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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The 2017 White Women’s Farce on Washington

On Saturday January 21, 2017 women had a series of marches across the country and the world to protest president Donald Trump in the name of equality.

For all the hoopla it was just Feminists showing how full of shit they are. And how their words contradict the actions of most American women.

What most people need to understand is that 53% of White women and close to 30% of Hispanic Women voted for Trump. In fact, if it weren’t for those majorities of women voting, Donald Trump would have never won the election.

Most of these women protesting on Saturday said they were marching for equality. However, that’s a lie. When you look at the poll numbers most White and Hispanic women didn’t want equality. In fact, most American women don’t want equality.

The truth is Most White women and American women of color are some of the most privileged people in the world. American Men elevate them to a higher position in society above them. And from that privileged position they get a whole host of benefits they wouldn’t get in other parts of the world.

The truth is Women weren’t marching for equal rights for women. They were marching to protect Gynocentrism.

What is Gynocentrism? Gynocentrism is the social, political and economic system created by men to give women benefits and privileges above men. It’s the reason why American women are given preferential treatment above men in society, and why American women are given a pass for all the of irresponsible, reckless and egregious behaviors they couldn’t get away with in other parts of the world. 

When feminist say that President Trump is against equality, that’s a smokescreen. What they’re afraid of his administration doing is dismantling Gynocentrism.

And what many Women, especially feminists fear that if the Gynocentric system is dismantled men will start taking away many of the privileges they’ve been granted.

Most women know there’s been a rumblings of Male revolt for the last couple of years due to oppressive gynocentric policies established by Democrats like Yes means Yes, excessive child support, child custody, and other laws that oppress the rights of men to favor women. Because of these policies in America, Canada, Australia and Europe, Men’s movements like MGTOW, Men’s Rights, and MRA have been building steam and growing in popularity.

Many women who didn’t subscribe to Feminism feared that the election of Hilary Clinton as the first woman President would have led to a male revolt in America similar to one going on in Japan right now. That social revolt by the sons of Japanese men who watched their fathers get emasculated by their mothers from the 1950s to the 1990s led to men changing their social interactions with the women of their generation. And thanks to that revolt, birth and marriage rates have declined in Japan and the economy has flatlined in a two-decade long recession.

 With all the numerous pressures applied to American men by oppressive gynocentric policies, many American women who didn’t subscribe to feminism feared the election of Hilary Clinton as President would have been the straw to break the camel’s back with frustrated American men. At this point American men would have felt so emasculated they would have withdrawn their economic resources from the gynocentric state of America leaving American women to fend for themselves in a society that would have become truly equal.

White and Hispanic Women understanding that the gynocentric system was never truly equal sought to protect the institutions that provided them with a privileged position in society and an unequal supply of economic resources. Realizing that they get most of their financial resources from men, they voted for Donald Trump to protect their economic, social and political interests.

Most White, Hispanic and Asian women understand get their economic resources from men. Many of the businesses women work at are owned and operated by men. Most of the homes married women live in are run by men. Much of the spousal and child support women benefit from comes from the income of men. And many of the government services and social programs women benefit from are run and controlled by men. If those men revolted and stopped participating in the American economic system like MGTOWS do right now on a nationwide scale, those women would feel the impact almost immediately as they’d be forced to carry their own weight in an economic system that truly became equal.

And because those women would be ill equipped to carry that load American society would crash. So they voted for Trump to keep things going in their favor.

Many feminists are terrified of a Trump Presidency. Not because he’s so-called sexist, but because they fear that his administration will dismantle the Gynocentric system that has benefited them since Woodrow Wilson gave them the right to vote in 1912. However, that’s not going to happen. It’s doubtful that Donald Trump will have the political power dismantle Gynocentrism in America. In order to do that, he’d have to literally repeal the Women’s right to vote.

And we know that’s not going to happen.

Is Donald Trump’s administration going to take away Women’s rights like feminists fear? Doubtful. With a large majority of Women voting for him he is obligated to support them and their political platform. And thanks to that obligation he’s going to continue supporting the Gynocentric system that put him in office. So women will continue to receive benefits from the Gynocentric gravy train throughout his presidency.

However, with the election of Donald Trump as President, more men in America now have the motivation to start pulling back their social privileges to women like the men of the MGTOW movement have been doing for years. Passively revisiting the Gynocentric system in Western countries by changing their social interactions with women. And those small changes men have been making as they go their own way in their lives have women terrified.

Regardless of who is President, change is coming to male/female relations. And many women know things are no longer going to benefit them. Men aren’t going to be as free about giving things to women. And all those women who are used to a privileged lifestyle of free dinners, free drinks, and easy access to do-nothing jobs are scared to death about the fact that they might have to actually pull their own weight in an truly equal society.

What’s sad is American Women have said they’ve wanted equal rights for over a century. And when they had a chance to elect a Woman president to make things truly equal, they voted for the man they called sexist to protect their access to all the economic resources they got from men. It’s clear from all the feminists marching in the streets in the Farce on Washington that they want the equal right to protest, but don’t want to take the equal responsibility as citizens of the United States of America. 


  1. excellent article.

    One thing you need to consider.

    Women who are not feminists follow the male lead.
    So the 50% of White women and 30% of Latin women who voted for Trump did so because they voted they way the head of their household told them to vote.

    Non-feminist women are not intimidated by a strong alpha man like Trump. In fat, this is what they prefer.

    The protesters are the other half who are feminists....

  2. Typical leeches at work here.