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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Deleted Chapter in Stop Simpin in the Workplace- The Next Man

Hard at work editing books so for the meantime you’ll be getting deleted chapters from the upcoming STOP SIMPIN in the Workplace Think of them as a sneak preview!

When Simps aren’t chasing women, they’re looking over at a male co-worker and wondering what he’s up to. And because they’re too busy putting that man FIRST they wind up being LAST in the workplace.
Simps have a nasty habit of worrying about what the next man is doing. They fear competition from other men for the attention of women in the workplace and from superiors like managers and executives. Oftentimes they believe if they can imitate the man in front of him, they’ll be able to get a chance to stand out just like them.
Unfortunately, they wind up standing out for the wrong reasons. In most cases a Simp shows the world how bad an employee he is by producing subpar and mediocre work. Because a Simp spends so much time focusing on women and the next man and what he’s doing, The Simp rarely spends time focusing on making his work the best it could possibly be. Oftentimes a Simp is so busy worrying about the next man’s work he doesn’t put any care into his own. Simps will slap together a project or halfass a concept. Then he’s surprised when bosses pass him over for promotion or let him go when there’s a round of layoffs.  
The big mistake Simps have about the workplace is not understanding what competition is. Many Simps get their idea of what competition is from Madison Avenue advertisers and Hollywood Movie studios which show competition as a rivalry where things get personal between men. While that sells tickets to movies and pushes a lot of products off store shelves, that’s not the case at all in the business world Business is never personal.
The true meaning of competition on the job means that a man focuses on himself and making what he wants to produce the best it can be. Smart men don’t focus on what the next man is doing, they focus on what they’re doing and making what they want to produce the best it can be according to their own standard. Men who compete believe in themselves and what they do. They set a goal that they want to achieve in their careers and when they meet that goal they are satisfied about what they have accomplished.
In their misguided quest to compete Simps always chase another man’s standard. And because they chase another man’s standard on the job they always wind up in second place. Whenever a Simp follows another man’s lead he’ll always be second best in his own eyes and in last place regarding his career. 
The second mistake a Simp makes at work is not focusing on his job. In order for a man to keep his job he has to show his employer that he brings something unique to the workplace. If a man is bringing skills to the workplace other employees don’t have, he’s going to have a place at that organization. But if a man is offering up mediocre work that anyone else can produce, chances are his days are numbered at that company.
Unfortunately Simp starts the clock counting down to his own termination by doing things like focusing on the next man. When a man puts the focus on the next man he’s telling the world not to take him or his work seriously and to focus on promoting that next man to the next level.

STOP SIMPIN In The Workplace will be out this fall! In the meantime pick up the Second edition of STOP SIMPIN Today! 


  1. I'm starting to disagree with your opinions. I get why dating in the workplace is bad but why on Earth you would permit a fictional character like James to get away with it? Wouldn't he be fired for doing it? That I may never get.

    1. Ad, you can't get fired for dating in the workplace. But men who do so do it at their own risk these days. In today's age of feminism dating women on the job is a crapshoot and should be avoided at almost all costs.

      In Spinsterella, there were advantages to Shawn dating Matilda.

      1) she made more money than he did, (economic benefit)

      2) She did NOT work in his department, (No conflict of Interest/ did not see her every day)

      3) She knew the company better than he did and was looking to teach him about the corporate culture (Career advantage)

      3) She initiated the relationship, (no case for sexual harassment)

      4) she offered cooperation and respect and was looking to work with him in building his career, (Respect & Cooperation)

      5)She had good family/Core values. (Helpmeet & Support)

      6) She agreed to have a relationship on his terms. (Understood her role as a woman)

      Matilda brought things to the table most females in the workplace today would not. So it was worth a risk.

      The only time a man should take a risk pursuing women in the workplace is when the woman is NOT working in his department and makes more money than HE does. In that situation the woman has more to lose than the man. Moreover, when a woman offers respect and cooperation a man and brings strong values to the table he can consider her for a relaitonship. Matilda Crowleys are the exception, not the rule. It's a miracle if you can find a woman like that anywhere.