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Monday, January 9, 2017

Isis: Samurai Goddess Cover By Bill Walko!

Last year I received a donation from one of my readers to pay for the next Isis series cover. And I asked Bill to design the cover for the next Isis series book Isis: Samurai Goddess. And this cover isn’t MIND BLOWING it’s A MIND SHATTERING MASTERPIECE!

The Isis: Samurai Goddess cover looks like it was RIPPED from my imagination and turned into a cel of an Isis animated series! I feel like I’m looking at a still of a TV show, not a book cover! This cover POPS with color and ACTION and SCREAMS at the reader BUY ME!

Bill tells an AMAZING story in a single image! There are so many details in this picture that just make it come to life. From Tanara’s evil grin in the background to the smug look on Wakana’s face, the and the little details in Cassandra Kachimura’s blouse, The Isis: Samurai Goddess cover looks like it’s moving even though it’s a static image. I found myself studying this picture again and again and finding something new to smile about!

Bill says this is his best rendition of Isis. And I’d have to agree with him. He’s really captured Isis’ spirit in this one. From the costume to the ankh’s to Isis’s teased out tomboy hair, he captured her essence in this image. She looks tough and determined, but still graceful and ladylike at the same time. This is the essence of who the Goddess next door truly is.

If I only had the money I’d be hiring Bill to work with me on an Isis comic! I think we’d make a great team. He takes my words and turns them into pictures that literally are like stills out of my imagination. I think readers would be in for a TREAT if we ever worked together on an Isis graphic novel adapted from any of the Isis series stories!   

Isis: Samurai Goddess will be available in Paperback & e-readers this February! If you love karate movies You’ll WANT to get this one! It’s an ACTION PACKED MARTIAL ARTS ISIS SERIES ADVENTURE!

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