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Monday, August 15, 2016

When Women Destroy Your Stuff...TAKE ACTION- MGTOW

When some women get upset at their boyfriends or their husbands they destroy things that mean something to them. Some may go out of their way to take a man’s collection of prized comic books and toss them in the trash. Others may pour bleach on a man’s favorite shirt. A few may put a rock through his big screen TV or break the CD for his favorite video game.

The sad part is in many cases most men will just turn the other cheek and let this out of control behavior go unchecked. And because they won’t draw that line in the sand with the women who do them wrong they won’t learn a valuable lesson about respect.

What most men don’t understand is when women do things like cut up clothes, toss away keepsakes, and destroy property they are sending them a message. That they have absolutely no respect for them. Unfortunately because men don’t check this behavior and set a hard boundary with them, women start thinking they can cross more lines and start doing things like physically assaulting them. A few will even go as far as planning to murder them.

A man a must understand his respect has a value above the property she destroyed. And that intangible of manhood is NON NEGOTIABLE. When a woman won’t give a man any respect, he has to take it. While he cannot haul off and slap a female for destroying his property, he can take constructive action to teach her that her behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

What can a man do when a woman destroys his property? He can take her to Small Claims Court. Small Claims court deals with disputes regarding property anywhere from $1-5,000. If a man wins a judgment they’re good for ten years. And he even can renew that judgment in the next decade. So wherever this female goes, she’s going to be stuck with that debt on her record.

Small Claims Court is a place where a man can go to not only be recompensed for his damaged property but send a message to a woman he’s involved with regarding her out of control behavior. What is that message? If she acts out a man will take legal action to deal with her out of control behavior. And he will take action to make her take responsibility for her actions. If he wins a judgment she will be forced to pay for any item she damages or destroys.

Even If he doesn’t win in court, he sends a message to that woman and other women in his radius that he’s not a man to be fucked with. Making her take that day in court to deal with the ramifications of her out of control behavior shows a woman that a man is serious about setting a boundary for how he will be treated in a relationship. That his respect has value above that property she destroyed. And he will make efforts to take his respect at any cost.

 If she won’t show up for court, she sends a message to the world that she has not only any respect for him, but for the legal system as well. And if she shows up and acts out with a judge, her reprehensible, and egregious and out of control behavior is part of a public record.

Yes, a woman has a right to be upset. She has a right to her feelings in a relationship. But she does not have a right to act in a way that damages or destroys to property that isn’t hers. She has a responsibility to treat that man’s property with the same care she would her own.

If enough men started sending a message to women that their behavior will be dealt with when they act out and destroy their property, they’d stop destroying property when they got angry and upset. When they start seeing a consequence to their actions such as how their lives are becoming disrupted by court dates and judgments against their finances, many would realize the price of getting revenge on a man is just too high.

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  1. I wonder what would happen if you're dealing with a fictional character made flesh. I suppose it would be just as bad if we take their personalities into account. People who desperately want to be calm (and prefer to either keep their bad feelings hidden or distract themselves with something) don't want to deal with somebody who whines a lot.

    The person who wants to be happy (and tries to distract itself from bad feelings so it's not very open) would find Kitty Pryde and her tantrums unbearable. So to them, she's not fun to deal with and some people just don't like these guys.

    The only character who doesn't tolerate her behaviour to my knowledge is Charles Xavier but he's a strict old man so that's to be expected. He scolds her whenever she gets angry and even when he caved in to her, he still tries to correct her.

    Not because he's a jerk but because he expects highly of her. You might accuse me of projection but some people are like this.