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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Was It Something I Said?

There’s been an anonymous commenter who has been coming to the blog making ad-hominem attacks in the comments section. This person or person(s) has taken the time to attack my books, my college, my sexuality and my long-term unemployment.

Now this person reminds me of that Black male CUNY Office Assistant a few years ago who thought he had arrived because he made the grand total of $33,000 a year and because he had a job there was no discrimination and racism at the City University of New York.

From their comments I can tell this is another one of these deluded Negroes with an individualized mindset. Someone who believes in the nonsensical “Rainbow” of the Great AmeriKKKan Melting Pot. Someone who would tell another drowning Black Man to pull himself up by his bootstraps when he could easily lend him a hand and save his life. The kind of Negro who would get an opportunity and then kick the ladder down to keep other brothers and sisters from getting an opportunity to get theirs.

You see, Shawn has been dealing with these kinds of Negroes for over 25 years. He’s seen them at Food Emporium. He’s seen them at STRIVE. He saw them at City College of New York. And he saw them at numerous interviews throughout the CUNY system when he went to interview there for a COA job. These are the kinds of crab-in-the-bucket Negroes who believe they are special. That they’ve arrived. And no one is going to get ahead of them.

Especially intelligent people Black people who don’t meet their snobby self-imposed standards for success. You see brothers & Sisters, these are the kinds of Negroes who want to be the gate keepers for White Supremacy. In order for a Black person to be “somebody” in their Black world they have to go to the “right” school, wear the “right” clothes and act the “right” way. Basically these are Negroes still playing high school games in a grown man’s world.

If someone Black doesn’t “fit” into their world and does not meet their standard for “Black” they make efforts to have that person eliminated. It’s an old Mangina/Bed Wench game that’s as tired as the days are long.

Here’s the deal: Shawn James does not look for validation or approval from anyone He hasn’t since 1990. Why? Because he understood that when one looks for approval from someone else it’s giving their power away.

Obviously something I’m saying in these blogs is offending them or making them feel guilty. Because they have to go into emotional ad-hominem attacks that go below the belt like a female when they read an article. Attacking my employment struggles, calling my Alma Mater Monroe College a “hood” college, calling my books pamphlets, and using every opportunity to take a swipe at me.

For examplelike in the VD piece, they go into shaming language talking about how I call women hoes and sewer crotches.

Here’s  the deal: Shawn doesn’t call women hoes and sewer crotches. He calls women who act sexually promiscuously with dirty dick Negroes hoes and sewer crotches.

And when I propose a solution for a problem like my fundraiser to address the issue of the hand-drawn art my book covers, this commenter comes in minimizing saying my books are “pamphlets”.

Again, not offering to help solve the problem I’m having with a donation to help me hire an artist, but looking to personally attack me.

And in the blog like where I discussed Spike Lee’s hypocrisy regarding the “gentrification” of his Brooklyn neighborhood, this commenter shows up and goes into full ad-hominem mode.

When they asked me what I was doing to uplift the Black community in the comments section of the Spike Lee piece, I thought about what YouTuber David Carroll said about the Negro. When the Negro is confronted by people like myself who do things differently than what their White Liberal slave masters have taught them, or ask him to take constructive action, the Negro goes into a series of pre programmed defensive responses.

“What are you doing to uplift the Black race?” This is basically code for Please shut the fuck up and stop talking about the subject.

“You’re just a dude on a soapbox!” This is code for: Don’t listen to him, listen to me! I can parrot the catch phrases of my White Liberal Slave masters with perfect diction! Seriously, whoever this is anonymous person is, they’re really jealous that I have a growing audience of readers listening to what I have to say.

The whole goal of these ad-hominem attacks is to silence me and readers and to prevent the flow of an intelligent discourse. That’s not going to happen.

I didn’t know it was Shawn’s job to uplift the entire Black race. All a brotha is trying to do with these blogs is present my opinion about issues in the Black community and get my writing out there. Promote my books and get some paperback and eBook sales. Present readers with some positive alternatives to all the modern day minstrel show that have replaced the art and literature that was African-American culture.

If this commenter is upset, it’s because what I’m writing is making them think.And  If thinking critically hurts that badly, I suggest they click out of the page and head over to one of the other websites out there. If something I said in a blog regarding a general subject offends you, then obviously what I'm writing about must be true about you.


  1. I know this particular blog is not about the number of books you have sold. But because it is a more current blog, and you mention how someone made a swipe at the number of books you have sold I felt it would be an appropriate place to make my comment. I believe the reason why your books are not as successful as you want them to be is because you alienate the very audience who would probably buy your books. And that is Black women. Women period, are more avid readers than men, and are more likely to buy books, or borrow books from the library. Women are more likely to buy fiction, whereas men, when they do buy or read books, it is most likely to be a how-to-guide (i.e. a book about how to build a tool shed in the back yard). I am an avid reader of different types of books, some by African-American authors, fantasy and fiction, don't really like sci-fi, I have books considered as classic tales, I have contemporary books, lots of political books, but not political books written by Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter, or Bill O'Reilly. Why? Because they alienate me with their opinions and how they see things. They alienate me not because I am calling them racists, but they alienate me because I don't agree with how they present their opinions. I support their every right to voice what they think, because we live in America. I don't like what they say and how they say it. So I don't buy their books. So...that is the reason I would not buy your books, because the language you use on your blogs alienates me. I am not trying to be mean. I consider myself to be an average consumer, meaning that I don't buy overly expensive stuff, I do not buy labels and my cell phone is a flip phone, Lol!! I read some of your blogs because the internet for the most part is an open forum and I pay the cost of the service, so it is here for anyone to read. However, my support ends there, because of the reason I stated. Sorry!

  2. I'm sorry that I won't have your suppoort.

    But here's the deal: I haven't gotten many sales from Black women throughout my career. Most of my sales came from White and foreign customers.

    I find it sad that the American Black woman is so fragile that she can't take constructive criticism and refuses to listen to any narrative that promotes personal responsibility.

    Again, I am not going to pander to Black female readers for sales like Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry. I feel their kind of work enables the dysfunction that has destroyed the Back community by NOT holding Black women accountable for their irresponsible and egregious behavior for the last 50 years.

    My mission is to create positive works about the African-American experience And to achieve that positive growth we have to acknowledge the problems going on with both Black men and Black women. If hearing the truth alienates you, then that's how it is for you. But the truth is the truth and it's going to hurt.

  3. On another note I also find when I speak the truth Black women still buy my work. And they have no problem enjoying it.

  4. How do you know who bought your books, you ask them their color or something?. Your version of the truth does not apply to me, that is why it alienates me. It is your blogs that alienate me with your language of calling and labeling black women as a whole, foul words, and verbal attacks. You never say, some black women do this, or some black folks do that, you say all. I know you like to say if it offends you then it must be about you, when for me it just means I don't like what you said. Can't speak for anyone but myself and I how I think and feel. I am nothing like the women you talk about so that is why it alienates me. That is your version of what you see, that is your truth, that is not the truth for the majority of the women I know, that I am related to, and that I have associated with over the years.

  5. I know because I interact with my readers on facebook, twitter and I talk to them personally.

    If you don't like the content that's on you. There's three trillion websites out here, go visit one of them.

    If it's not talking about YOU then it shouldn't offend you.

    But if you read articles like these:

    This stuff gets inboxed to me. It gets broadcast on YouTube and WorldStarHipHop and other online sites related to Black people.

    All I do is report my opinion on the truth about the dysfunction I see in the Black community. I go in on the men too.

    Now this other anonymous poster sounds like they're trying to get some brownie points. From what I see Black men do have themselves together. Many of the men I talk to are well-educated, have good jobs and are highly intelligent. The problems I hear from them regarding Black women are actually a reverse from 20 years ago. They can't find a good woman because she's too busy being involved with Ex-cons, drug dealers, has VD, mental health issues, drug problems or is a single mother.

    These men tell me that they worked long and hard to establish themselves and Black women want them to be a garbage man and clean up the messes of Pookie and Ray Ray and don't want them to build a family with them just be their janitor.