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Friday, August 19, 2016

Deleted Chapter in Stop Simpin in the Workplace-He Gonna Take My Job

Simps fear competition in the workplace from the man in front of him and the man behind him. If a man in the position beneath his starts showing signs of promise they spend days nights worrying about him “taking their job.”
Simps foolishly believe the notion that an employer will “take” a position from him and give it to promising young talent. However, this isn’t the case at all. Employers are not going to replace a seasoned professional with experience for a less experienced person. While a lower level employee may show promise, they still need time to learn the company’s culture and get some experience under their belt before they’re ready to take on the responsibilities of that more challenging position.
Unfortunately, most Simps are too insecure to understand the process of growth and experience in the workplace. Instead of focusing on moving themselves ahead, a Simp will worry about a man in a position under his. And because he lacks self-confidence in his own talent and abilities to he starts making efforts to sabotage another man in a lower level position.
Some of the tactics a Simp will use to sabotage a man under him is piling on the work. This is a passive aggressive attempt to overwhelm a talented lower level employee to get them to resign.
Another tactic a Simp will use to sabotage a lower level employee they feel threatened by is to pass their work on to them. And then when the person they’re targeting fails to complete the task, they then let a supervisor verbally abuse them. Again, the hope is after being berated that the man he’s targeting will either be terminated or resign.
A third tactic a Simp will use to sabotage a lower level employee they feel threatened by is to tell an employee how someone else is better fit for the position than they are. In these cases a Simp will talk about how the previous employee did the job, or how the company needs to hire someone with a different type of background for the same job.
In addition to these tactics, a Simp will do other passive aggressive things like “losing” documents, “forgetting” to tell a lower level employee about meetings, and “hiding” information. All of these tactics a Simp uses are meant to prevent a talented worker from doing well on the job. And they not only undermine that employee, but the business as well. In a Simp’s efforts to sabotage the potential of talented workers he costs a business time, money, and productivity. Every employee that turns over due to his insecurities costs that business money.
What Simps don’t understand is that employees are an investment in a business. Every dollar a company spends on an employees’ salary is supposed to pay off in productivity from that employee’s labor. When a Simp sabotages those new workers with his passive-aggressive tactics he is costing the company he works at money.  As frustrated new young talent leaves that business and the Simp “keeps” his job a business has to spend more money to hire and train new employees.
If a business can’t retain talented workers it can’t grow. Every employee that remains in the workplace profits a business long term as they learn new skills and expand markets for that business. It takes three to six months for a new employee to get acclimated to a work environment. Thanks to a Simps’ unprofessional, passive-aggressive and manipulative behaviors a business loses that investment in salary and time.
In the long term a Simps’ attempt to “keep” his job winds up preventing a business from expanding. As the business keeps spending money to hire to replace workers that turn over, it doesn’t have the resources to focus on creating new markets and reaching new customers.
Smart men understand that no one can “Take” a job from anyone. Employees in a business do not own their jobs, they are hired to perform tasks by the employer. That agreement to hire them is a business transaction where the employer offers employment in exchange for labor that is compensated with wages. The only thing an employee is supposed to own at the end of the process is their paycheck.
 And under that agreement both the employer an employee can decide to leave at any time they choose. If a man sees a position at a firm that will help him meet his career goals, then he has every right to leave the firm he is working at and take that position. While a Smart man is looking to move ahead, a Simp is looking to stay one place and get comfortable. Because he thinks like a female, he looks to nest in a workplace like it’s his home. 
 Smart Men understand that a job isn’t theirs to keep. And any employment situation where he works for someone else is always temporary. Jobs aren’t something an employer “gives” him, they are opportunities he uses to gain skills, experience and develop contacts that will help him towards achieving his professional and personal goals. Each job he takes is a stepping stone towards moving him ahead. Once he achieves what he wants to achieve at a business, he moves on.
Smart Men don’t work for companies, they work for themselves. When a man works for himself he sets the course for his career. Smart men have the confidence to go for what they want and achieve what the want to achieve. Smart men don’t “Take” jobs from employers, they create opportunities for themselves and open marketplaces that take a business to the next level.

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