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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Celebrating Ten Years of Blogging

Last month I passed my 1.8th millionth hit on the blog. This month will marks a decade of this blog being online.

Ten Years. I’ve been writing blogs for ten straight years. I’ve been writing this blog longer than most jobs I’ve had.

Wow. Just wow.

You have to be really passionate about something to stay with it for an entire decade of your life. Especially to commit yourself to writing three blogs a week 365 days a year for ten years straight. 

And I’m very passionate about writing. Working on this blog means a lot to me, sharing information with people and helping them.

Originally, I got into writing this blog as a way to just promote my books and share my stories and art, and to discuss issues in the Black community. But over the past decade, the blog has grown and expanded to discuss men’s issues and my interest in comic books, science fiction and fantasy, and the Goth subculture. 

Oftentimes I look forward to sitting in front of the keyboard. And I’m filled with anticipation when I sharing a blog with readers on social media. It puts a smile on my face to hear from people on social media who say that my blogs on Men’s issues have helped them improve the quality of their lives. Or to hear from comic fans who learn more about the comic book business or about African-American fantasy or science fiction.  Or to hear from readers who pick up one of my books and tell me how they’ve given them a different perspective on Black culture with my stories.   

I really want to thank everyone who has stayed with this blog for the past ten years. I’ve got a lot of great stuff planned for this year’s blogs. There’s been a heavy focus on the comic and fantasy/Sci-fi and book stuff, over the past few years, but I do plan on getting back to writing more Men’s issues content too. I’ve taken a lot of that content to YouTube and eBooks like the Simp Trilogy where it can make me money, but I realize there’s still an audience of men that needs to learn on this platform too. Stay tuned!  

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