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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How Does a Woman Become a Side Piece?

How does a Woman become a Side Piece? Is it because a married man or a man in a relationship has dick so good she’d rather share it than get her own? Or is it because she becomes addicted to the steady stream of cash and gifts? Or is it because a man makes promises to her of marriage in the future?

The truth is that Women make themselves into Side Pieces. And that decision to cheat shows a man everything he needs to know about her character.

When a woman makes a decision going to be a Side Piece she is lowering her value as a woman. She sends a message to men that she has low self-esteem and that she doesn’t love herself. That she sees herself as second best and is willing to settle for less than a man’s best.

Women who become Side Pieces send a message to men that she’s not worth making a commitment to. That she’ll take whatever crumbs are thrown at her. Because they are Hoes, no Smart man has any serious interest in making a woman who is his Side Piece his wife.

The only men who usually deal with Side Pieces are Simps, Manginas, and Tricks. Because these guys have low self-esteem and don’t understand their value as men, they’re willing to pay for some half-price pussy from a part-time prostitute.

The only thing a Simp wants from a Side Piece is Pussy. And the only reason why he wants her pussy a Side Piece offers men Pussy at half the price of a woman he would date in a relationship. In most cases a Side Piece is cheaper than a girlfriend and is easier on his reputation than seeing a prostitute. All a Simp has to do is buy her a two piece-chicken dinner, a tall can of Colt 45, and she’ll provide him with pussy. If he continues to offer her cash, clothes, and gifts he can have that pussy provided to him on demand.

Why? Because that woman doesn’t believe she deserves a man who will fully commit to her in a relationship. In her eyes half a man is better than going home to no man.

Most women who are Side Pieces will delude themselves into believing that they’re having a relationship. That one day the man they’re having an affair with will eventually leave his wife for her.

But it’s never going to happen. Why? Because he has no incentive to do so. Most women who are Side Pieces don’t understand that the men who they’re involved with are getting the pussy they want at a bargain basement price. So why would they be interested in spending more to put a ring on it?

The Woman who becomes a Side Piece believes that she’s getting the best of both worlds. A man to warm her bed, lots of gifts and cash, and the scraps of a relationship. But at the end of the day she just winds up being turned out like a prostitute. Tricks pay her for pussy, then send her on her way and go back to the woman they want to be with.

At the end of the day a Side Piece either becomes a Baby Mama or a resident of BUSTDOWN TOWN where old Hoes go to die. Side Pieces long for a committed relationship with a good man, but most Smart Men don’t want anything to do with her because she’s shown them she has no morals, no values, and no character. 

Smart men know that a Side Piece is just a Hoe. And a smart man knows he can’t turn a Hoe into a housewife. Women who are Side Pieces just don’t have the moral position that will make them a helpmeet to a man who will be the wife that teaches morals and values to his children. All she brings to the table for men is Pussy. And because all she brings to the table is pussy she fucks herself out of a long-term relationship with a man.

The only way for a woman to avoid being a Side Piece for a woman is for her to decide from day one to establish standards for herself. The woman who refuses to settle for less with men will always be associated with the best of them. The woman who takes a step down heads down the road to BUSTDOWN TOWN.

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  1. Try tellling this to the "swirling sistahood" and the centuries of older generations of "Black"/Amerindian women that were willing to be the sidepieces and/or surrogate mothers of White Supremacy and colonialism. If I could tell them in a public square, I would tell them this: they will NEVER be able to either get to be "Miss Anne" and/or actually appreciate the life of "Miss Anne" because:

    1) Most men prefer to date someone of either their same ethnic background or same range of phenotypes. Which means that most of them aren't going to initially prefer you.

    2) They were traitors (most of them). They were willing to backstab their biggest supporters and allies in "Black"/Amerindian men, all for some crumbs at the table of colonialism and the bullshit promise of POSSIBLY living a pampered life....if the merchants and plantation owners decided to leave their wives (which wasn't going to happen). And because we didn't oppress them, it makes them look extremely spoiled and ungrateful.

    3) Many of them were willing to be sidepeices and surrogate mothers for White Supremacy and colonialsm for little or nothing (as I've said before). So not only did they become spoiled and ungrateful, but it shows that many of them lacked character and values. That being said, why should these colonial slavemasters, royal family members, and merchants risk their wealth on women with such qualities (especially since so many of them market themselves as this)?

    These are the primary reasons why not only their reputation on the dating market is shot to shit, but also why the communities are the way that they are.