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Monday, October 31, 2016

Spellbound Now Available in Paperback and e-readers!


Spellbound on Kindle

Sixteen-year-old Matilda Crowley lives on the dark side of being light skinned. When a series of events sends the biracial teenager further down the Tragic Mulatto’s road to Hell, she enters the world of the Goth Subculture and begins a journey that will change her perceptions of race, culture, and identity. Will she find light in darkness? Or will she be driven to madness?

The prequel to last year’s Spinsterella Spellbound chronichles Matilda’s teenage years as she begins her journey into the Goth Subculture! Designed to show tween and teen readers and their parents what the Goth Subculture is all about this family friendly story presents a positive image of teens and explains the reasons why they want to live on the dark side of life!  Get your copy TODAY!

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