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Friday, August 26, 2016

Deleted Chapter From STOP SIMPIN In The Workplace- How Simps Create a Co-Dependent Work Environment

Hard at work editing books so this weekend you’ll be getting deleted chapters from the upcoming STOP SIMPIN in the Workplace Think of them as a sneak preview!

Deleted Chapter 
How Simps Create a Co-Dependent Work Environment

A workplace is supposed to be an environment where every man and woman is supposed to work together towards achieving the goals of the organization. However, when a Simp is in the workplace it usually doesn’t work this way. Instead of him doing his job, he delegates his tasks to a woman and makes her take responsibility for pulling his weight.
And instead of a workplace that is interdependent, it becomes co-dependent. What is co-dependency? Co-dependency is when one person excessively relies on another to meet their needs. Usually codependent relationships are associated with people who have addictions like drugs and alcohol. But they’re also found in the workplace as well.
Many Simps come from dysfunctional environments like single mother households or families where there was addiction and abuse. And in some cases they try to recreate the dysfunctional relationships they have with their mothers in their professional relationships. Usually to recreate that dysfunctional relationship they find a woman in the workplace and make efforts to attach an emotional hose to her. If they’re in a low-level position they may be a bumbling stumbling screw-up who always needs a woman’s help to get things just right. And if they’re a manager, they may give a woman a pseudo title like Co-manager, or Assistant to the manager. While some women are thrilled to have that power of that position, she has no idea that the Simp is making efforts to make her the workplace version of his mother.
Over time this co-dependent relationship between the Simp and this woman oftentimes winds up making the workplace dysfunctional and chaotic. Usually the woman he gives power to run things winds up overwhelmed by the responsibilities of the business. And as she becomes more and more frustrated, worker morale decreases, key employees turn over, and the quality of the products and services produced by that business often decline. And while this woman is getting the life sucked out of her as she desperately tries to manage an untenable situation, the Simp sits in the back avoiding all the chaos going around him with a smile on his face. Because he’s turned the job into an extension of his dysfunctional home.
What many people on the job don’t know is that most Simps want a “smooth” world. And in this ideal place there are no conflicts, no problems, and no issues for him. If problems do arise in life, the only person he can trust to deal with them are women like his mother.
However, the workplace is a place filled with conflicts, problems, and issues. And it takes both men and women working together to face the conflicts head on in a business. Only when they work together can they be successful in solving the problems in a workplace and make that business productive.
Unfortunately, most Simps are cowards. And they hide behind the skirts of females because they’ve been taught from birth that women are the only ones with power in the world. So they let them fight the battles that they’re supposed to fight. And if she fails to achieve anything, he has a scapegoat to blame when things go wrong.
Because nothing is ever a Simp’s fault. Simps love power. But they hate responsibility.
A workplace is supposed to be an interdependent environment. And in an interdependent environment every person works to do their part at that company to help that organization achieve its goals. When every person is doing their jobs and pulling their own weight can a business can be productive and profitable.

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