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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thoughts on the Justice League Trailer

I got a chance to see the new Justice League Trailer. Good Gravy what a mess.

Just when I thought Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad set a benchmark for an all time low for Superhero movies, Warner Brothers goes back to the drawing board and outdoes itself.

The opening scene is Batman saddling a horse. And he says…They’re coming.  We have to assemble the others. Then Wonder Woman says they’re here.

When a movie trailer starts with a cliché from 40 years ago in the first ten seconds you know that movie is going to be hot garbage on a plate.

And Justice League looks like a Landfill medley.

It’s clear to me Warner Brothers hasn’t learned anything about making superhero movies since 1997. And it shows on the screen of their Justice League trailer. Listening to the cringe worthy dialogue and cinematic sequences in Justice League took me back to WB’s disastrous Batman & Robin and even 1989’s dreadful Captain America.

But in Marvel’s defense they didn’t have the resources to make a quality film in 1989. Warner Brothers had $400 million and they came up with this.

Damn. Just Damn.  

The definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result. And the executives at Warner Brothers have lost their minds.

What’s really sad about the Justice League Trailer is that Warner Brothers spent over $400 million dollars and they put up the trailer of a film that looks like it cost $40 million. From the crappy CGI Parademons to Flash and Cyborg’s RIDICULOUS costumes Justice League looks like a desperate imitation of Marvel’s Avengers and a poor one at that.

Justice League was a desperate attempt to try to catch up with Marvel Studios and capitalize on the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the Justice League Trailer we clearly see that WB was far behind back with Man of Steel, falling further back with Batman V. Superman, faltering with Suicide Squad and has crashed to the ground out of breath. All Marvel Studios has to do is break the tape at the finish line.
This race is over.

And it’s a shame. I said that there should have been a neck-and-neck horse race between Marvel Studios and Warner Brothers with superhero movies. But because Time Warner is still stuck in the past they can’t create movies or TV shows that bring the catalog of DC Superheroes to the silver screen in the 21st Century.

Clearly Zack Snyder is clearly out of his depth. So is Chris Nolan. Four films into their DC universe and they can’t produce a single film that’s worth watching. Looking at their Justice League trailer I don’t see $400 million spent. I see a low-budget movie not fit for television.

It’s clearly time for a new vision at Warner Brothers regarding DC Superhero properties. The archaic model of the 1990’s needs to be scrapped and a new platform needs to be put in place that not only allows Warner Brothers to create quality films, but also films that will allow them to compete against Marvel Studios the horse race comic fans have been wanting.


  1. You seem to be more of a superhero fan than I am.

  2. I agree with everything you've said except for the part about Chris Nolan. Did you even watch his movies? His trilogy is not part of the current cinematic universe. In fact, The Dark Knight was the first superhero movie to be taken 'seriously' by an audience. But seeing as you enjoy trash like Supergirl, I can see how you think Chris Nolan is a hack.

  3. Why can't they try producing more animated shows instead of producing mediocre live-action feature after feature like they've been doing since around 2000?