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Friday, March 24, 2017

James Harris Jackson-A Btich-Made™ White Supremacist PSYCHO SIMP

A couple of days ago White Supremacist James Harris Jackson took a bus all the way from Baltimore to New York City to murder Black men. After murdering 66-year old Timothy Caughman, a homeless man collecting bottles he turned himself into police.

Funny how these White Supremacists Bitch Up after they do their dirt.

From what I’m seeing White Supremacists seem to live in their own heads. And whenever they participate in their acts of Racial violence they show the world what Bitch-Made™ Cowards they truly are.

I find it funny how Mr. Big and Bad White Supremacist James Harris Jackson had the balls to ride a bus all the way up to New York to go on a killing spree to murder Black men but while he stalked another Black man he decided not to attack him because something “spooked” him.

I’m thinking he got a look at the guy and realized that he could actually fight back. That’s when he Bitched up.

 So he picked Timothy Caughman, a homeless man because because he couldn’t fight back. Just like Dylann Roof, Jackson looked for the weakest opponent so he could score an easy kill.

Then after committing murder Jackson decided to turn himself in. Showing the world what a BITCH he truly is.

Jackson is another one of these keyboard warriors. Tough on a computer, but a Pussy in real life.

Jackson says he came to New York to kill Black men because he’d get the most attention.

Sounds just like a Female doesn’t he?

Women do things to get attention. And from his actions it’s clear to me James Jackson is a Mangina with issues regarding Black men. And when he couldn’t get people to pay attention to him he decided to

I find it funny that Jackson took that bus all the way from Baltimore, a predominantly Black city up to New York City and didn’t think to go to one of the predominantly Black areas like The South Bronx, Harlem or Bushwick Brooklyn. No, he approached a homeless elderly Black man on Ninth Avenue in Manhattan just trying to get some bottles to make enough money get something to eat.

Why? Because he knew the Black men in those areas would fight back. And in most cases if he had brought his sorry ass into one of those neighborhoods and approached some gang bangers they would have lit his ass up like a Christmas tree or beat his ass like a drum until he cried like the bitch he truly is.

Reports also say that White Supremacist Jackson also had an issue with Black men having relationships with white women.

This sounds like the roots of this Mangina’s problems. Just like Dylann Roof, Jackson seems to be another Psycho SIMP upset that the Girl of His Dreams™ expressed interest in a Black man or pursued a relationship with a Black man. And since he couldn’t get her to pay him any attention he decided to Blame Black men.

When it wasn’t Black men who were the problem. It was HIM. Jackson felt entitled to White women because he was a “superior” White man. And when those White women he was fixated on chose a Black man over him, he started getting caught up in his White supremacist delusion just like Eliot Rodger got caught up in his god complex. Angry over the fact that Black men were taking White women asked him to take his sword and play White Knight by killing the “Evil” Black men who denied him a chance to get with his Damsel in distress.

Once the investigation is over, we’ll probably find out that Jackson like Roof was fixated on some White female in Baltimore, couldn’t get her attention he lost it. I’m finding with these kinds of guys in most cases they don’t even approach women. And because they live in their own heads and not the real world they start playing the Blame N’ Shame game making themselves out to be the victim of imaginary Black men.  

When in actuality White Supremacists like Jackson lack the BACKBONE and BALLS to go out and experience this thing we call life. Instead of taking the rejections, losses and failures that go with life, they hide in a virtual world online and use Black men as scapegoats for their inability to confront the issues inside themselves they lack the courage to confront.

And when their frustrations boil over into rage they go out and participate in acts of violence like murders and mass murders.

It’s sad that Timothy Caughman lost his life because a Bitch-Made™ coward James Jackson couldn’t handle this thing we call life. And because he saw himself as a victim of he made a victim out of an innocent Black man who was just trying to pick up the pieces of his life. Perhaps if he stopped Blaming Black men and using White Supremacy as a crutch, he could take a look in the mirror and finally see who real the person was responsible for all his shortcomings in life. Perhaps he’ll be able to come to that understanding in prison.

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  1. good stuff. they do seem obsessed with Black men tho. obsessed with them as with the women...could be some gay stuff.