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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mad Matilda Concept sketches

I’ve always had a picture in my mind of what “Mad Matilda” Crowley looks like However, it’s always been tough getting her image on paper.

Usually I see Matilda from Spinsterella as a Gothed up Tia Mowry or Persia White in my imagination. And I see the 16-year old Matilda from Spellbound as a Gothed up Zendaya Coleman or Lisa Bonet during her time on The Cosby Show with Lydia Deetz’ hair from Beetlejuice.

 However, it’s tough getting any image of Matilda to paper. While I’ve done sketches of the character, they really haven’t captured her spirit. It wasn’t until one of my readers on Facebook told me he imagined Paula Patton as Matilda in Spinsterella that I was actually able to get inspired solidify an image of Mad Matilda, the Queen of the Industrial Goth Raves. I’m not the worlds biggest Paula Patton fan, but when I took a look at images of her on Google, I started getting ideas for her visual image.

Mad Matilda is the 21-year old Matilda from The Legend of Mad Matilda. This is Matilda in her Goth Prime, in the period between her baby bat years in Spellbound and her Elder Goth years in Spinsterella. Since the story is set in 1995, and industrial is a major part of the subculture at the time, I’ve changed her look to reflect that era.

“Mad Matilda’s” look is meant to be less elegant and a bit more aggressive. The character is the life of the party and is supposed to get crowds excited for the event. Inspirations for Mad Matilda include MTV VJ Downtown Julie Brown and real life Goth YouTuber Rose Nocturnalia. In several videos Rose Nocturnalia wore a set of pigtails in a wig that looked JUST like the way I imagined Mad Matilda’s.  Due to the paper size I didn’t make them as big as Rose’s but they are supposed to be puffed out teased out pigtails.

Pre-Spinsterella Matilda
Mad Matilda’s outfit is a lot less elegant than the Black Widow of Spellbound. Mad Matilda’s clothes are designed to fit more in the industrial scene and allow her to work raves and clubs. The skirt is shorter so she can dance and jump off stages, and because raves and clubs are HOT she wears T-shirts. She also wears edgier Goth jewelry such as spiked collars and bracelets, darker makeup and the Nose ring she mentioned in Spinsterella. And of course the DemoniaStack platform boots. Because Demonia Stacks are AWESOME. 

These sketches aren’t perfect, but they’re just a way to get an image from my imagination to paper. Mad Matilda is one of the TOUGHEST characters to draw and I’m finally happy to have an image of her put to paper. Another thanks to my Facebook friends for jump starting my imagination!


  1. Like we discussed earlier, I'll post the updates on WOKE TV's adaptation of the ISIS series here.

    John Haynes will be played by Wesley Snipes. He will (in our adaptation) be a strong black man working in a corporate world full of literal demons and vampires who are mean to represent the evil white man.

    Isis the Goddess will be played by Oscar-nominee Gabourey Sidibe. She will team up with John to battle Dracula (symbolic of The Man), who will be played by James Franco.

    As WOKE TV is for woke brothas and sistas, the lead characters will be portrayed as strong black individuals who rise above the white man's tyranny and eventually symbolically kill all of them.

    Shoutout to Brotha Shawn for giving his world to us.

    1. Wait. Hold on. HOLD ON.

      Gabourey Sidibe? You told me Thandie Newton was going to play the part. You told me that her classy British accent would lend the Goddess part of Isis credibility.

      And now you've cast fat ass tap-dancing coon Gabourey Sidibe?

      Damn. Just damn.

      You know, the moment I met you yesterday, I should have known something was up. You so-called pro black hotep Negroes always have an agenda. And what's up with John and Isis fighting white folks? The books have never been like that! They battle supernatural creatures like demons and vampires.

      You're also not picking up my calls. If this is the place you want to straighten things out, let's do it in full view of the public.

    2. Brother Shawn... or should I call you Brother Sambo?

      I was very clear yesterday that we were still undecided with Thandie Newton. The reason is that she is a half-breed. We only want to cast FULL black people, the direct descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. James Franco was cast because it was necessary that the evil Dracula be white, as Esau is the main oppressor of black people.

      Also please remember that you (gleefully) signed over the filming rights to WOKE TV. It is up to us to decide the direction of the show. And believe me, brotha, we will do it justice.

      I'd like to bring this up too - when I first saw you, I thought "Lord, is that Carlton?" You were dressed in a house negro shirt, with house negro trousers and a house negro tie. Have you lost yourself that much? I really hope you continue to watch WOKE TV and get woke yourself soon.

      Until we meet again - peace from the Highest above.

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