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Monday, September 10, 2012

Why Men Shouldn’t Fight Over A Woman

Every weekend I read about a some guy who winds up shot, stabbed, or loses his life fighting over a woman.

Guys, no woman is worth fighting over or hurting someone else over. And I’ll explain why.

She can defend herself A woman can handle herself with other men. You don’t have to defend her. If a guy she doesn’t like is making moves on her, she’ll check him and let him know she’s not available. And a smart guy will move on understanding there are plenty of fish in the sea.

And if a guy can’t take no for an answer and she’s in a public place, there are security guards who will help this fool get the message when they escort his ass out. And if that doesn’t dissuade this idiot, you can always call the police. A man rarely has to throw hands up to protect a woman these days.

You aren't defending her honor . These are the guys who say the're fighting for a woman to defend her honor. They say they're fighting to protect her.

They're actually fighting to sate their ego. To make themselves feel like a big man.

And in some cases when a guy is arguing with his woman hey're just manginas trying to slip in and make a move on a woman from the side. A coward pretending to be noble White Knight in shining armor when his ulterior motives are sinister. His only goal is to make another man look bad while making himself into the hero.

Real Men know they don’t need to throw up hands when someone looks at a woman he's interested in or talks to them. Why? Because a 21st Century Real Man knows it’s not his job to protect a woman.  He has the confidence in his woman to trust her. If she winds up in trouble, he knows she's capable of  defending herself. And if it gets too hot you both can go to the police.

You give away your power. When a man fights another man over a woman they give away their power. If a guy gets riled up over a woman he shows that he has no self-control. And self-control is paramount to having a relationship with a woman. If a woman sees that a man has no self-control his relationship with her is destined for failure.A man with no self-control lacks the discipline and resolve to stand up for himself and stand up for her when times get tough..

You show weakness to your woman.. By showing that he’s willing to get aggressive and fight over her, they show that that he is weak and can easily be manipulated. By getting emotional, and raising hands at another man, a man who fights over a woman shows his woman that he isn’t very strong. And all that's going to do is lead up to a man being manipulated and taken advantage of in the future.

You lose your position as a leader in the relationship. Long-term guys who fight over women lose their position in the dating game. They let women know that they’re insecure and have no confidence in themselves. That gives women an advantage. If a woman knows she can get an emotional reaction out of a guy, she’ll keep doing things to get responses out of him. Over time he goes from being the leader in the relationship to being led.

Other women lose respect for you. When a man fights over a woman he not only shows weakness to that woman, but all the other women around him. By giving away his position and authority as a man he has lost face in the eyes of all those females. And when his relationship ends with that woman, the other women will know not to take him seriously.

You open yourself up to predators. Because guys who fight over women show weakness to them and other women it leaves them wide open for predatory women like single mothers, strippers, neighborhood hoes, and gold-diggers when they get dumped.

You sell yourself short. When a dude fights over a woman he winds up devaluing himself. A man who values himself as a man knows that his life is precious, his time is valuable and that he doesn’t have to fight over a woman to keep her or protect her. And any woman who asks him to do so doesn’t value him as a man.

It shows how little confidence a man has in the relationship. Nothing says a man is starved for female attention like his willingness to fight over her. Guys who fight over women fear losing her to the attention of a another man. They lack the confidence in themselves to believe in his woman and trust that she'll be there for him and will only have eyes for him. A Real man knows that his woman can be in a room of incredibly handsome men and trust that at the end of the day she's going home with him.

But guys who fight over women don't see that. That's why they have to throw up hands.

You're sabotaging your own relationship. Guys who fight over women destroy their chance at romance. why? Because they REEK of so much insecurity. And it's that insecurity  that will ultimately lead to her breaking up with him.Over time All that insecurity a man has usually turns into paranoia that turns into controlling and abusive behavior that drives a woman away.

It Shows how little confidence he has in himself. Men who are secure in themselves know their women will look at other men. They know she will talk to other men. But they have enough confidence in themselves to know that they have a self worth. And because they value themselves they know it's smarter to walk away and have another shot at one of the other four billion women out there than to fight over someone who doesn't have their best interests at heart.

It shows he isn’t looking at the social cues around him. Guys who fight over women usually are usually oblivious to social cues. In some  cases they're just simps who don’t see that they’re being used. When they’re with a woman they don’t notice she’s giving guys flirtatious looks to other men. They don’t see that when she playfully touches another man she’s letting him know that she’s available. And when she takes a phone number he’s just not a “friend.” And because he’s so blind he goes to fight the other guy, not knowing that he’s involved with an unfaithful woman or a woman who will cheat on him. .

And in other cases he's just a delusional nutcase who is so paranoid he puts his woman on a pedestal. These kinds of losers objectify their women like a five-year-old and their toy cars. They can play with them, but if someone else looks at them they throw a tantrum. And if they don't want them, they don't want anyone else to have them.

She's not trying to make you jealous, she's trying to manipulate you.  A guy who fights over a woman is often just a pawn. But because he's so busy worshiping his woman he doesn't see himself being manipulated by her. Again, this guy gave away his position as a leader and gave away his power as a man. And seeing his weakness, the woman he's with will flirt with other men just to get a rise out of him. She thinks that by making him jealous he'll see her value and it'll make him do whatever she wants.

And because he's so thirsty for a whiff of a pussy fart, he'll throw up hands with any guy who looks her way not knowing he's being taken advantage of. Worse, he doesn't see that this woman has no respect for him and doesn't value him.

She’s not worth going to jail over. At the end of the day, no woman is worth going to prison for. While you’re rotting in that cell over that guy you killed, and getting spit roasted by Lester and Bubba, in a prison rape three-way she’s stringing two other men along and laughing at you.

She’s not worth dying over. No woman is worth getting shot stabbed or dying over. At the end of the day you’re either scarred crippled, or dead and buried and this woman is going on with her life with someone else. So the best thing to do when a guy wants to fight you over a woman is to drop her and keep it moving. There’s four billion women out there. You can find one who will resepect you enough that she won’t put you in situations where you have to fight over her.

It’s ultimately her choice. Real men know that fighting over a woman is futility. At the end of the day the choice of whether or not she wants to be with a man is hers. So putting up hands to throw down with someone is just a waste of time. She’s going to be with who she’s going to be with.

It’s ultimately your choice. A Real man knows establishes boundaries for his relationship with day one. And he knows that any woman who asks him to fight over her is someone who is asking that he cross a boundary. Women who truly love men don’t put their lives in danger, and men who love themselves don’t put themselves in situations where they put their lives on the line. When a woman asks a Real Man to fight over her, he doesn’t go fight the other guy. He dumps her and keeps it moving.

A Real man knows that there are things worth fighing for. And one of them isn’t a woman. There are over four billion women in the world. Every second a man wastes fighting over one that doesn’t care about you is time he could take to be with someone else.


  1. this is spot on,..i'm going through something right now in a relationship that is hard graft, me another guy....the woman.

    this has helped a lot....

    last night she said i need to fight for her love...oh oh

  2. this is spot on,..i'm going through something right now in a relationship that is hard graft, me another guy....the woman.

    this has helped a lot....

    last night she said i need to fight for her love...oh oh


    Everything in this blog explains this video.

  4. Um why are single mothers predators?

    1. Single mothers are predators to men because they are looking for someone to use as a babysitter and an ATM machine to pay for their kids and to take care of the mess they made with another man. No single childless man should get involved with them.

  5. HOW true that why it's a difference between women hoes and bops that's.Real women don't need negative attention from men or a lot of men to feel like a woman only the hoes and bops that's do

  6. good article but i hsve doubt what should a guy do when manginas simp clowns try to upstage in front of woman sould a guy fight these loosers ?

    1. No, just walk away. No woman is worth fighting over. If they persist get law enforcement.

  7. wha shuld a guy fo when a manginas simp trys sreal girl frm by upstaging him

    1. Best thing to do with a simp is to just walk away. It's her choice where she wants to go. You keep it moving if she chooses to go in another direction.