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Friday, March 14, 2014

Tyler Perry Celebrates Single Moms- Shawn Checks The Hypocrisy

Tyler Perry says he’s celebrating Single Moms.


Yes, this is exactly what society needs. A celebration of one of the most dysfunctional groups in society.

Then again, Tyler’s primary audience is Hood Rats and Baby mamas. So he’s pandering to his bread and butter. At the expense of the Black community. And a total contradiction of the very religion he alleges he practices.

However, none of these women can see the hypocrisy in Mr. Perry’s statement. They’re too busy looking for undue praise to see how this con artist slaps them in the face.

Mr. Perry, who is supposed to be a Born-Again Christian, says we need to celebrate Single Moms. However, the Bible Shawn James reads every that’s part of the very same religion Mr. Perry allegedly practices day says that a child needs a mother and a father.

Moreover, the same Bible Shawn James reads says that fornication is a sin.

Tyler Perry alleges to make films with Christian themes. But here he is promoting single motherhood and saying we need to celebrate it. But no one sees the contradiction here in between Mr. Perry’s words and his ACTIONS.

Single motherhood is fine. As long as Tyler Perry can get it to fit within his bottom line.

I’m sorry, but single motherhood is NOT fine with me. Nor should it be promoted or celebrated.

Single mother households produce 70 percent of all the males incarcerated in today’s prisons. Single mother households produced daughters who themselves become single mothers, and perpetuate a vicious cycle of poverty and co-dependency that’s passed on from generation to generation.

Communities with single mothers are filled with dysfunction and chaos. Children who grow up confused as to their identities and their roles as men and women because there is no God-Centered man to show them a model of true manhood. Children who grow up to become confused as to the roles God created for them and how to be part of a God-centered family.

Confused men like Tyler Perry.

What we should be celebrating are strong families. Men and women who have set aside their differences and have the conscientiousness and the character to raise their children together.

But Hollywood and Madison Avenue don’t want to celebrate the family. Why? Because in a traditional family the FATHER has final say over how the money is spent. That’s bad for businesss.

Celebrating single mothers is money in the bank for men like Tyler Perry. Single moms are emotional spenders. They know pandering to the single mom and validating her dysfunctional lifestyle is the easiest way to get into her purse. It’s the kind of enabling that exploits people without them knowing it. The kind pimp pastors do every Sunday to lost desperate women.

I’m sorry but this is not Christianity. A man of God would not celebrate single mothers. No, Like Jesus, he’d try to teach women how NOT to be single mothers.

He would try to teach girls and young women to value themselves and to value their bodies. He would point out verses in the Bible that state how premarital sex is a sin and how to be like the virtuous woman discussed in Proverbs Chapter 30. He would make efforts to break the vicious cycle of single motherhood by promoting marriage, the institution God established for bearing children and establishing families under his natural Order.

Remember that order?

God. Jesus. Man. Woman. Children.

God wants strong families. But Tyler Perry Celebrates single mothers. Who does he serve? God or Mammon?

Looks like Mammon to me.

Instead of single mothers, let’s celebrate strong Two-parent families. The kind where Children grow up healthy and functional. A father has a huge impact on the development of a child and for too long his role has been minimized and devalued by men like Tyler Perry out to make a fast dollar on desperate women looking to have their dysfunctional lifestyles validated and justified. Enough is enough. Let’s praise the men and women who know how to work together and promote the model of manhood and Womanhood God established for all to follow.


  1. The movie is bombing at the box office. I'm glad it's a flop.

  2. Every circumstance is different. Sometimes a happy home is what produces happy children....and that might not always come from two parents. It does not mean that a model citizen cannot evolve from only one loving parent.

  3. Single Mommy:
    Come back to me in 20 years when you have either an angry son, an insecure gay son, a masculine borderline lesbian daughter or a slut daughter because they never had the guidance of a father in the home. Model citizens do not come from single mother homes. 70 percent of all inmates incarcerated came from single mother homes. And daughters who grow up in single mother households grow up to become single mothers themselves. These are not happy children. They're dysfunctional children.

    I find it interesting that Tyler Perry tried to sell this single Mom movie with a predominantly White cast and it bombed. Why? Because a majority of White people DO NOT SUPPORT the Idea of single motherhood.

  4. Sometimes a happy home is what produces happy children....and that might not always come from two parents.


  5. Sometimes a happy home is what produces happy children....and that might not always come from two parents.


    I doubt that.

    I was one of three kids in a single parent home.

    I bet the reason none of us grew into criminals was because of sibling rivalry, more than anything. Nobody wanted to be the first family fuck-up. That, and we had plenty of uncles/grandparents/aunts/etc nearby to shame us if it ever was needed.

    Nowadays, every not-so-unique kid is treated like a unique snowflake that can do no wrong and you're not allowed to judge, because everything is a magical gray zone with no wrong or right in it.