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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Racism on the TV show 2 Broke White Girls- CBS TV Pimp Smacks the Negro

*Another Comics related blog will be up tomorrow*  I had to write this one after watching Monday night’s 2 Broke Girls.

I had the TV on this Monday while I was writing. And on it was an episode of 2 Broke Girls. The episode broadcast on March 24 2014 was so racist it wasn’t funny.
Now I had stopped watching this show last year when the writing collapsed like a soufflé after the cupcake shop closed. And what I saw on last night’s episode has offended me so much that I will never watch this show again.

In Monday’s episode Max and Caroline are on their way to culinary school. Only to find the school has been closed due to the owner running off. So they come up with a scheme for the rich Black male student to buy the school.

As the episode progresses the 2 Broke White girls go to the Black male student’s place to discuss their scheme. Only the Black male student’s place of residence is a dumpster. That was a red flag to me about how TV executives sees the color of poor people in Black and White.

Now the 2 Broke White girls have jobs and an apartment. But the Broke Black man is living in a dumpster behind a building.

Moreover, the 2 Broke girls have enough money for an apartment, they make enough money to take care of a horse.

Where have I seen this racism before…Good Times and Married With Children over twenty years ago.

On Good Times, working class Florida and James Evans are forced to live in a tiny two-bedroom apartment in the dangerous Cabrini Green housing project with their three children . Thelma had her own room while Michael and JJ had to sleep on the sofa together. Again, another emasculating image of Black males on TV.

While on Married…With Children Poor Al Bundy who works as a shoe salesman for minimum wage has a three-bedroom home in a Chicago suburb and owns a car with his Stay-at-home wife Peg and their two children.

How is it in Hollywood’s mind that POOR James and Florida Evans who both WORKED are forced to live in apartment in the projects, but POORER Al Bundy has a house in the suburbs with three kids and a stay-at-home wife have a three-bedroom home in the SUBURBS on a single minimum wage income?  

And how is it today  2 Broke White girls who work as waitresses by day have a side business and a horse, have an apartment in Williamsburg, but a rich Black man of a better soicoeconomic class who is slumming it is living in a dumpster?

Man, The White Liberals in Hollywood know how to Pimp slap Black people in the face and not leave a hand print. The message here in this episode is that there’s a clear difference between Black poor and White poor. Because White Supremacist Hollywood would never portray poor “innocent” White girls in a negative light. The Black man is shown as being so poor he has to live in a dumpster, but 2 Broke White girls have their own apartment and make enough money to take care of a horse.

Later on in the episode while they visit the Black guy in his dumpster learn that Max is dating the Black guy and she’s nervous about meeting his parents. Further along in the episode we meet the Black guy’s parents. Yeah, his parents are rich. So rich they can afford a copy of Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup and have a private elevator operator. After a few rich jokes we finally meet his parents. His Black mother comes out first then his White father.

I found it odd how they didn't come out TOGETHER. Usually on TV shows, the parents come out together to show family solidarity. But on this episode they come out APART. That to me was a quiet comment on how network TV still perceives interracial couples. You can show an interracial couple on TV, but you can't show them TOGETHER.  

And I also Noticed how they still called the "biracial"  son a BLACK man. Throughout the ENTIRE EPISODE.

For all you “biracial” people out there, CBS and the producers of this show are sending you a message that the old “one drop” rule is still in effect here in AmeriKKKa. That there’s no “Biracial”. You are BLACK to them.

As the episode progresses it’s revealed that The rich White man was married to a Black woman. But the Black woman was revealed to be a stripper in her past. Another pimp hand to the cheeks of Black people without leaving a mark.

Basically, in the undertones of this episode they’re saying that the Black woman is a whore. And that the only way she can achieve this kind of wealth is to sleep her way to it by finding a White male SIMP to marry them.

The Black mother guest starring in this show in line is a character that fits within the modern day jezebels like Olivia Pope on Scandal. And the message in the undertones of this episode of 2 Broke Girls is that a Black woman is only good for one thing…that warm wet space between her legs.

Now Max is feeling nervous about being around the Black mother. And she goes into the bathroom to deal with the huge sweat stains under her dress. She and the mother get to talking then they have dinner. Over the dinner with rich friends another guest argues with about Caroline’s father. Offended, and Max and Caroline decide to leave. And they take Max’s Black boyfriend with them. He’s been cut off.

With the scheme to buy the culinary school falling through, the rich interracial parents of the BLACK boy decide to cut off their son due to the fact that he loves Max so much. He’s staying in his dumpster for love of his White Woman.

Again, another backhanded comment about Black men who involve themselves in interracial relationships. That the only White women who want a rich Black man are poor bottom feeders like Max.

And a statement about the hypocritical double standards of people both Black and White regarding interracial relationships. It’s fine for a White man to marry a Black woman, but the Black man dare not pursue a relationship with a White one, no matter how poor she is, or else Mr. Charlie and his Negro Bed Wench wife will make an effort to punish him.

A pimp Smack with a pinky ring imprint. Broadcast on your TV screens.

At the end of the episode, Max decides to give up her relationship with the rich Black guy and she and Caroline decide to push him back to Manhattan so he can live a better life under his parents.

A paternalistic way of saying that White people will do what is best for the Black man. That he’s not competent enough to make a decision on his own, or is capable of making a living on his own. Another patronizing “noble” sacrifice White liberals make for the “greater good” of a downtrodden Negro.

Most Black people today watch TV and don’t see the racism in between the lines of these TV shows because they lack the Critical Thinking skills to deconstruct the images of media presented to them. For them they just laugh at the TV shows presented to them not understanding they’ve been just been insulted.

The message in this episode of 2 Broke White Girls is that the Black man can have riches. As long as he follows the terms laid out by White Supremacy.

And that White women can be involved with a Black man. Only if he is of a certain socioeconomic status. He can’t be ghetto poor from two Black parents. No, he has to have some sort of money behind him from a White man and he has to be approved by White men for the White woman to consider him for a relationship.

And his poverty is completely different from theirs. He has to live in a dumpster, while they share an apartment. Again, showing that Black people are always going to be perceived as being  at the BOTTOM even though both Black and White are on the same economic level.

Also the message is that interracial relationships between Black men and White women are okay. But only for a minor fling. She can’t have any sort of emotional attachment to him or pursue any sort of long-term relationship with him. At the end of the episode when there’s no more money, Max cuts off her relationship with the Black man and she and Caroline pushes him back home. A symbolic way of saying they need to put this nigger back in his place.

At the end of this episode this Black man was emasculated. After the 2 Broke White Girls had their fun with him, they handed him back to his momma and gave him his balls to be put back in her purse.

After watching this blatantly racist episode of 2 Broke White Girls I see nothing has changed in the last 30 years regarding the image of Black people on Television. In fact, things have gotten worse. I haven’t seen this kind of emasculation and degradation of a Black man on Television since the Pet Nigger days of Diff’rent Strokes and Webster were on the air.

The sad part is just like in the 1980s Black people are still SILENT about kinds of swipes taken at them on TV shows like 2 Broke White Girls. Instead of writing letters to CBS about this racism, or better yet taking their $1.1 trillion dollars in spending power and organizing a boycott of AmeriKKKa’s number one network, they just sit there and laugh with the jokes that are made for White folks to laugh AT them.

What Black folks don’t understand is that by their SILENCE they co-sign the racist media at these television networks. That gives them a green light to present more and more offensive material. The only way to curb these negative images of Black people is for Black people to speak out about them, protest them and write letters to the networks and manufacturers who sponsor these programs. As long as Black people stay SILENT, they give producers of shows like 2 Broke White girls the OK to keep making a mockery of Black people.  


  1. You still watching network tv ?????

  2. Had it on while I was writing a blog.

  3. You really should spellcheck your posts, even I do that for all of my blogs and I'm a virgo (aka 'never make typos'). :)

  4. Er...I'm a Virgo too.

    Kinda in a rush to post this one so I didn't have time to spellcheck.

  5. Don't have to worry about spell check because you are writing a blog post, not a college thesis people. What you stated is spot on, and sadly many will not hear the message and comment on spell check instead of the content of the article. Just continuing writing and bringing a spotlight to the elephant in the room. The elephant which is blatant white supremacy and redundant mind manipulation tactics.

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  7. I'm a Chinese woman and I live in China, I also found this show quite racist because its sophisticated white supremacy logic. My friends who have watched this show hasn't noticed that much but I watch all the dramas very seriously and can distinguish the perspective of a director and seek the main value of a country, I'm planning to work in US in the future now I'm quite worrying about the main stream ideology there, I guess it's still tough for Asian people and other races.