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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Legend of Mad Matilda Sample Chapter

I’ve been so busy writing The Legend of Mad Matilda I haven’t had time to write a blog. I’m hoping to get one done on Friday though. So I’m gonna post up a sample chapter of the upcoming book. Remember, the book is still in its first draft so much of this may change from the final version!


I’m filled with trepidation as we march up the stairs of our brownstone. With the trouble I’m in I’m in uncharted territory here. After the way I fucked up last night, I’m looking at getting the punishment to end all punishments.
The tension in the air rises to a crescendo after Dad unlocks the door and we step into the foyer. I catch the glower in my Dad’s eyes and start shaking. “Dad, I’m sorry-” I plead.
 “You’re sorry?” Dad snarls as his hands clench into fists. “That all you got to say!”
I start trembling see my father gesturing to take off his belt. Just as he’s about to grab at me, Mom takes his hand. “No, Jason. I got this.”
I catch the look in my Mother’s eyes and see a dark spark I haven’t seen since I was seven years old and she beat me and Shelley for having a fight over Barbie dolls. “Oh shit-” I gasp.
When I see that spark in her scowling eyes, I start scrambling to get away from her. Before I can get two feet, the back of her hand swats across my cheek. I feel it stinging as I’m sent tumbling onto the carpet. “Mom, I’m sorry-” I plead as tears well up in my eyes.
“No, you ain’t sorry.” Mom snarls. “You’re mad.”
Thanks to the six-inch platforms I have on, I stumble about in my attempt to scramble to my feet. The air is taken out of me when Mom charges at me and tackles me back down to the carpet. While she wrestles with me to get me on my back I feel my T-shirt tearing off my body. As she straddles me I catch the crazed look in her eyes. “You’re mad huh?” She yells smacking me upside the head. “Well, guess what? I’m mad too! And I’m sick of your shit!”
I’m hit with a series of slaps across upside my head that turn the living room into a blur. “Mad Matilda. Out here raving like a fool!” She rants beating me. I bust my ass to send you to school and here you out here shakin your little halfbreed ass in the street!”
“I wasn’t shaking anything Mom-” I cry.”
“Yes, you were!” Mom says slapping me again. “Lookin like a gotdamn overgrown child with your hair in pigtails!”
“I’m not a child-” I whimper.
“No, you’re mad.” Mom says unbuckling the belt off her skirt. “Well girl, let me show you crazy!”
I catch a glimpse of my mother’s folded up belt in her hands. After she gets up off me, she yanks me up by the arm. I let out a gasp seeing her raise the belt up. I let out a scream as I feel it slapping against my back. “Mad Matilda, out here raving in a warehouse.” She says beating me across the back and the side. “Go out here and get your little ass arrested. Then you bring your sorry half black ass back to me talking about you sorry. Well, I’ma give you something to be sorry for!”
I try to break out of her grip, but the hold she has on my arm is like a vise. I let out wails feeling the stings of the belt chopping into my thighs, back, and stomach. I fall to my knees and she tears into me with the belt worse than the time when Dad beat me for using the word nigger when I was eight. As I ball up into a fetal position, my crazy mother lets me know how mad she is at twenty-one year-old me by beating me like I was seven.
After giving me one last chop to the back, I feel my mother letting go of my limp arm. As she stands over me seething in anger I feel her eyes burning into my back. I’d love to say this is child abuse. But when a parent has to beat an adult child they’ve fucked up far beyond what the law allows.

The Legend of Mad Matilda will be out…Sometime soon. However, You can pick up the other two books in the Spinsterella trilogy, Spinsterella, and Spellbound today at your favorite online bookseller!

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