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Friday, October 21, 2016

Isis: Samurai Goddess Color Concept.

 While I finish up the first draft of E’steem Little Girl Lost I had enough time to color the concept for my Isis: Samurai Goddess cover. So here’s what kind of colors I’d like the cover to have.

The inspiration for the Isis: Samurai Goddess cover is Quentin Tarentino’s: Kill Bill movies. In my cover concept a smiling and determined Isis in a karate stance is facing off against The Manga Girls and their boss Cassandra Kachimura in a Japanese garden. The Manga girls are dressed up in school uniforms inspired by Go-Go Yubari. And Cassandra Kachimura is dressed up in formal Japanese Kimono similar to O-Ren Ishii. Like Isis: Bride of Dracula I’m planning a brightly colored cover with LOTS of ACTION!

Next week will start my promotion for Spellbound. And I’ll be writing a series of blogs about the Goth Subculture. Right now you can get Spellbound in Paperback and catch up on the Isis series with the AWESOME Bride of Dracula!

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