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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Deleted Chapter Bullshit- How Simps Communicate On The Job

I’ve been busy writing E’steem: Little Girl Lost for the past week, and running ideas for the Spellbound promotional videos and blogs in my mind. So I haven’t been able to write a blog for today. So here’s another deleted Chapter of STOP SIMPIN In the Workplace!

Deleted Chapter
Bullshit- How Simps Communicate On The Job

In the workplace people have to be direct and straightforward in the way they talk to each other. To get things done on the job they have to say exactly what they want and how they want it done.
Unfortunately, Simps are extremely poor communicators. Thanks to the matriarchal way they’ve been raised they don’t know how to talk to their co-workers in a way that gets them to understand what they want done or how they want it done.
If anyone on the job asks a Simp a simple question they won’t get a simple yes or no answer. Instead they’ll give them a long-winded reply filled with jargon and fifty cent words. It’ll sound intelligent. But in most cases it won’t answer the question asked.
Most Simps are masters of Bullshiting. What is bullshiting? It’s where people talk around a subject but never really address it. Bullshiters speak and write in ambiguous terms. They attempt to impress people by using fifty-cent words when a ten cent one will do.
Trying to understand Bullshit is like trying to decipher a foreign language. Because one has to read between the lines of what a bullshitter is saying in order to get things done. That can make the simplest task an almost impossible one to complete. Having to deal with business policies created by bullshitters turns work into a nightmare. With all the rules, stipulations, and technicalities a bullshitting Simp puts into things he turns the simplest tasks into a chore and slows down productivity. A simple e-mail a receptionist turning a light switch off at five o’clock can turn into a ten-page document. And a visit to a client turns a one-page two paragraph memo into a three-hundred page book.
Simps use bullshit in offensive and defensive ways on the job. Offensively a Simp will use bullshit to put co-workers on guard. He’ll brag about his degrees, his skills and his contacts. The goal of these offensive attacks are to make himself appear smarter than he actually is. A Simp hopes that if co-workers and managers are intimidated by his big talk lower level employees won’t think to challenge him at the company and higher level ones will consider him for promotion.
 Defensively a Simp uses bullshit to avoid conflict. When confronted about a problem regarding something he’s responsible for, a Simp uses bullshit to apply his approaches of lying, denying, hiding and deflecting. A Simp believes if he can give someone an overcomplicated answer filled with big words and jargon they’ll back away from them and won’t hold them accountable for their actions.
And with female co-workers a Simp uses bullshit in an effort to impress them. The Simp hopes the combination of his big words, designer clothes, and expensive car will make him look like a he’s someone important she needs to pay attention to. Unfortunately, in most cases all he’s doing is putting a big red target on his back letting predatory females know he’s a sucker with fat pockets ready to be picked through trickin.
Most smart people on the job who can filter through a Simp’s big talk will just understand he’s full of shit. Once a smart person listens to what a Simp is saying, and looks past the façade of designer clothes and starts looking at the Simp’s poor track record on the job they start to realize there’s more crap coming out of his mouth than out of his ass.
Simps just don’t understand that on the job talk is means nothing. Action speaks louder than words. The man who can get things done on the job and do it well will be more valuable to a company in the long term than the man who just blows smoke up people’s asses with his hot air. 
In order to get things done at work people KEEP IT SIMPLE. There’s a time and a place for the fifty-cent words. But the job isn’t it. On the job people have to be CLEAR about exactly what they want and how they want it done.
 In business a person has to say exactly what they want the FIRST time. In the workplace people have no time for bullshit. Workers use ten-cent words on the job because time is money. And the time it takes to figure out what a Simp is saying in a hundred page report filled with fifty-cent words is time a competitor is using to get ahead.
Thanks to his constant use of bullshit, a Simp usually winds up lost and directionless on the job. Because he can’t state clearly what he wants to others, his co-workers wind up not understanding what his purpose is in the workplace and start working around him instead of working with him. Due to a Simp’s inability to communicate effectively with others, he his career usually winds up stalling at a dead end.
 If a man doesn’t tell people exactly what he wants on the job, they’ll never be able to get anything done there. Men who clearly state what they want in simple language can find help and support from their co-workers in not only getting work done, but advancing themselves towards their professional and personal goals.

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