But Amanat believes there’s a problem with boys in the comic book industry. The customer who bought comic books for the last 75 years. The customer who made that Red logo an international brand. The customer who has been fighting to save Marvel in an effort to save the comic book industry.

With that CBS this Morning report where Cebulski and Amanat put the nail in the coffin for Marvel Comics as a brand. Now that most comic fans know that there’s no hope of anything no changing for Marvel Comics they can now officially move on from the brand. Now that comic fans like myself have closure, I can feel comfortable about walking away from Marvel as a publisher.
rom Marvel as a publisher.

Since there’s no hope of anything changing at Marvel, I’m going to focus on the future of comics, indie comic publishers, webcomics and creator owned comics. And instead of making Mine Marvel I’m going to encourage everyone to start to collect SJS DIRECT.


  1. Your research would be more sound if you actually do not forget boys buy novels too.

  2. You put the broads in charge of serious things and they run it into the ground..............shameful.