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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


John Haynes: A Conversation With Death
ISBN: 13: 978-1720571391

Death! On the Angel of Darkness’ day off, she decides to have coffee with John Haynes, the CEO of Morris Phillips. As they discuss the direction of his life over coffee at Trepidation, Lucifer sends Vance the Vampire and a horde of demons to the coffee house to kill him. Can The Man Who Rules The World and the Angel of Darkness overcome the dark forces of Lucifer’s Legion?

The John Haynes series kicks off with the debut story, A Conversation With Death. Coming on the heels of 2016’s The Man Who Rules The World, this story has John meeting up with the Angel of Darkness. If you like oldschool Vertigo books like Sandman and Constantine, you’re definitely gonna love this story!  

To celebrate the debut of John’s new series and my 60th book, I hired Mike Williams of the Deak Sledge comic strip to design the cover for it. And Mike did an AMAZING job on this cover! He really captured the spirit of who John Haynes is in this image. Even in the presence of Death, John appears cool, collected, and confident.

There’s a lot of great nuances in this piece. I love how the brown in John’s eyes contrasts with his skintone. And I love how he uses shadows to set a haunting mood and a dark tone that tells a great story in a single image.

From the positive feedback I’m getting on this cover on Social media this cover is a HIT! One of my readers said this is how they imagined John looking like in the stories, and I definitely have to agree with them. I definitely want to have Mike design the new cover for the refresh edition of The Temptation of John Haynes. I’m hoping I can do that sooner rather than later, that book needs a cover that does it justice!

To get new readers to try the new John Haynes series, the first book in the series is only 99 cents on Kindle! And Kindle Unlimited users read for FREE! I’m also offering a paperback edition at a low price as well for those who prefer reading a hard copy. I’m hoping many of the John Haynes fans who read about the character in the Isis series, The Temptation of John Haynes and The Man WhoRules the World pick this book up, this is a story you can’t miss!

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